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cPanel Linux Shared Hosting with 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

July 9th, 2012 Comments off

Web hosting on the Linux platform is often the cheapest option for individuals and small businesses because a majority of Linux distributions and the applications that run on them are open source, therefore guaranteeing that you will never have to pay to use them. offers a competitive range of Linux shared web hosting services that have been developed around cPanel to offer a range of features that represent good value for money; furthermore, you will have full control of your own web hosting account as cPanel is one of the most popular web hosting control panels available for Linux servers.

Open source applications provide greater room for expansion because developers are able to access the source code so that they can identify where performance improvements can be made as well as where hooks are available for them to develop their own plugins and modules to use. Although you may translate this to meaning that it is easier for hackers to discover holes in open source applications, updates and bug releases will be released on a regular basis as they are with commercial applications so that server administrators can be assured that there will never be any holes or hackers to exploit if they keep their servers updated on a regular basis.

At we recommend our affordable Linux shared web hosting plans to beginners because the enclosed environment offers a safe environment that new users can use to become accustomed to their web hosting environment. offers full support with all of our Linux shared web hosting plans so that we are able to meet our high uptime guarantee by monitoring our servers and network around the clock; furthermore, you can call on our 24×7 support team for assistance when you need it.

Web Hosting PHP MySQL

If developing a website for use in a Linux web hosting environment then the probability is that you are going to be using a PHP/MySQL-based solution so that you can develop a dynamic yet functional website. PHP is arguably the most popular scripting language used by web developers because of the functionality that it can offer, yet it is very easy to learn and become accustomed to; as well as providing a rich core of features, there is also numerous third-party plugins available that you can use to enhance the functionality of your web applications. MySQL is an open source database server and is ideal for scenarios where a scalable database solution is required for web applications that are going to be facing high demand. offers PHP and MySQL hosting as standard with all of our Linux shared web hosting packages so that no matter how much you spend on your cPanel hosting service, you will have access to the features required to manage your PHP and MySQL configurations. In a shared web hosting environment you aren’t going to have huge control over the functionality of PHP, but you will be provided with access to PHPMyAdmin so that you can manage the contents of your MySQL databases – the creation and management of MySQL databases is taken care of through the cPanel control panel.

PHP and MySQL can be used in a number of different ways to provide functionality to your website, such as:

  • Developing a member or login system will provide you with a way to password-protect certain areas of your website
  • You can create a dynamic website that pulls all of its content from a central database; this means that you can develop an entire Content Management System for your web application, which will reduce the amount of time that you will need to spend updating your content.

Reliable Shared Hosting aims to offer the most reliable shared web hosting services in India and we plan to keep to this using methods such as:

  • By hosting in our own data center that is located in Nashik, India, we are able to maintain an on-site presence 24×7 so that any issues discovered can be rectified immediately
  • Fully managed web hosting plans enable us to offer assistance to all of our hosting customers so that they are able to get their websites up and running in their web space without delay
  • The use of high-end dedicated servers and Cisco equipment throughout our network provides the assurance that downtime because of hardware failure is pretty much impossible.

cPanel Cloud Hosting

March 6th, 2012 Comments off

cPanel is the leading Linux web hosting control panel, providing end-users with an intutivie and easy to use GUI that will allow them to manage their own web hosting accounts; WHM accompanies cPanel and allows resellers and system administrators to control their servers and accounts effectively. When combining cPanel hosting with a powerful cloud environment, you are able to offer a highly reliable and secure form of Linux cloud web hosting. As Linux is an open source operating system, cPanel cloud hosting services will be some of the cheapest cloud web hosting services available without compromising quality in any way and are likely to offer you a better level of service than some of the other cloud hosting solutions available. As a control panel cPanel is a web-based solution that is designed to allow web hosting customers to manage every aspect of their web hosting account without the need for any assistance, whilst remaining easy to use and easy for beginners to become accustomed to; whether you wish to add an additional email account your domain or change the permissions of a certain file, these tasks plus more complex ones can be easily achieved using cPanel. As a reseller hosting customer in the cloud then WHM will provide you with an interface from which you can manage your own hosting customers, add additional web hosting plans and create new customer accounts as and when they sign up; by choosing a cPanel cloud hosting plan you will be able to choose a reseller hosting plan that can provide you with a high level of uptime as well as generous resource allocations.

Benefits of cPanel Cloud Hosting

Many benefits can be had from choosing to use cPanel cloud hosting, some of which include, but are not limited to:

  • Low cost cloud hosting – by using cPanel and Linux in a cloud environment, web hosting services providers are able to offer low cost cloud web hosting that is affordable for all parties without compromising on the level of quality or uptime that is offered – for many businesses it is important to keep an eye on the outgoings and if it’s possible to save money in a certain area then it is important to embrace any opportunities that will allow you to do this – furthermore, there is no point in paying an extortionate price for a web hosting plan if you are sure that you can purchase a similar plan from another web hosting provider for a reduced sum of money
  • Intuitive web hosting control panel – cPanel is the most popular Linux web hosting control panel available and is used by a number of web hosting providers to offer Linux shared web hosting services – in the cloud cPanel will provide you with a reliable platform on which you can host your website and the services related to the control panel rarely fail, meaning that as long as the software if used in an environment that can offer unparalleled performance, such as a cloud environment, then you will be using a pretty much fail-proof hosting solution
  • Resource choices – the architecture of a cloud web hosting environment dictates that a number of servers are pooled together to provide the resource pool from which web hosting services can be formed – the power of having many servers clustered together in this formation allows web hosting providers to be very generous with the resources that they offer with their cPanel cloud hosting plans, therefore meaning that they will easily represent good value for money – depending on the hosting provider that you choose, there may also be the option to choose the resources for your cPanel cloud hosting plan based around your own specific needs.

Reseller Hosting with cPanel

cPanel is one of the best solutions available for resellers as you will have access to WHM (Web Host Manager), a control panel that is separate to cPanel and has been designed with system administrators and resellers in mind through the advance account and server management features that it provides. As a reseller hosting customer there are several features that you will want access to include:

  • Web hosting plan management
  • Client management
  • Feature management.

By providing the above, along with other features, in a separate control panel, cPanel has been able to develop the client-side control panel to be one that is better suited to beginners so that your clients are able to manage their own accounts easily.

Uptime Offered by Cloud Hosting

Any good web hosting company should be able to offer 100% guaranteed uptime with their cloud web hosting services, removing the worry of whether your website is going to be available or not. As multiple servers are clustered together to create a cloud hosting environment, if one server fails then there will be other servers available to pick up the slack of the crashed server until it is repaired and is ready for service again.

Compared to other forms of web hosting, a cloud hosting service is probably the most reliable hosting service available and this is without pushing the price up too much. For a long time the most reliable form of hosting has been dedicated server hosting and this has always been an expensive option; cloud web hosting has been able to provide those on a lower budget with the reliability benefits witnessed with cloud hosting, but at a much lower price that many will be able to justify and afford.

In conclusion, cPanel in a cloud environment is one of the best hosting combinations available, providing you with reliable hosting on a reliable platform at an affordable price. If you are a beginner then cPanel cloud hosting will be a good choice for you as the control panel interface is very intuitive and easy to use, with there being many tutorials available to provide you with assistance on completing a number of different tasks if you are unsure. Many providers will also offer full support with their cPanel cloud hosting plans giving you the ability to call on a professional support team if you are unsure of how to do something.

An Overview Of PHP And PHP Hosting Solutions

February 3rd, 2011 Comments off

PHP has a reputation of being one of the best scripting language which can be used either on a web server or can be used to write various scripts to help programmers so that they can create interactive webpages. PHP plays an important role to make a webpage with great features and more dynamic. This is an open source product and can be easily supportive for HTML embedding hence it becomes very easy to make not only static pages but also dynamic web pages. PHP website hosting is also based on same platform which adds PHP code as a output to HTML pages as a destination.

Here are some highlights of PHP website hosting

  • Direct compilation of the scripts of webpages without any external tools.

  • The PHP Web pages effects will only be visible to the viewer of the website if the host has PHP. If the host does not have PHP, the website will be loaded with errors and might not function properly.

  • PHP is supportive for the connectivity with various type of databases.

  • Its easy to learn php quickly and as it is an open source solutions for programming bugs are available widely and easily which are invented by other users.

  • With the usage of PHP a visitor can personalize a webpage in better way by storing cookies and remembering passwords and usernames. These type of things impress a visitor as he feels easy to surf through website and need to not to enter details each time.

A web hosting provider should take various factors in to account such as compatibility issue of old and new versions of PHP, Though PHP hosting comes under one of the cheapest hosting options including cPanel Hosting or Linux Hosting, a client need to clarify the details about the modules used in PHP scripts and another future enhancement wished by hosting client. Adopting PHP scripts with combination of languages and proper synchronization and back-end as MySQL produces one of the best results for a webmaster.

Linux Server Hosting

November 4th, 2010 Comments off

A Linux server will be a cheaper option than a Windows server and can provide you with greater flexibility if you are looking to make more use of open source applications with your servers. As most Windows applications are commercial, you have to pay for a license to use them; on the other hand a majority of Linux applications have followed suit of the operating system and are also open source meaning that not only are they free to use, but their source code is also freely available to modify and recompile as you wish. Linux is seen as a better option for smaller businesses because the cost-free approach of most Linux distributions means that businesses don’t have to invest so much into their web hosting services and can spend the extra money more appropriately around the business and an help to increase output and profits. A Linux server will be able to provide you with an environment that is capable of hosting a website and email services using various technologies; one of the most popular applications for use on a Linux server is Apache, which is currently the most popular web server application in use on the internet by a long shot.

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cPanel Hosting

November 4th, 2010 Comments off

cPanel is a popular Linux control panel used by web hosting companies to offer low cost Linux hosting services such as shared web hosting, although it is also available with most Linux VPS server and Linux dedicated server packages. As well as making it easier for hosting customers to manage their own shared web hosting accounts, cPanel also makes it easier for system administrators to manage the servers that they are responsible for. cPanel is a standard feature of most Linux shared hosting packages and so any cheap web hosting provider you find should be able to provide you with cPanel hosting. If you prefer to use a Linux VPS server or Linux dedicated server then you may find that you have to pay extra for a cPanel license. It is recommended that you have a medium to high specification server if you wish to run cPanel because the control panel and its subsidiary applications will require a decent amount of resources to be able to run effectively; the more websites that you are going to be hosting on your cPanel server, the more server resources you are going to need to help guarantee a certain level of stability to those that you are hosting for.

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PHP Web Hosting

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If you have chosen to use a Linux web hosting service then the chances are that you have decided to develop your website using PHP and MySQL because these two combined provide you with the best website possible for hosting in a Linux hosting environment. PHP web hosting services generally combine the standard features of a Linux hosting service with the advance features that will enable you to develop the most effective and functional website possible. PHP can offer you many different modules that will provide you with different attributes and functions that you can incorporate into your web scripts with ease; the good thing with PHP at the core is that you can add and take away modules from your PHP installation as per your wish. MySQL is a popular open source database server that can be integrated with PHP websites very easily; because it is open source you won’t have to worry about any restrictions affecting the amount of data that you are able to store in your database nor will you have to pay any licensing fees. Any good web hosting company will also be able to provide you with access to a script installer that will install a wide variety of PHP scripts in your web space for you with a few clicks.

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MySQL Hosting

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When considering which database system you are going to use with your website, MySQL Server is probably one of the first choice that you are going to come across because it is a popular feature with most web hosting packages. MySQL databases are most commonly used with PHP websites and scripts because the two combined provide web developers with a reliable combination that they can be sure will work together well. MySQL Server can also be used on both Windows and Linux web hosting servers, which is ideal in some situations because it allows you to port databases between web hosting platforms without having to worry about compatibility issues at either end. MySQL databases can also be incorporated into many other web scripts, although the scripting languages available will depend on the web hosting package that you have selected as well as how your web hosting server is configured; for example, a MySQL database can be integrated with an ASP website on the Windows platform but not on the Linux platform. When choosing a MySQL hosting service it is important to consider the amount of disk space available; your databases will eat into your disk space and you don’t want to end up having a database that is eating up almost all of your disk space.

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Best Linux Web Hosting

October 12th, 2009 Comments off

Computers and hosting world is quite used to the World of Windows Operating Systems, many of all of us now are ready to give up for Windows and  migrate onto some other reliable options, Linux Operating system is the choice of majority of them.

Best linux Web Hosting

Linux is in use from the 60’ and is considered as the some what difficult operating system, as the years passed on the operating system system was highly appreciated because of its features and used by the people, Linux has overcome many changes since its inception. The Linux is full of exciting features and it is flexible to work across all platforms. We have many users saying that Linux has eliminated many problems that Windows encounters. However, Linux has become one of the top business standards over the past few years and businesses have integrated Linux OS into their systems and use Linux servers almost exclusively.

This gave rise to the Linux Web hosting, a company that provides with the Linux Hosting has probably as some point migrated from Unix. Companies having Linux servers or opting for Linux hosting should be looking for hosting company who provides the proper Linux technical support for them.

Linux hosting is more likely preferred in the Linux VPS hosting package. Linux VPS hosting at India is now is at its best at with flexible packages and 24×7 live support.

Fully Managed Virtual Private Server Hosting or VPS Hosting

July 29th, 2009 Comments off

One of the types of Web Hosting is Virtual Server Hosting also termed as VPS Hosting. VPS Hosting shares the similarity with a Dedicated Server Hosting. Many medium sized businesses prefer a VPS Hosting  as it is highly affordable and cheaper than a Dedicated Server. Though there is a difference in the resources offered. Many reputed web hosting service providers offer their services for both the platforms ie. Windows VPS Hosting as well as Linux VPS Hosting. They also offer flexible upgrade or downgrade options. packages offered by almost all the web hosting providers now-a-days. A VPS is created using one of the different virtualization applications. Virtuozzo is one such application that is widely used and preferred. With a VPS hosting solution, you can get to Control Panel Logo experience a dedicated like environment. It ,means with a VPS you get complete root/admin. access to the server with a control panel to manage the account. Usually, a DotNet panel or Plesk is more preferred to manage a Windows Hosting account whereas to manage a Linux Hosting account, cPanel control panel is widely preferred. The root or admin access allows you to install, create, uninstall, etc, any application or software onto your server similar to a Dedicated Server. In short you have the privilege to maintain and manage the server on your own. In such scenario, the web hosting provider takes care of the security of the node.
Limited number of VPS accounts are created on a physical server, using any of the virtualization softwares.

Benefits of using a Virtual Private Server Hosting

Any package lower than a VPS such as shared hosting or Reseller Hosting, do not offer privileges such as root/admin access. You get limited VPS resources and there are multiple accounts set-up on a physical server, this gives the chance of overselling, which gradually hampers the performance of the website/s. On the other hand a dedicated server is bit more expensive than a VPS. A dedicated server is suitable for large businesses and enterprises. With a VPS you can get almost the same privileges as that of a Dedicated Server. You would get similar reliability with a VPS as that of a Dedicated Server but with a cheaper price. You get guaranteed resources with a VPS with better security than that of the other lower hosting packages. You can even apply your own security measures to the VPS as you have complete control over the server. To sum it up, benefits of a VPS are Dedicated Server like hosting environment, Reliability and Security.

Security: In comparison to other lower hosting packages a VPS is more secure. Most of the users upgrade their plans to a VPS due to security factor. A VPS is pretty much secure and impossible for hackers and attackers to breach in.
Dedicated Server Like Environment: Similar to a dedicated server hosting environment, you get complete admin access to the server. This privilege allows you to use maximum resources of the server.
Reliability: Reliability is one of the most important factor, that needs to be HyperV-VPS-Hosting considered while choosing a web hosting package. VPS proves itself to be worthy of fulfilling this requirement. A VPS has its own dedicated resources. With the addition of all new technology called the Hyper V Hosting , Windows users get more reliability with a VPS.
The VPS Server Hosting also has some demerits of its own. This is because VPS’s are created on a physical server. You share its resources with other user accounts, hence limiting you to use certain applications such as Java components. It is similar to a shared hosting, which can hamper the server stability. It is always suggested that when your website/s become popular, you must upgrade from a VPS hosting package to a Dedicated Server to get the utmost hosting experience.