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Upgrade Magento

December 7th, 2010 Comments off

Its involves certain level of risk while upgrading an application, thus its recommended to take

precautionary measure before jumping on to an upgrade.


Its very important to create a back up before you upgrade any application. This will ensure avoidance to any kind of inconveniences.

You can gather more information on how to perform an upgrade from the Official Magento Forum. Most of the issues related to the up gradation process are listed on the Official Forum for Magento with suitable resolutions provided. Many individuals find it difficult to execute a script upgrade, thus seeking assistance from an expert. Assistance from experts normally come with a monetary value accompanying them.

Updating Magento can be done easily by using Magento Connect Manager. It involves two steps to upgrade Magento, below mentioned are the two steps:


Step 1: Log in to Magento Connect Manager

You need to log in to the Magento Content Manager first. If this is the first time you are upgrading Magento, you need to prepare the down loader and then click Install. Refresh the page once the initial procedure is complete.

Step 2: Select packages to upgrade

Then you need to click on the Check for Upgrades tab. All the available upgrades will be published and highlighted in yellow. Then you need to select the “Upgrade to” option from the Actions drop down menu. The application will now start upgrading your Magento Store.

Many web hosting services providers provide various automatic applications and tools for installation and upgrades. Web Hosting providers provide customized Addons to assist you with the application upgrades, many also make sure that the requested upgrades are performed on your behalf. Its recommended that you create a back up before scheduling an upgrade on your account.

If you are facing problems installing Magento or Upgrading Magento, we recommend you to contact the support department of your web hosting service provider for further assistance.

Features of osCommerce : Part 1

November 22nd, 2010 Comments off

osCommerce is an online shop e-commerce solution that offering a wide range of useful features that allows online stores to be functioning at a fast pace with ease, and is available for free as an Open Source based solution released under the GNU General Public License.

OsCommerce has been developing on a frequent basis to provide value adding solutions to its customers, continously making it easier for the store administrators to provide their stores to their customers catering to their unique requirements.

osCommerce is still in its development stage with a an objective to provide and improve many new features. Below mentioned are some of the features of osCommerce:

Basic Functionality :

  • All features are enabled by default
  • Object oriented backend
  • It is Multilingual with English, German and Spanish provided by default
  • It is compatible with all PHP 4 versions.

Installation :

  • It is easy to install
  • Web-browser based automatic installation and upgrade procedures

Layout :

  • Allows layout changes to be adaptive and easy to make
  • Allows easy integration into an existing site
  • Provides support for dynamic images

Administration /  Functionality :

  • osCommerce supports unlimited products and categories
  • Categories, products, manufacturers, customers and reviews can be Added/Edited/Removed
  • Support is provided for Physical (Shippable) and Virtual (Downloadable) products
  • Administration is secured with a Username and Password
  • Customers can be contacted directly via newletters or email
  • Backup and restore the database for easily
  • Genarate statistics for products and customers
  • Multilingual and Multicurrency support
  • Currency exchange rates are automatically updated
  • Support for static and dynamic banners with full statistics

Frequently Used Terms in Web Hosting Industry : Part 1

August 27th, 2009 Comments off

Most of us use some terms in our day-to-day business, but are unaware of its full forms and abbreviation.One has to hunt for knowing the meaning and full form of a particular term, therefore below is a list of some most frequently used terms and phrases in Web Hosting.

.ASP or ASP : Active Server Pages
ASP is a term which is commonly used for application service provider. It is mostly used as a application for hosting. Its basically a Microsoft technology that enables HTML pages to be dynamic and interactive with the use of embedded scripts. Almost any internet browser can work with web pages developed using ASP, as its scripts are run on the server.

A backbone usually refers to the high speed internet line and the connections that form a network.There are several internet backbone providers, who play an important role in the web hosting business.

A bandwidth is the amount of data that you can send through the webserver. A bandwidth is measured in bites per second (bps). Bandwidth is also referred as an alternative term to Data Transfer.

Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
A CGI is a program which is capable of translating data from a web server and then display the same piece of data on a web page or an email. CGI involves the transfer of data between a server and a CGI program (also referred as a Script). This enables HTML pages to interact with other programming applications. These scripts help in making the web pages more interactive. Page counters, forms, guest books, random text/images and other features can be driven by CGI scripts. Some servers have pre-installed/pre-defined CGI scripts, meaning that the scripts are already installed on the server for you to use on your site. Some servers allow user-defined or custom CGI scripts, which means the site owner creates his/her own CGI script and runs this custom made script on the web site.

CGI Bin Access
It is the provision to the customers to write custom programs for manipulating data on their Website/s.

Co-location or co-located servers means that the servers owned by a particular group is physically placed in the data center of another company or organisation that offers internet connectivity and bandwidth. To sum it up, in simple terms the hardware is owned by you and the things necessary to get the server online is provided by the co-location service provider.

ColdFusion is an application that simplifies database queries by allowing a simpler programming language to carry out the functions between the user’s browser, the database and the server.

Control Panel
Control Panel is a tool that helps you to manage different aspects of your hosted Website/s.You can carry out some of the critical functions such as account and server management with lot of ease with the use of a control panel.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
CSS is used for the purpose of adding more functionality to simple HTML pages.

Data Center
Data Center is the most important aspect of any website.A Data Center is the house to web servers on which your websites are placed.It is powered with high speed, redundant supply of power, bandwidth and can have multiple connections of major Internet backbones.

DNS : Domain Name Servers
The DNS Server maintains a database of host names and IP addresses.It is responsible for translating the domain name into IP addresses.

DNS ‘A’ Records
An A record is an abbreviation for Address Record.It contains the maps of domain name/sub-domain to an IP Address.

DNS ‘MX’ Records
MX is an abbreviation of Mail Exchange hence the name MX Records means Mail Exchange Record. It is used to define the email server/s that are willing to accept mails for a domain.

Domain Name
Domain name is nothing but the name of your website, it is a unique name which identifies you from other similar websites.

Domain Extensions
Domain extentions are nothing but the suffix that we use in our website domain name after the dot.For Example:,, etc. here .com, and are referred as the Domain Extensions.

eCommerce or Electronic Commerce is described for websites that involve buying and selling of goods,products and services over the Internet.

FP Extensions : Frontpage Extentions
It refers to the Microsoft Front Page server extensions. We can see at most places its mentioned FP2K, it means that the server supports MS Frontpage 2k.

FTP : File Transfer Protocol
FTP is secure method of transferring data to and from web servers.Some of the very common FTP programs that most of us must be aware are CuteFTP,WS_FTP,File Zilla etc.

Hosting Service Provider
Hosting is a service provided for hosting your website on the server.The enterprize or organisation that offers such servers and technical support is known as the Web Hosting Service Provider.

HTML : Hyper Text Mark-Up Language
It is a coded format of language that is used for creating hyper text files for the Internet.

HTTP : Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
It is the protocol that is responsible for moving hhyper text files across the Internet.A HTTP client program such as the web browser is required at one end and an HTTP Server program ie.the web server on the other end. It is the most important protocol used in the World Wide Web.

IMAP : Internet Message Access Protocol
IMAP is a standard protocol that is used for accessing emails from a local server.This protocol is responsible for retrieving e-mail messages from an e-mail server. Some versions allow users to search e-mails for certain keywords.

IP Address : Internet Protocol Address

It is a unique number that is used to specify hosts and networks.It is used to identify machines connected over the Internet. It consists of 4 parts such as 111.222.333.123. Each and every machine that is connected to the Internet has a distinct IP address.

ISP : Internet Service Provider

An ISP provider is the one that offers access to the Internet. The services provided by them act as a bridge between your local computer and your server.

Drupal Web Hosting : Explained

June 4th, 2009 Comments off

Drupal is one among the different Open source Content Management Systems (CMS). It enables a user with an ease to publish, organize and manage large variety of content on a web-site. Many enterprises and Organisations use Drupal for their Community Portals, Blogs, E-commerce and other purposes.
Drupal Logo Many web hosting service providers offer Drupal Web Hosting packages. Once a relevant domain name is chosen, you can choose an appropriate web hosting plan. You should be clear with your web hosting requirements such as bandwidth, disk-space etc. The web hosting provider can suggest you the best suitable plan for hosting your Drupal website. Drupal offers  an advanced portal with collaborative book, search engines friendly URLs, online help, roles, full content search, site watching, threaded comments, version control, blogging, news aggregator. Drupal can be installed through cPanel which can be used with any Linux Hosting package.

Drupal application is developed by PHP and can be run against MySQL and PostgreSQL. Hence, one should search for a web hosting provider that offers support for PHP alongwith MySQL database support and PostgreSQL. Therefore, a Linux Web Hosting package is the perfect for your requirements. It is also important that the web host enable mod_rewrite module.

A hosting control panel along with the package can help you in multiple ways for managing the account. It can ease you to use the tools to create MySQL or Postgre SQL database as well as grant the access to others. You can execute back-ups as well  as restore it. With a control panel, you get an editor to modify the Cron jobs, which is extremely important for shared web hosting solution. There are many tasks that needs to be run at the same time, hence a permission to change the Cron file proves helpful for the Drupal Webmasters. With it you also get the privilege to access permission of the file and directory.

Before choosing a web hosting provider, you should get convinced about the connection speed between the web server and the database server. Usually, due to un-optimization of the connection speed between the two servers can run Drupal real slow. A stable server environment is very important for Drupal. One should make use of the review websites and customer testimonials while choosing a web hosting provider.

Overview of Cheap Cold Fusion Hosting

May 30th, 2009 Comments off

Cold Fusion is an Adobe product. It is one of the most powerful and most ColdFusion Logo appreciated programming languages available. Cold Fusion is a server side scripting technology used for creating dynamic web applications and web pages. Cold Fusion is much similar to languages such as PHP, ASP and Perl. Cold Fusion enables developers to deploy and create interactive features for content management systems (CMS), E-commerce websites etc. Inorder to use it one needs to find a web hosting provider who supports Cold Fusion.

There aren’t much web host who Cold Fusion Hosting. There are many reasons for opting for a web host that supports Cold Fusion. Below are few of the important one’s:

COST : Cold Fusion is one of the oldest programming language ColdFusionHosting available. Some web hosts offer Cheap Cold Fusion hosting plans, whereas some charge high price for the advanced functionality bundled with Microsoft products.

LIMITATIONS : Choosing the correct Cold Fusion supported Web host is one of the important factors as some environments prevents users from getting complete access such as some providers might provide Cold Fusion with their shared hosting packages with limitations in the use of tags since they are often seen as security risks. This is all because of the structure of shared servers. It may open up the vulnerability of potential threats to others hosted on the same physical server. A cheap dedicated server can prove to be a better alternative to overcome all the limitations. You get complete control of the server and hence the tags used in Cold Fusion.

VERSION : It is always better to choose a web hosting service provider who offers fully managed Cold Fusion Hosting. It is the web hosting providers responsibility to provide the updated versions of the product. This releases you from the head ache of purchasing the updated versions each time you wish to upgrade. It enables users to benefit from the latest features to create powerful, user friendly web pages and applications. It is much easier to integrate the language with the database system one prefers to work with.

Features of Cold Fusion : Cold Fusion integrates seamlessly with popular databases such as MySQL, MS SQL and Postgre SQL.

Despite of all the features and cheap ColdFusion plans, prices may vary according to other factors such as the bandwidth and add-ons associated with Cold Fusion. ColdFusion windows web hosting provide a highly robust and flexible environment, along with a 99.95% uptime guarantee and 24×7 support and monitoring.
Alongwith Cheap Cold Fusion hosting one should not compromise on the level of good quality technical support.

Fully Managed Cheap Web Hosting

May 28th, 2009 Comments off

Web Hosting is a basic and probably the most important aspect of any Ecommerce Hosting. online business. Web servers are an essential component when one needs to get a website live on the Internet. Any E-commerce website needs to be taken care by multiple infrastructure factors, which includes buying and hosting servers, managing them, seamless network connectivity and constantly monitoring the performance of the servers.

Managing the servers can be tedious and ofcourse an expensive task. It may divert away the focus from the core business issues. Here, managed web hosting services can be the best alternative. In the web hosting business, one can find cheap web hosting plans that would best suite once requirements. There is a big misconception that a managed web hosting service comes with a huge price to pay for. Many web hosts are reputed for offering reliable, scalable, high performance, and cost effective in house web hosting solutions.

Windows Hosting Linux Web Hosting

Managed web hosting service is little different than other hosting solutions such as Standard Dedicated server hosting, Shared web hosting, Reseller Web Hosting and VPS Hosting. Customers have the privilege to choose between Standard and Managed Web Hosting. Though now-a-days hosting providers offer managed services such as managed messaging, managed security, managed server updates etc.

In addition to this, depending on the web hosting provider, these services maybe categorized as cheap web hosting solutions.

Shared web hosting is another type of web hosting, which can be offered under managed hosting category. In this type, multiple accounts are created on a single physical server. Shared hosting is best suited for running open source applications.

There are multiple issues such as security issues, server downtime, network downtime, hardware failure etc. that needs to be addressed on a priority basis. Here, the Managed web hosting can prove to be helpful. Managed web hosting is bit complex, but inspite of that it is flexible and includes system monitoring, network and security management, data back-up services, application management, infrastructure provisioning, database administration and disaster recovery. All there services are now a days included with a web hosting plan at reasonably cheaper rates.

Other good thing about hosting a web site on a leased server is that, one does not need to own any hardware and space. Most of the managed hosting providers offer 24×7 infrastructure monitoring.

Static IP web hosting or Dedicated IP web hosting

May 19th, 2009 Comments off

Static IP web hosting or Dedicated IP web hosting is one of the hosting solutions offered by web hosts. In this, a unique IP address is exclusively assigned for an individual domain. A visitor can type the domain name or even the IP address to access the website.


There is difference in the web hosting accounts, depending on whether the IP is unique or shared. An exclusively unique IP address can be purchased from the web hosting provider. These websites allow customers to upload the content and other files to their personal and secure web space. Such services are recommended for large businesses and e-commerce websites, as unique IP’s offer better security.

A website with a shared IP is more prone to attacks and spams. A major advantage of having a dedicated IP for a domain is that, it provides greater flexibility. One can install a private SSL certificate alongwith an anonymous FTP. An SSL certificate proves to be very useful for businesses that involves online payments, as it is encrypted. With FTP, individuals can share information on the World Wide Web. The public directory of a companies website can be accessed using a FTP software.

Once a dedicated IP is assigned to the web hosting account, an owner of a business gets more benefits for the website. A website with a dedicated IP gets rewarded in the SERP’s, which is one of the major factors for a business to succeed.

One can find number of web hosting providers who provide such services at reasonable prices. Prices do vary from company to company. Hence, it is important for an individual to do research in this regard. It is suggested to discuss the need of a dedicated IP for a domain with their web hosts, probably they are the best people to offer you the best solution.