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Do Not Confuse Virtualization With Private Cloud

May 10th, 2013 Comments off


In our daily lives, we see more and more companies with a virtualized infrastructure. What once was a great fear, now gaining ground within organizations of all sizes and we often hear the CIO’s managers define this as a private cloud infrastructure.

The vast majority of these structures have not virtualized process automation, provisioning and orchestration to be considered private clouds. In reality, a structure of virtualization is not the same thing as a private cloud.

While virtualization is the basis for building a cloud, many other factors must be present in a private cloud. For instance, the creation of new virtual machines must be simple and quick provisioning and deploying applications, and even operating systems should be automated and may not involve a large number of specialists, as happens in many cases.

A private cloud offers intelligence in resource allocation, hardware platform, software, processes and governance, without neglecting fundamental concepts such as elasticity, identity management, security and customization features to meet the various demands.

Deploying a private cloud typically requires changes in concept and breaking paradigms in organizations. The company changes the look previously directed to traditional assets such as dedicated servers and infrastructure for services rendered and consumed on demand. This, after consolidated extends more easily to public clouds, in cases where the best allocation of a particular application cannot be a private cloud. Example: web servers, email, etc..

The choice of the partner for Private Cloud is the key to success to leverage the growth of your business.

Dedicated Hosting vs Shared Hosting

October 5th, 2012 Comments off

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Shared web hosting and dedicated hosting can be seen as being at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of the web hosting services that are available from a majority of web hosting companies. Whilst a shared web hosting plan is often put together with beginners in mind, most dedicated servers can be customized during the order process to offer something that is individual to the business or individual that is going to be using it. Shared web hosting plans often carry low resource assignments and a feature-set that will allow a beginner to make the most of their first domain name and get a website online, the benefit here being that shared web hosting plans also carry a comparably low price tag to suit the intended audience. Dedicated servers are tailored towards the other end of the market, providing a level of performance that can’t be matched by any other form of web hosting; as a dedicated server is a physical server, you will have the option to make modifications to the hardware during the order process – you can choose from a range of different hard drive configurations that use RAID or boost the memory and CPU power that you have on tap.

Question Mark Which form of hosting is going to offer the highest level of performance?

A shared web hosting plan is never going to be able to beat a dedicated server in terms of performance because dedicated servers are only used by the owner of that server, whereas a shared web hosting server will be used by many users. However, in terms of the performance that each intended audience requires, both forms of hosting will be able to serve their market’s performance expectations with no issues. Small websites don’t demand large resource allocations – especially when the website in question has only just started out – and it is because of this that a shared web hosting service will be more than capable of supporting small websites; a dedicated server can be expanded to host websites that receive thousands of visitors everyday, with a number of advanced configurations available such as load balanced clusters.

Will dedicated hosting or shared hosting offer the best features?

With shared hosting you can be guaranteed a full set of features as these will be set out as part of your web hosting plan prior to purchasing the service so that you know what you are going to be getting for your money. A web hosting provider should always offer a choice between Windows and Linux so that you can expect features common to the Windows platform such as MSSQL and ASP.NET support, whilst the Linux variant will be more suiting to developers using PHP and MySQL at the core of their web applications. Dedicated servers provide you with a dedicated environment that can be tailored to meet your needs as you wish, with a choice between Windows and a number of different Linux distributions (versions of Linux) being the standard offering; you can customize the hosting environment offered by your dedicated server to include any applications or services that you would like to use in conjunction with your website to produce a highly functional end-user experience – effectively you can use your own feature-set with dedicated hosting.

What is the best approach to take as my website grows?

Quite often it can be disruptive to move a website from one web hosting platform to another as a website grows, but if you are using shared hosting are wanting to grow your website then there will come a point when you will need to upgrade your web hosting plan so that you have the resources available to cope with an increased visitor count. Between shared hosting and dedicated hosting is VPS hosting, which has been created to bridge the gap between the previous two in terms of resources and pricing; however, moving from a shared hosting plan to a VPS server and then on to a dedicated server can cause many issues because downtime could be incurred at certain stages during the process. As your website grows it is recommended that you maximize the resources that are available to you on a shared hosting platform and then complete the migration to a dedicated server because this will only mean one move and will improve the speed in which the transition can be done.

ASP.NET Website on a Dedicated Server

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ASP.NET Logo ASP.NET is an enterprise-class scripting framework that can be used for the development of highly scalable and functional web applications that can be hosted on Windows dedicated servers. As ASP.NET is a proprietary technology that has been developed by Microsoft, it is only available with the Windows operating system, although this does provide an array of advantages in terms of performance and features; as there is a close tie between the operating system and the framework, you can be assured more open access to core Windows features that can be used to improve how your web application handles specific tasks and the load that it places on system resources. A dedicated server can handle web applications that are used by thousands of visitors at the same time so combining this with a scripting framework that has been designed to make efficient use of system resources, your web applications won’t be prone to failure because of heavy usage and you should never see any high loads occurring on your dedicated server. Within the dedicated server hosting environment you can always take advantage of other tools such as Microsoft SQL Server that will give you a database backend that you can use with your ASP.NET web applications – this will be inherently important if you are going to be developing scalable and dynamic websites.

Versions of ASP.NET

There are several different versions of ASP.NET that have been released over the years and if you are looking to host an older website on a dedicated server then you will probably need to install an older version of ASP.NET so that your web application functions correctly. Luckily all versions of ASP.NET that have been released are able to work side-by-side on a dedicated server so that Windows web applications of all ages are able to share the same hosting environment. The current version of ASP.NET is 4.5 and this is the recommended framework for you to use if development new ASP.NET applications; older versions include 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 – you should look out for these when choosing any third-party ASP.NET application packages.

IIS Web Hosting

ASP.NET hosting services on a Windows dedicated server are provided by IIS as this is the web server application provided with the operating system and is therefore the only one of its kind capable of serving ASP.NET web pages to visitors. As IIS is also a proprietary application and the only web server with native ASP.NET support, you can be assured of complete compatibility between all of these technologies so that your Windows web applications will function to the best of their ability; furthermore, you can also make your own modifications to improve the efficiency of your website and IIS.

A dedicated server from can provide the perfect breeding ground for any new website because the resources provided will allow you to expand without any limitations. You can also develop your web applications using a number of other technologies and components that won’t be available in the Windows shared hosting environment because you can install any extra features that aren’t offered by default; this means that a Windows dedicated server will represent excellent value for money for all ASP.NET developers.

Microsoft SQL Server Databases

Developing a dynamic website can improve access speeds for your visitors and the way in which you manage your website because all content and configuration information can be stored in one central location that can be accessed from every page and script that is part of your application, as long as there is a connection to the database active. Microsoft SQL Server is a scalable database server solution that can be used for the hosting of databases that have thousands of queries to deal with every minute and underpins some of the busiest websites on the internet; when used in combination with ASP.NET, you can be assured that your web applications have the infrastructure in place that will be able to cope with increases in demand as the number of visitors that you receive improves. MSSQL will perform best when used in a dedicated server environment as you will be able to make a number of different modifications so that the database server functions with your applications in the way that you would like it to.

Using Web Hosting Billing Software with a Reseller Hosting Account

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Starting your own web hosting business is one way in which you can make money online, but to do so takes dedication to making your business work as well as time and effort to achieve this. offers a range of reseller web hosting plans that offer those wanting to start their own businesses with the perfect opportunity to get their hosting efforts off the ground; although not offering a dedicated hosting environment, reseller plans offer a more confined environment which will be more than suitable when getting use to the new software and system architectures.

Your reseller web hosting plan from will be hosted in our brand new data center located in Nashik, India. Unlike the data centers of our competitors, we maintain a 24×7 on-site staff presence so that our technical staff not only monitor our network and servers directly from the control room around the clock, but they are in a position that will allow them to identify and sort issues at any time of day before they are able to cause noticeable impact on the performance or operations of websites.

By offering a range of Windows reseller plans and Linux reseller plans, can put you in a position where you can offer your own web hosting clients hosting on both platforms. Although you may not be able to appreciate it at the moment, there are benefits to be had for any web hosting business by offering hosting on Windows and Linux because there will be customers seeking hosting on both platforms; if you offer hosting on one but not the other then you could potentially put yourself in a position where you are losing customers (and additional revenue).

If a reseller hosting plan from isn’t able to satisfy your demand for resources and uptime, offers fully managed VPS servers and dedicated servers that can also serve this purpose, just to a greater extent and with additional benefits.

Web Hosting Billing Software

Web hosting billing applications are designed to simplify the processes that web hosting companies and resellers carry out daily to maintain their business and to provide customers with a stable and consistent hosting experience. Running a business of any sort involves daily processes to make sure that your financial records are kept up to date and in the case of web hosting, that your new customers receive their orders almost immediately after having their payment processed. A high quality web hosting billing application will integrate with many of the applications and services that form the basis of your business; this can include server control panels, fraud prevention systems and finance management applications.

A majority of web hosting billing applications are built with support for the following components of a hosting company:

  • Control panel support ensures that customers ordering shared web hosting products have their accounts setup for them once they have completed the checkout process; if looking to use a web hosting billing application with your reseller account, choose an application that has support for the cPanel and Plesk control panels
  • Managing finances is important for any business and so any good web hosting billing application will be able to provide you with figures related to the sales of your business so that the process of putting together final accounts for your business can be simplified
  • Keeping tabs on the clients of your business is also necessary so that you can offer them a personalized service; all web hosting billing systems act as client management applications and will keep a record of clients’ contact details and the services that they have purchased from you.

Support is a core concern for many web hosting business because it is important for customers to receive replies to their queries and issues in a timely manner. Although there are other support ticket management applications available, choosing a web hosting billing system that offers built-in support management will allow you to streamline your support methods as you will be able to access everything about a client from a single interface, therefore reducing the amount of time that it will take you to diagnose an issue and respond to the ticket.

Is Semi Dedicated Server Hosting Better Than VPS Hosting?

December 14th, 2010 Comments off

This is one of the most confusing question for many webmasters and it become difficult task to select a right type of hosting solution when the comparison goes on between VPS Hosting and Semi Dedicated Hosting. Its an easy task when VPS hosting is compared with Dedicated Hosting as webmaster has an clear idea about the balance to make between his budget and available features in these two. Semi Dedicated Hosting services raised to feel the gap between vps hosting and dedicated hosting. When VPS server are not fulfilling the technical requirement of a webmaster and he also can not raise enough budget to go for a Dedicated servers then Semi Dedicated server hosting is a great blessing for such webmasters. In this type of hosting services a single server is not provided to a single webmaster but that particular server is kept limited to very few dedicated hosting accounts to provide better efficiency and to optimize the resources provided to webmasters. The configuration of Semi Dedicated servers is also kept high for differentiating it from VPS Hosting.

Similar to VPS Hosting, Semi Dedicated servers also can set on both Linux and Windows platform. So far reliability of Semi dedicated hosting is concerned one can trust as much as he can do with Dedicated server hosting.

Best Web hosting services in India

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The Best web hosting Services in India offers various flexible options for the customers according to all dimensions. We are specialized in Managed  Dedicated Servers, Linux VPS hosting , Joomla Hosting , Cheap web hosting , Semi – dedicated web servers, Reseller Hosting , Cpanel Web hosting, PHP hosting, Plesk hosting, Shared hosting. We provide all the solutions stated above and many more flexible combinations at the best. is a renown name in the web hosting industry not only in India but all over the world. Since it has launched its operations in 2003, it has reached miles. People generally tend to go for the best web hosting, however they are not sure they will get it. There are many aspects in the web hosting industry which makes it better from other web hosting company. I would suggest the customers try to search the hosting from the search engine that they should go through the web site in detail before opting for the web hosting, they usually type the keywords, best hosting, good, and similar keywords and go for the company which are listed in the result page. This is not a bad practice, however the customers should spend some time on the website, explore it. One of the biggest issues which the web hosting company should address is Safe hosting.

When it comes to the the servers are powered by Dell and IBM, this also matters a lot when you want your servers to be safe and secured, so what I mean is Safe hosting is what the customers should search for. Best term has become very common now, people just use it and many of the people does follow it very neatly. Web hosting company becomes best when it has something to show to the world in the numbers of the esteemed customers, annual growth, you can figure it out the difference in the companies. You may often see people going for the web hosting reviews, review is something that may help you to certain extent, sometimes you will find promotional reviews which do not include the bad things about the company.

the best hosting So far you would be clear that the potential customers sometimes lack the view that they should take for the web hosting company and discuss the traditional aspects keeping the real and objective things far aside. There isn’t any harm in thinking for the best services, the thing is what are the points you consider that make the web hosting company best for you,you can use  reviews that say that as part of your decision, but ultimately your decision should be based on sound information about the statistics of a particular web hosting plan.

Take a look at some more information on this:

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Renting a dedicated server in India

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Renting a dedicated server is one of the best thing any company can choose while going for the web hosting solutions. Larger companies go for this option , mostly companies go for renting the servers in the their own country, The companies in the India look for the renting the Dedicated Servers in India. Having a own dedicated server means that you will have a single web server within the host network dedicated to your website.

Dedicated server has all the advantages in the web hosting solutions, faster access, good memory, disk space, security, bandwidth Etc. When your company is growing rapidly and you need to update your web site to be updated , dedicated servers proves their efficiency at the best. Hosting with the best available option is the best you can do to work you web site and your business well. renting-a-dedicated-server

Dedicated servers are some what costly that the other options in the web hosting, Shared hosing is considered as the cheapest option in the web hosting industry, however not the reliable one. In shared web hosting your web site is hosted on the server where many other web sites are hosted, also the issues of security , low disk space, security, speed exist. Only advantage is the expense of money. You are in full control of the website and you are the one who will decide what type of software’s you will install on the server. When you go for renting a dedicated server you are free to explore your business , instead caring for the Website performance, Your web site is fully managed and also performance is up to the mark. You can concentrate on your core business

Opting for dedicated server is the best way to be happy and keep you customers happy, when your web site works well and your customers gain what they want from your website 24×7, you get the customer satisfaction, this is where dedicated servers has spark. When you are satisfied with the services of the web hosting provider, you will definitely refer some other client by word of mouth. This web hosting companies provide the best support 24×7 and maintain the uptime to 99.9 %.

Renting a Dedicated server in India has increased with the pace and you will find people searching for it. Dedicated Servers in India are one of the most reliable servers all around the world with the 99.9 % uptime and 24x7x365 support assistance. Web hosting providers in India are managing the clients all over the world and now. It is better that you choose the web hosting provider on own province or the country to check the genuinity of the company.

India Web hosting is the best hosting option for the people or the organizations India looking for the web hosting.

VPS hosting VS dedicated hosting

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There are two main types of hosting which are mostly opted by the the big business. Dedicated hosting and VPS hosting, both have their own pros and cons. Hosting generally is taken as a extra expense for web site, where businesses are dependent on the internet and they share business critical data on the internet, they have to choose the best type of web hosting. When you see the best type of web hosting, Dedicated server hosting is the best solution, VPS hosting is considered the second best in the web hosting. You can think this hosting as a dedicated servers and VPS servers.

The main difference in this two type if hosting is upon the type of servers it is based on. The type of setup is different from each other. Some main differences include disk space , bandwidth and the cost factor. Virtual servers can be small for some applications , so dedicated servers are preferred. In the cases where the companies have their own IT department, or they need a very huge disk space and bandwidth. VPS hosting Vs Dedicated Hosting

When we consider the virtual servers, here the arrangement is made where multiple servers are hosted on the same server and they don’t have to share the resources in the real sense even if they are hosted on the same server. No other web site can interfere in the others web sites data and are unknown of the other web sites which are hosted. It is as good as in the dedicated environment for the space and bandwidth they are allotted.

VPS hosting is the best alternative for the dedicated server hosting, in dedicated server hosting you get the whole server with huge amount of disk pace , with the bandwidth required, good memory, highest security, independence to install the software of your liking. VPS hosting as compared to the Dedicated hosting, has less space , less bandwidth. But it has the feeling of the dedicated environment. The speed has to be compromised in Virtual Servers, as the bandwidth is divided. If we compare the management of the servers, VPS is more complex than the dedicated servers and it is less expensive.

The dedicated server can be managed by the user as well as per the proficiency. If not the administrator can manage it remotely.  If you opt for the dedicated server then the user has a complete independence on the server and has the total control over the machine. With the dedicated server you can enjoy the maximum speed, high memory, good disk space and the best performance. For the larger sites this is the only best option.

We can conclude that the Dedicated server hosting is the best web hosting solution for any site around, however it all depends on the users sites requirement and budget. If the user want the second best compared to the dedicated hosting, and is ready to manage the speed and other concerns, VPS hosting is a good option for him.

Overview Of Nehalem Processor.

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Nehalem Market, needs and the necessity  in the change for the technology is always been the reason for the new invention in any technology. Intel has developed the latest generation Micro architecture and it is named as Intel Nehalem processor. It was firstly called as Intel Core- I 7 processor.

When you go for hosting your site to some Web hosting company, often people care about the hardware that is used. Now a days there is requirement for such processors by the clients for a dedicated servers. Most of the good hosting providers do provide it.

This Intel Nehalem processors said to be very fast, actually the next step to faster. It works on multi core technology and it efficiently matches your workload. It is a parallel processing processor and has integrated memory controller. We can go through some of its major advantages:

Intel Nehalem Offers many features including :

Scalability: This processor allows dynamic Scalability. It manages Cores, threads, cache, interfaces. It provides power for energy efficient performances as needed.

Performance Scalability: It offers a great design and performance scalability and for the servers. Is works well for workstations, notebooks intel-nehalem and desktops as well. It adds support for 2-8 + cores and up to 16 threads with the Intel Hyper threading Technology. Scalability is the biggest asset for this processor. It can scale the cache size and also interconnects systems.

Intelligent performance : The Nehalem processor is said to be intelligent. It uses the Intel Turbo Boost technology. This technology enables it to easily deal with the overhead of  the multithread and single threaded workloads. The performance of the Processor is increased, though the workload is more.

Increased performance with Highly threaded applications: The server is usually loaded with such kind of applications. With the processor having Intel HT technology which brings high performance applications to the mainstream computing.

Shared memory: Memory controller performs this task of scheduling memory requests. It adds an advantage of scalable shared memory. The technology used for this is Intel Quick Path Technology and High speed point to point interconnect.

Multi level Shared Cache : It improves the efficiency and performance by reducing the latency.

This just a small overview of the processor. Intel has been masters in processors. As the invent in this new Processor, demand for the Nehalem hosting solutions has increased. I guess there is lot more to come from the Intel hub.