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Dedicated Server

November 4th, 2010 Comments off

A dedicated server is the only web hosting service available that can provide you with a physical form of web hosting that will offer you a hosting environment, which is completely separate from anyone else. Although dedicated server hosting may be a more expensive form of web hosting, for the most part it is highly beneficial for larger businesses, as you are able to select hardware assignments that are usually impossible to receive with VPS server hosting because of the architecture of the hosting platform. Dedicated servers can provide you with a dedicated web hosting environment that you can then configure as per your requirements; you can also install any applications that you see as being fitting for your requirements so that you are able to create a hosting environment that will be able to serve your website as you need. Any good web hosting provider will be able to offer you the choice between Windows and Linux for your dedicated server; this choice of operating system will help you to ensure that you all the applications that you choose to use as well as your web applications are fully compatible with your dedicated server at every level.

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Business Hosting

October 3rd, 2010 Comments off

Business web hosting services are designed to maximize uptime and to improve the web hosting experience of businesses that rely on their websites to bring them a source of income. Business web hosting services generally endeavor to offer up to 100% guaranteed uptime using a number of different methods, the most popular of which is clustered web hosting as this offers a pretty much fail-proof solution. Business web hosting will also guarantee you a higher level of support from your web hosting company, which will benefit if you ever happen to face any issues with your business web hosting package, although your web hosting provider is also likely to offer you assistance with the setup of your web hosting package if you require it. As web hosting providers want to offer their business customers the best web hosting experience possible, when ordering business web hosting you may be required to provide your chosen web hosting company with some sort of proof of your business position; although this may seem over the top at first, it helps web hosting providers to ensure that they are providing business web hosting only to those that have a distinct need for it and not spammers or hackers that could go on to abuse the hosting server.

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Reliable Web Hosting

October 3rd, 2010 Comments off

Reliable web hosting services will allow you to make the most of your web presence and will allow you to get on with tasks that may be more important to you and the running of your business. The definition of a reliable web hosting service is usually one that is available at least 99.9% of the time, with a 0.1% downtime allowance per month; however, there are web hosting services available that can offer 100% guaranteed machine uptime. There are several different factors that can affect the reliability of a server; as well as the reliability of the machine itself, you need to consider the network that your server is hosted on as well as its source of power. Web hosting providers generally use several different connection providers in order to ensure that their servers will always be available from the internet, although they can never guarantee the reliability of their internal networks but these are usually the easiest to monitor. In any professional data centre, there will also be several different power sources in use to make sure that there’s a backup available if the main power line fails; backup systems such as UPSs (uninterruptable power supply) and diesel generators are examples of secondary power sources.

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VPS Server Hosting

August 31st, 2010 Comments off

VPS server hosting is seen as the form of web hosting that fills the gap between reseller web hosting and dedicated server hosting in terms of the features and resources that each other form of web hosting can offer. A VPS server is effectively a virtual machine hosted on a physical machine as the resources that your VPS server uses are in fact those of the physical machine, albeit with a certain amount of the host machine’s resources being guaranteed directly to your VPS server. Like dedicated server hosting, you have a choice of operating system when ordering a VPS server in most cases meaning that you can customize your VPS server to meet your requirements exactly. Virtuozzo is the main virtualization application used by web hosting providers to allow them to offer their VPS server hosting services, although many are increasingly moving over to Hyper-V based systems so that they are able to offer Windows Server 2008 VPS hosting services – Linux VPS hosting is still offered using Virtuozzo. The dedicated web hosting environment offered by a VPS server will be a lot easier to manage than that offered by a dedicated server, simply because if something goes wrong then it is fairly easy to reload the operating system in a virtual hosting environment.

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VPS hosting VS dedicated hosting

September 29th, 2009 Comments off

There are two main types of hosting which are mostly opted by the the big business. Dedicated hosting and VPS hosting, both have their own pros and cons. Hosting generally is taken as a extra expense for web site, where businesses are dependent on the internet and they share business critical data on the internet, they have to choose the best type of web hosting. When you see the best type of web hosting, Dedicated server hosting is the best solution, VPS hosting is considered the second best in the web hosting. You can think this hosting as a dedicated servers and VPS servers.

The main difference in this two type if hosting is upon the type of servers it is based on. The type of setup is different from each other. Some main differences include disk space , bandwidth and the cost factor. Virtual servers can be small for some applications , so dedicated servers are preferred. In the cases where the companies have their own IT department, or they need a very huge disk space and bandwidth. VPS hosting Vs Dedicated Hosting

When we consider the virtual servers, here the arrangement is made where multiple servers are hosted on the same server and they don’t have to share the resources in the real sense even if they are hosted on the same server. No other web site can interfere in the others web sites data and are unknown of the other web sites which are hosted. It is as good as in the dedicated environment for the space and bandwidth they are allotted.

VPS hosting is the best alternative for the dedicated server hosting, in dedicated server hosting you get the whole server with huge amount of disk pace , with the bandwidth required, good memory, highest security, independence to install the software of your liking. VPS hosting as compared to the Dedicated hosting, has less space , less bandwidth. But it has the feeling of the dedicated environment. The speed has to be compromised in Virtual Servers, as the bandwidth is divided. If we compare the management of the servers, VPS is more complex than the dedicated servers and it is less expensive.

The dedicated server can be managed by the user as well as per the proficiency. If not the administrator can manage it remotely.  If you opt for the dedicated server then the user has a complete independence on the server and has the total control over the machine. With the dedicated server you can enjoy the maximum speed, high memory, good disk space and the best performance. For the larger sites this is the only best option.

We can conclude that the Dedicated server hosting is the best web hosting solution for any site around, however it all depends on the users sites requirement and budget. If the user want the second best compared to the dedicated hosting, and is ready to manage the speed and other concerns, VPS hosting is a good option for him.

Does Free Hosting Suits you? Paid hosting is always available

September 23rd, 2009 Comments off

With the growing number of web sites and blogs, hosting needs are growing. With this the people looking for the Free web hosting are not less. There are number of the Web hosting companies that allows Free web hosting, so the people get confused and may think why to pay for the hosting when they get it free. This is a very obvious question and can come into anybody’s mind.

Free web hosting services available include some of the good companies, offering a good flexibility. Some of the companies offer you a unique domain name and some of them require to put the domain name in the sub domain under the primary domain.( For Ex http:// Domain/sub_domain/ ). Some of the companies allow you to run the CGI scripts. Free web host have something in common that they provide limited disk space with 5 MB to 10 MB and keep this rules strict regarding the data transfer. Also it is mandatory to display the ads on your web site.

One of the most unliked thing about the Free web hosting is when they put the advertisement on the web site, they should allow some ads to be placed on the personal web pages. This is where your freedom is challenged, in the paid web hosting you are allowed to place any type of ads, generally pop-up are liked. Free hosting Vs Paid Hosting

As you are aware that in Free web hosting you are not provided with your own Domain name , this is one of the annoying thing, you don’t have your own distinct identity on the web, some companies do allow the distinct domain name, however with there own set of rules. Your site will be full of pop up ads.

As pasted above some of the companies allow you to run the CGI scripts, however the number of companies which allow this is very less. Most of the companies don’t allow you to install and run the CGI Scripts, however they can provide the pre-installed scripts such as Guestbooks, counters. If you really wish to have your own CGI scripts better is you should go for the Reliable Paid  host. You should check the policies of the hosting companies before going for the web hosting package, as the policies about the CGI scripts may vary from one hosting company to other hosting company.

When you have a fairly large web site and you have used a lot of graphics on your site, you will face many problems with the Free web hosting.Also some of the point listed above makes the people to switch to the paid hosting.

We can conclude that the web hosting you choose completely depends upon the hosting needs and requirements, if you have a relatively small web sites and don’t mind if they place a lots of ads on your site free hosting can suite you. One thing more about the Free hosting is that you are not in the control of your web site, it is good for keeping your web site alive on the internet. So if you go through some of the reviews , Paid hosting is what you will opt for. Paid hosting offers you what you want, a complete control on the site, no ads from the web host, CGI script, your own domain name, good amount of bandwidth and disk space. Also you will not have the different packages in the Free hosting as Dedicated hosting, VPS Hosting and Shared Web Hosting.

Reasons why the VPS Server Hosting should be preferred?

September 4th, 2009 Comments off

There is always a confusion in the web site owners, Which Hosting option to choose? . Though the best Dedicated Server hosting is considered as best, VPS hosting has a number of similar advantageous and it can satisfy the clients needs. vps_2

VPS: Virtual private Server, it a technique where the physical server is partitioned into number of virtual servers. One server acts as several Virtual servers. This Virtual servers are fully provided with dedicated resources to work as a dedicated server itself. Each server can have its own copy of operating system.

VPS hosting solution is best suited for the small businesses and It has several advantages over the right choice of users. It provides full features with lower cost than Dedicated hosting. People generally want to buy a Dedicated server, however the Cost of the Server us too high to cope with, and the requirements of the clients are high. VPS hosting is the Best answer for all this.

VPS is loved by the people due to its ability to work independently even though it is on the same physical server. Each server is loaded with unique resources and it acts as dedicated server to the client. It means that there is no competition for the resources and it can handle high volume of traffic. The main thing this Virtual servers are isolated from each other.

This allows a complete freedom for every VPS owner, Virus attack on the One VPS is not affected on another, as on the Shared server hosting. Shared server hosting is also affected by the number of websites it is hosting and they share the resources, which makes the system slow. The server can anytime go down. Traffic on one shared hosting client can affect other client on the Shared hosting.

After reading all this you might have figured it out that the best hosting solution is the VPS hosting, what ever you consider Price, reliability, security, it offers the best.

The business which are large for the shared hosting and cannot afford Dedicated server hosting can blindly opt for the VPS hosting. VPS hosting solutions has grabbed the market of dedicated hosting in some percent. Many VPS hosting companies offer great service to the clients with 24×7 support.

Understanding Reseller Hosting.

August 24th, 2009 Comments off

Out of many different available hosting services, Reseller Hosting is one of the most adored by the people. Many of the web host are reseller host them selves. We can take an example of e-commerce web site, it requires particular type of hosting which fulfills the business requirements. The other type of hosting services that are usually preferred are Dedicated hosting and shared hosting ones.  Reseller Hosting is the most cost effective in this all.

Reseller Hosting is very cost effective and both customers and the Reseller Hosting provider gets benefited out of it. Reseller hosting is generally been taken as a choice by the companies having less hosting demands. The reseller hosting providers are also a small scale hosting providers (usually). It is been targeted to the market where the need of the company is small Disks pace, less bandwidth. Mostly bigger organizations don’t go this way. If the right approach come in the way of the reseller Hosting, lot of profit in the terms of money can be yielded.

Reseller Hosting Reseller Hosting generally can be anything of the following:

1. The reseller of the hosting services can act as an agent for the web hosting company. The service is advertised by the reseller , the services is actually purchased from the Web hosting company and the reseller gets the cut of the package when the resellers name is mentioned at the purchase.

2. The reseller acts as a marketer for the web hosting provider, the reseller acts a an actual hosting company, the service purchased from the reseller, further contact is been taken care off by the web hosting company itself.

3. The reseller appears as an hosting company itself, it handles sales, and support as its end itself. Customers contacts the reseller for each an every concern.

When you go for the reseller hosting, you are responsible to market the website and get hold of the niche market. Reseller should take care of the quality of the web hosting support and concerns related to the hosting. Many times reseller just forwards the queries to the main service provider and its job is over, the main service provides the support and solves the queries.

You all can expect the same amount of security and technical aspects from the reseller hosting. Reseller hosting has allowed many small hosting to come up and earn a lot of money getting a number of small clients. Reseller hosting has proved its efficiency in attracting the clients. A big organization can buy good Reseller hosting package and use it for itself, in different way. Reseller Hosting is available in Windows reseller hosting and Linux Reseller Hosting

Tips for Managing the Shared Hosting.

August 11th, 2009 Comments off

Web hosting is a service which allows users or organization to store pictures, video, or other content. These information can be accessed from webhostingservbices anywhere in the world..

Users get always confused between the hosting packages. Deciding whether  to select the managed internal host relies on the need for the security and the amount of traffic your site generates. If you look at the shared hosting it is the most basic type of hosting that is available. Shared hosting means that multiple sites are hosted on single physical server. This option is best for the users where they just want to see there site up and have a very less amount of traffic.

Other hosting option include dedicated hosting which is a very costly as compared to shared, and it is also non essential for smaller sites. Shared hosting is inexpensive and it sometimes allows access to the powerful server. The shared hosting agreement can involve a great quantity of the bandwidth and space to deal with your websites. If you think that you will run out of the disk then it would not be a concern until you experience an extraordinary spikes in the traffic.

In most of the hosting providers they will allow you to agree further space and bandwidth capacity to house the extra traffic. If the company doesn’t allow this you can shift to the Dedicated hosting if the traffic is increasing.

When to pick for the Managed hosts  high traffic web sites, this is actually a choice also or you can decide it when the website contains extremely delicate or non public data.

The user should be very firm about the need of the dedicated internet host and too a managed ones, instead of trying to control themselves. Management and administration is very difficult and takes time, the owner of the web site is responsible to take care of every aspect of the web site and the server. It also includes the Security issues. So user must be very keen in choosing  hosting package.

Choosing a website hosting agreement is also one point. If the you provide the internet site hosting service to a client you will have to exploit a website hosting agreement to manage a link between you and the customer. These template helps you to include all the acceptable provisions, as well as give a good base which permits you to obviously outline your policies and processes. Before having any kind of agreement you should have a basic idea of the agreements.