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Inexpensive Hosting

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The internet has deeply influenced the human life in all ways. Internet has made available everything available with just a essence of click. With the advantage of reaching to the mass at wide range , it touches every aspect of life and has a great tool for the business entrepreneur. This suggest that almost all business opts for having a business website and need a web hosting to host the website. inexpensive-web-hosting

When you think of hosting a web site, the first thing which to your mind is about the budget of hosting and the expenses you need to spare for hosting the website. This means that almost every body on the internet are looking for the inexpensive web hosting. There are many web hosting providers that allow you m any facilities with mere cost.

Web hosting is now available with all your customizable needs and the price range that you can afford, many of the web hosting companies advertise with the packages of the affordable web hosting and business web hosting. The web hosting business works on the supply chain management. The need for the good web sites is increasing day by day and so as the need to the host the web sites.

Web hosting provider continuously research the market about the needs for the people and add it to the hosting packages and try to give at the price that every one can afford it. Some web hosting needs only to be up for the sake of existence , these web sites doesn’t require much hosting specifications and can be hosting with any cheap hosting package, However some of the web sites needs are very large and they try to cope up with it by the hosting package that suits there needs.

Inexpensive hosting is best as per the expense you save for your other requirements. Web hosting companies have cleverly sorted the requirements and provided with the packages that will be accepted by the people

Affordable Web Hosting

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Web hosting does not always have to be an expensive affair.If your research is done correctly,you can find a number of affordable web hosting services that can very well fulfill your website requirements.While searching for such a service provider,it is important that the web host offers value for your money. There are multiple companies that offer affordable web hosting services at fairly affordable prices. Failing to find an appropriate web host can cause serious damage to your online business. Due to the current phase of recession, cheaper web hosting packages are offered by hosting services providers,hence are the most popular among users. Incase you are truly looking for a cheap web hosting package,Shared Web Hosting would be the most affordable option to be offered.These packages are offered at real cheap price which can benefit users.
The next thing that most of the users are concerned about is the level of service that is offered with Shared hosting packages. Lets clear a misconception that Affordable Web Hosting or Cheap Web Hosting does not mean nasty hosting service.Incase you avail an affordable web hosting package from a reputable web hosting provider,reliability should be the last thing that should bother you. When looking for an affordable web hosting service, it is more necessary that you consider the resources that are provided with the package instead of the package price,due to the cost of the web hosting package you shouldn’t expect resources alike dedicated hosting packages.I think this is quite logical that one cannot get a Dedicated Hosting service at the price of a Shared Hosting package. Affordable web hosting can become inappropriate only when your web hosting provider isn’t able to make a profit  and start overselling their web hosting services,which would inturn affect the performance of your website as the server would be overloaded and give an optimum performance.

Affordable web hosting packages can prove to be really beneficial.The main reason for this is the cheap price that is paid for the service.Though there isn’t any such reason why one shouldn’t  receive good value for money with an affordable web hosting package. The lower cost of an affordable web hosting package is probably the one biggest advantage that you will find to benefit you the most, and it is a good thought of doing your research, so that you can make sure that you get the cheapest web hosting package.If you are paying less for your web hosting package then you will obviously have more money to spend on other things that may be more important, and if you are behind an affordable web hosting package then its more likely that you are looking to save as much as possible on your web hosting package. Affordable web hosting packages can also offer better value for money than traditional web hosting packages in most cases, and one of the reasons for this is that these web hosting packages are normally made up of the spare resources that web hosting providers have; you shouldn’t let this put you off, but for an Affordable web hosting package to be effective, its very important that you make sure that you purchase one from a reputable web hosting provider only. Affordable web hosting packages are more likely to be much suitable for your requirements, offering you smaller resource assignments than perhaps other forms of web hosting would offer; most consumers aren’t that demanding with their resources and because of this an inexpensive web hosting package can be more effective in some cases.

Cost – An affordable web hosting package would definetly save your finanacial resources,which can be used for other business requirements such as SEO, SEM etc.The idea of Affordable web hosting is to offer cheap cost web hosting packages – as most web hosting providers have spare capacity to sell off they will normally offer this spare capacity in the form of cheap web hosting packages, this is the reason that their prices will be fairly low.But,to make this happen,it is necessary to sign up with a reputed web hosting provider.
Better Value for money – An affordable web hosting package can offer good value for money in some cases, as you will find that the resource allotment that you get for your money are quite large, due to the fact that the spare capacity that your web hosting provider is selling off – if you shop around for affordable web hosting packages,you will find that most web hosting providers are offering different resources with the package. But if you find the correct web hosting provider for your requirements then you can get an affordable web hosting account which is definetly within your budget and have much better resources.
Resource Allotment – The resource alloted by most web hosting packages are either conservative or just above average for what you are paying.If you aren’t that demanding with what you want from your web hosting package then an affordable web hosting package might just be what you want – although some web hosting providers design their packages with the customer requirements in mind.
An Affordable web hosting service can prove highly benefitial for you.Typically,if its your first instance to use web hosting service a shared web hosting service would be most suited for you. Only a reputed web hosting provider can offer a cheap web hosting package with complete reliability for a low price, these are the two of the most important factors that should be considered when choosing a web hosting service.

Common Misunderstandings about Managed Web Hosting Services.

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Fully Managed Web Hosting offered by

There are various misunderstandings about Managed Web Hosting Services. Today, most of the small and mid sized businesses use managed web servers to carry out their mission critical businesses.Depending on the requirements, Shared hosting and VPS hosting services have gained popularity, but alongwith it, there are various misunderstandings and misconceptions that have rooted in the minds of users. Following is an in depth explanation of about the misunderstandings.

A) Managed Services are entirely Outsourced.

This is one of the biggest misunderstanding among individuals.It isn’t always true. Sometimes, web hosts outsource their post sales technical support tasks to other companies for the purpose of offering better services to their customers. There are a lot of automated services you get with a managed dedicated hosting service provider.The volume of privileges differ with the web hosting package.Most of the reputed web hosting providers have dedicated and professional technical and support staff available 24×7 at the DC’s. Though, the website design, promotion and the website administration needs to be taken care by yourself.

B) Its the newbies who must opt for Managed Web Hosting services.

Many users have a thinking that Managed services are suitable for newbies due to their lack of webmaster skills and web server management skills. This probably may be a thought arose due to the fact that, dedicated server management needs some amount of web master skills. Some outsource this task to other professional companies for better server management.But, this is very untrue that managed web hosting service is suitable only for newbies and not webmasters. There are many factors involved in web server management and require dedicated people to handle the crucial task of server management. Therefore,managed hosting is preferred by most of the consumers in the Web Hosting Industry.

C)Managed Hosting Service isn’t as Reliable as Unmanaged Services.

Its actually the other way round.Reliability basically depends on the web hosting provider you have chosen.Most of the reputed web hosts offer reliability and scalability of their servers.

Instead,if you choose an unmanaged service from a hosting provider, you need to take care of the server management which includes installing new security patches, installation of software upgrades etc.Whereas with a managed web hosting provider, these tasks are taken care by the host themselves and you can concentrate your focus on other aspects of your business.

D) Managed Web Hosting is Insecure

This is another biggest misunderstanding that managed web hosting service is insecure.In todays highly competitive world, it is important to provide the utmost services to the customers.Hence, maximum web hosting providers take utmost care to provide best of the best security and reliability of their servers and services.They take enough precautions to avoid intrusions, attacks, malicious activity etc so as to keep their customers safe and secure. Managed Web hosting provider are well aware of the various online threats, hence take ample care to avoid those.

E) Managed Web Hosting is Very Costly.

Yes, thats true to some extent. But, understand that if it would have been that expensive, would anyone have had chosen these packages? The answer is NO. There are web hosting providers who offer these services at affordable prices. One must differentiate between the fact that you do not have to invest in purchasing costly server hardware and softwares etc. Inaddition to that you do not need to employ teams for the purpose of your server management, therefore if you jot all the expenses, you would realize that choosing a managed web hosting service is far more cheaper than purchasing your own hardware etc. In the long run you would realize that managed hosting services are much more cost effective than the unmanaged hosting solutions.

Understand the Importance of Secure Web Hosting Solution.

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Security is one major factor that is bothering almost every individual and companies now-a-days.The effect of threats and attacks can be mainly seen in any online business. It is important for any individual to take additional measures to secure their online business.

Good firewall is necessary to be installed on the web servers that you are using to ensure that your website is safe from any internet threats and attacks. The firewall help you to protect your website/s from any intrusions and hackers.The firewall proves helpful to keep away malicious softwares affect your webservers. Web Server Monitoring must be done often, there should be an effective back-up facility in position to enable oneself to restore the back-ups incase you fall prey to such attacks. It is important that the web hosting provider offers these services to the customers inorder to avoid disasters.

Usually, you can find such services only with professional web hosting providers.It is seen that most of the people fall prey to false promotions made by web hosting companies. You should be careful when choosing a web hosting provider, free web hosting providers that offer web hosting packages for free, are usually the first one’s to get attacked.There are various ways that hackers and attackers embed scripts within images and links to serve their purpose.
Usually most of the Free web hosting service providers place multiple user on a single physical web server. That means a web server is shared and have the least security for preventing attacks,intrusions and viruses.Usually,least technical support is offered with free webhosting packages.This could be a one major drawback for you as there might be several occasions where your website face problems on their server and its resolution would be of utmost importance. The websites hosted on such unmanaged servers usually are slow and not so well performing.

Secure Web Hosting

It is recommended that you carry out an extensive research when choosing a web hosting service provider. It is important that you check with the web hosting provider offers Professional Support and Back-up Facility. In addition to that, you must understand the security measures taken by them, to keep your website secure from intrusions and attacks. You may contact the web host directly to understand the factors associated with hosting your website onto their servers.Preferably, a host that operate 24/7 is a better option to choose. A professional web host usually offers the above mentioned services at affordable prices.

At the end it is you to make the last call when choosing a web host. You need to bear in mind that the data on the website is yours and it is your responsibility to keep it secured. Choosing a web hosting service provider that covers all the security parameters must be your first choice.

Guide to Find A Good Shared Hosting Provider.

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Now-a-days there are many different ways to find a Good Web Hosting Provider.There are multiple review websites that can offer an indepth description of a particular company. You may also seek help from the reputed web hosting forums. Using these options, you can compare features offered by different web hosting service providers.Following are certain aspects that can guide you to choose an appropriate shared web hosting service provider.

One must understand that shared web hosting is the most basic type of hosting solution.Therefore, you cannot expect much resources and privileges with it. Usually, this type of hosting is preferred by small businesses or websites that do not get much traffic. When choosing a web hosting provider you must concentrate on the vital needs of hosting. Due to the ever increasing competetion, many companies adapt different methods of marketing their products, therefore one mustn’t fall prey to any such false promotions. You must keep in mind that almost all the companies provide more of less features with a type of web hosting solution.

Web Hosting The most important aspect when choosing a hosting provider is the bandwidth and diskspace. You can find many web hosts that promote their services by stating terms such as “Unlimited” as the prefix to Hosting,Bandwidth,diskspace and other such terms. One must understand that there is no such thing as UNLIMITED. The web hosting resources comes with limits and the term unlimited is completely meaningless in the web hosting industry.Web hosting providers who claim to offer such services are actually taking benefit of the lack of knowledge of a normal individual.Hence, it is important to make yourself aware of the basic aspects of web hosting.

Before you choose a web hosting service provider, it is important that you make sure that the web host does not take full control of your website. There have been cases where hosts have offered web hosting packages at cheap prices and placed their ads on the clients websites without their consent.

It is always suggested to choose a reputed web hosting provider to host your website/s. One way to choose a hosting provider is to check the review websites and forums. There you can check reviews added by customers using the services of the web hosting provider. Reliability is an important criteria when choosing a suitable web hosting provider. Most of the reputed hosts can be considered as reliable, as most of them offer good value for money. With them you usually find a customer testimonials page where you can check for the services they offer and how satisfied their customers actually are.

Once you have almost finalized on the web hosting provider, the next most important aspect is the post sales technical and other support offered by them. Technical support is one of the crucial factors for choosing a web host. Usually one must search a host who are available 24×7. They should be able to solve your issues with the least waste of time. A Live Chat and Direct Phone contact can come handy for this purpose. In addition to that, they should have qualified and experienced staff to solve your queries. Those attending you must posses a friendly approach and must be willing to help you out.

30-Days Money Back Guarantee One key differentiators is the Money Back Guarantee, offered by web hosting providers. Most of the reputed hosts do tend to offer a guaranteed money back service for the web hosting package. A professional web host usually offers flexible upgrade options for their web hosting packages.They must also provide services for both Windows and Linux platforms.

If you are a newbie, it can be helpful and safe not to put all your material as soon as you sign up with a hosting provider. One must first test the ir services and the performance of your website on their servers,only then upload all the data onto the server. Also check if the host also offers add-on services such as Dedicated IP address, Domain Registration, SSL Certificates etc. Though these won’t be of much need initially, but later as traffic to your website grows, you may tend to feel its importance.

Get a Basic Understanding of VPS Hosting and Shared Web Hosting.

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Shared and VPS hosting have some things in common. It is important to understand the difference between the two to choos an appropriate solution that most suits your website requirements.

First of all let us take an overview of Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting.

Shared Server-Hosting Shared Web Hosting : Shared Web Hosting is the most basic type of web hosting solution. Shared hosting packages are cheap and affordable in terms of pricing. This type of hosting is more preferred by small websites that require less resources. In this, a physical server is shared by multiple users and websites. This being affordable, is more preferred by users as the cost of the server and its resources are shared by multiple users. Shared web hosting can sometimes not suit all types of websites, as different websites require different amounts of resources such as bandwidth and disk space. There may be websites that receive high traffic, hence consume bandwidth that is greater than what is offered with a shared hosting package. In such cases one needs to opt for a higher plan such as VPS Hosting or a Dedicated Server Hosting plan.

To start with, you may choose a Shared Web Hosting package and later upgrade to a VPS or Dedicated hosting plan as per the requirements of your website/s. Many webhosting providers offer flexible upgrade options and you can switch from one plan to another with less waste of efforts, keeping the website up and running over the web without any downtime.

The only drawback of shared hosting is that you do not get much privileges with it.

VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server Hosting: A VPS is the next option to Shared Hosting in terms of resources and privileges. Basically, VPS shares a similar concept with Shared Hosting, but there is are few major differences between the two i.e. resources and privileges. VPS Hosting Similar to a shared plan, multiple VPS accounts are created on a physical server using a virtualization technology. With a VPS you get better resources such as bandwidth and diskspace and you have better control over the server. You get complete admin access to the server, which means you can create, modify, delete ,install or uninstall applications of your choice, which is not possible on a shared server. VPS hosting plans too are affordable. With it you get to experience a dedicated like environment. The only difference is the resources and price. Each client using a virtual server is given a fixed share of a server.

A VPS is more preferred than shared hosting or Dedicated server hosting plan. The reason because, shared hosting packages offer less resources, security and privileges whereas a dedicated server is more expensive and the resources available with it are sometimes much more than what is required. On a VPS there not much restrictions set which isn’t the case with a shared hosting server plus you have almost similar privileges as that of a dedicated server. As said earlier with a shared hosting plan you do not have much privileges whereas with a VPS hosting plan, you get complete root or administrator access of the server. You have the privilege to configure your own applications and softwares.

BLOG Hosting Best For SEO Benefits.

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Blogs have always been preferred by search engines due to its rich content. In this fast emerging online environment, it is important to find newer alternatives to get search engine bots and crawlers to crawl your website/s. Here, blogging plays a vital role to attract visitors to your websites. Blog hosting for this purpose has gained popularity recently. Web hosts offer special packages for serving the purpose of Blog Hosting.

In SEO, it is important to find ways of attracting search engine spiders to crawl your webpages. If they categorize the content to be worthy enough, they would keep returning to the web page to check for updates. The rank of your website depends on this factor, as the more the spiders visit your website/s, the better rankings you get.

SearchEngine-spider Blogs are a great way of promotion of your products and services. They quality of the content also helps in spreading the word of mouth. As most of us are aware that promotion can be done by submitting to review sites and article submission directories. Blogs too can be submitted to such websites in addition to social bookmarking sites. Blogs can add value to your website/s. Organic traffic as well as search engine bots and spiders can easily get wide range of information through blogs.

Blogs are considered to be valuable from search engines point of view. Blogs help to attract multiple visitors to come to your website/s. And the more the number of visitors, the better would be the conversion from a sales perspective. It is important that your blog is updated each day, with good quality unique content. In addition to that it is very important that your blog is accessible round the clock to live visitors and search engine spiders to crawl, therefore you must have your blog site hosted with a web hosting provider that offers good uptime and support. If all these factors are upto the mark, you can have your website indexed by search engines within an hours time.

SEO Keeping your blog updated is no big deal. You just need to add some important information to your blog. Thats only what you’ve got to do daily. Its just a matter of an hour each day. You must keep in mind that as you are trying hard to add value to your website/s, so are the others, but to stay ahead in the race, it is necessary to keep your website updated with fresh content, and the easiest way to do this is via blogging. Having a blog linked to your website is simple but very effective. This is a great way of saving your bucks on spending on a third party for optimizing your website. Most of the people agree to the fact that Blogs are enormously helpful in SEO. Due to this purpose, a complete new trend of business of Blog websites have emerged. Regular changes to the content relevant to your website is liked by search engines. This in return is rewarded by gaining better ranking in the search engine result pages.

With a constant effort, earning good revenue through blogs is no big deal.

Some Important Tips To Stay Satisfied With the service offered by Web Hosts.

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If you follow certain basic steps while choosing a web hosting provider, your web hosting experience with them, can prove to be fruitful and productive as well. The following tips should prove helpful for you before choosing a web hosting provider. It is important for you to research the hosting plans and services offered by different web hosts.

A) Avoid falling in the traps of Prices :

The simplest way in choosing a web hosting provider is to avoid falling prey to the price tags offered by web hosting providers. Give least importance to the price of the web hosting packages. Instead, you must look for the services they offer, check if they are available whenever you need them. Even today, people give more preference to price and least priority to the services offered, whereas it should be vice-versa. One must understand that it is the service offered by web hosting provider that plays the most crucial role in the success of any website/ business. You can instead opt for a web host that believes in offering Value for money. It is required that the website is up and running everytime.

Here is a simple calculation:

More Uptime = More Traffic

More Traffic = More Sale/Conversion.

One can find number of web hosting providers that offer web hosting services at Cheap prices. As far as you have a small business ,Cheap basic packages can be just fine, but as the traffic to your website grows, it is required for you to shift to higher plans for the website to perform better. It is necessary to find a good hosting provider at the start up. You should make sure what features the web hosting provider offers.

To help you out with this, you must consider the following services while choosing a web hosting provider:

o Back-up options

o SSH access

o Uptime Guarantee (Expect atleast 99.9%)

o Payment options and modes of payment

o Ability to host additional sub-domains

o Check if they provide FTP accounts

o Option of Domain Parking

o Check if they offer a Money back guarantee

o Check for the OS they offer

B) Uptime Guarantee

It is very crucial to have the maximum uptime. Though it is a bit tougher to understand that before signing up with a Host, but you can find some statistics tools to determine the uptime. Web Hosting forums too are the best places to determine such a host. Ideally 100% uptime is best, but practically it is hard to find such a host. But, as per the industry standards, 99.9% is acceptable. You can check the uptime of the server by the following link

C) Its better to share the server with the known people:

If you have chosen to have your website hosted on a shared web hosting account, it is better to find people who too are interested in the same package. You can lease a single VPS or dedicated server and create shared accounts on it and can resell it. Or else you can join the affiliate program of the web hosting provider and earn good revenue from it, this tric helps in covering your expense of hosting your website.

D) Research on Web Hosting Provider

It is always better to do some research before choosing a web hosting provider. One must select a reputed web host inorder to have a good hosting experience. You can ask friends about the host, check web hosting forums for educating yourself about the reputation. While doing this, understand that you are going to find some negative comments also, it is next to impossible to satisfy the hosting needs of every customer. There might be many reasons for a negative statement, some competitors too use this trick to damage the reputation of their competitor. So its completely your call to decide the authenticity of such statements.

E) Don’t fall Prey to Marketing Techniques

It’s a common practice to use attractive keywords to attract customers

Keyword “Unlimited”

Understand that nothing is unlimited in web hosting. Web hosts often attract customers by using keywords such as Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Diskspace. They dare to give such false promises as you probably never use the entire allotted

F) Post Sales Support

Once you have signed for a web hosting package with a web hosting provider, it is important that you get good and up-to-date post sales support. The web host should be available whenever needed. They should offer the service of contacting them via. Live Chat, E-mails/Tickets/ HelpDesk and Phone. They should be in a position to offer instant solutions, there staff must be competent enough to handle any server issues.

Following these few points can land your online business in safe hands and can add majorly for your website to succeed.

Cheap Web Hosting For Small/ Mid-sized Business Websites

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Many are usually reluctant to create their own websites due to the botheration of the expensive web hosting solutions, unaware of the fact that, with the ever increasing competition in the web hosting business, there has been a substantial decrease in the costs of the web hosting packages. It has become fairly affordable for small or mid-sized businesses to create their own websites and host it with web hosting providers that offer cheap and affordable web hosting solutions.But, the selection of such a web hosting provider should be made carefully, as many make use of such words to attract customers. There are few criteria’s that one must keep in mind while choosing an affordable web hosting service provider.

Web Hosting Every business is established with an aim of expansion, so it is suggested that you sign-up with a web hosting provider that offers flexibility of upgrading or downgrading the web hosting packages. This feature would be useful when your website/s become popular and start getting high traffic. Never get trapped in the typical marketing strategy of “Unlimited”, note that nothing is unlimited, everything comes with a cost to pay. You can find really cheap web hosting plans with reputed web hosting providers who have been in this business for quite sometime.

Uptime guarantee is one of the most important feature that should not be compromised on. A maximum uptime would mean that the website is rarely down. The more the uptime the better are the chances that the visitor would access your website. And more the visitors to your website/s, the better are the chances of conversion. Hence, one should hunt for a web hosting provider that offers atleast 99% uptime guarantee. There are many monitoring tools that can help you determine the uptime of the servers. It can prove to be useful for choosing a web hosting provider. But, now-a-days technologies are fairly reliable, hence it won’t be difficult to find a hosting provider who can satisfy the criteria of uptime.


Apart from the above mentioned criteria’s, a professional yet friendly customer support is one of the important features that plays a vital role in the selection of a web hosting provider. Usually, it is useful if the support team can be contacted whenever there is a problem with your website or server. You must look for a host that operates 24x7x365 and offers  prompt support via Live Chat, E-mails/tickets and phone.

If you haven’t built your website and planning to build one, you can search for web hosts that offer free website building tools alongwith the web hosting package. Choosing a web hosting provider, who are pre-equipped with offerings for any of your web hosting needs.

You can find number of web hosting plans that are most appropriate for small or mid sized businesses and ofcourse are cheap and affordable. Before designing a website, it is important to decide the true motive of it, with this it means, whether the site would be offering information, or would it be an online sales website (eCommerce)? Make a list of all the requirements and get in touch with your short listed companies. Check for the one’s that best suits your requirements.

Inorder, to figure out a reliability of a web hosting provider, you can do some research in the forums or even visit their customer testimonials.