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6 Fundamental SEO Tools

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To rank a website or a blog, some defined activities are to be carried out to pop up your website or blog in organic searches on Google or other search engines. The defined activities if carried out easily can help you to achieve your goals. While optimizing the website, keep in mind to have high quality content and show relevant keywords as they help you in ranking high on search results.

If you want your website to come in search results for almost every competitive keyword then it is a bit tough and time consuming. SEO is a never ending task requiring concentrated efforts to build your brand. Let’s go through some of the essential tools which can help you to get organic traffic.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner helps in determining search volumes for the keywords targeted in order to get knowledge about their frequency of ranking and use. So, focus on phrases and keywords having highest search rankings.

Google Trends

With Google Trends you can determine search histories and historic data of your chosen keywords. The data about keyword’s usage is presented in an impressive graphical format. This enables you to map information geographically as well as suggest other relevant keywords.


MozBar is regarded as the best tool to get instant information from any website. SEO is all about knowing what works and this tool helps you to do that in one glimpse.  MozBar after installing becomes a part of your header. When you click on it, you get instant reports about the website you are on. Three main aspects of the tool are: Page Elements, Page Attributes and Link Data. You can get the most out of this tool if you go for the paid subscription.

Google Search Console

This tool enables in maintaining and monitoring the presence of your website on Google Search. With the Search Analytics Tab and Search Traffic Tab, you get a list of keywords which you want to currently rank for. After this, as per the ranking position, sort your keywords and focus on those which are on the second page of the search results. By performing some SEO activity, you will see the keywords on first page.

WooRank Plugin

It is important to analyze how things are functioning on the backend of your website and solve any issues coming in your way. WooRank Plugin scans your website and alerts you in case of any inefficiency. This tool is great in generating an overview of your website as well as your competitor’s website.

Outdated Content Finder

Content plays an important role in SEO where all SEO ranking signals revolve around some kind of content and focus the impact good content has on your website. It is very difficult to come up with new ideas each day but at the same time it is very important to keep the website updated, engaging and optimized for search engines. Outdated Content Finder helps you to find good content. This tool suggests similar and relevant topics you want to talk about. You even can analyze the trend, go through old posts and create your content to rank higher. Post the content and ask your webmaster to check how the newly developed content can be pushed.

The above mentioned tools are just few tools. There are many tools available in the market which can help you to carry out your SEO activities effectively and efficiently. Though, customizing the tool as per your needs still remains a challenge which is possible to overcome if you have heavy pockets to develop your own SEO.

Domain Extensions – A factor towards Search Engine Optimization

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Choosing the right domain extension is a factor you should take into consideration from the point of view of Search Engine Optimization. If your website is primarily targeted at the India market or primarily traffic from India, it is important you ensure that you take into account the importance of having good rankings on Google India. If you search for the same terms on Google India and Google US, you will see similar but different search results for many search terms, because Google’s algorithm wants to provide the most relevant results to users of both countries and so the question is, surely Google must have an algorithm that takes into account what can be considered as “local” search results?

There are a few core aspects that will affect how high your listings are with regards to what we’ll call “local” and “relevant” search results – i.e. the differences between search results in Google India and Google US for the same search terms. One primary aspect is where your website is hosted.

India Web Hosting.

Having web hosting in your own country is an important attribute of Search Engine Optimization, because Google’s algorithm takes this into account when providing relevant search results for Google users in India. If you want to make sure  Google takes extra consideration to your website from a search ranking perspective, make sure you have your website hosted in India. At, our web hosting services are housed in our our datacenter in Nashik, India.

Domain name extension.

You also need to take into consideration the domain name extension. Who would primarily register a .in domain name? Indian companies and individuals, which is why this would also be a factor Google takes into consideration for more relevant search results on Google India. So whichever country your primarily traffic will come from, make sure you get web hosting in that country and a domain extension specific to that country – such as .in for India, for UK and so forth.

Run and own a blog? Improve your Search Engine Optimisation when you publish content!

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There are many simple and powerful ways you can improve the optimisation of the content on your blog to achieve better search engine rankings. In this post, we’ll detail some of the most important aspects that can help you achieve better search engine rankings.

Use proper article titles.

Do not use short article titles. Make them descriptive to what your article is about. While you shouldn’t add unnecessary keywords to your article, it can provide better SEO exposure by having a descriptive article title.

Make use of tags and categories.

You’d be surprised how useful the categories and tags function is in WordPress and other blogging software. Make use of them as they do help with your search engine optimisation.

Use relevant keywords for internal backlinks.

If you are backlinking to a specific area of your website in a blog post, make sure you use relevant keywords in the hyperlink text. And if you have external backlinks, if you don’t want to pass on SEO benefits to others and have search engine bots go to those external websites, make sure each hyperlink has a rel=”nofollow” attribute attached to the <a> tag of the hyperlink. You can install plugins that can do this for you automatically; but the plugins we’ve tried do not work for subdomains – for example, if your blog is on, the plugin will add a nofollow to any backlinks to the main site (i.e. So you can also install a WordPress plugin that does this for you so long as your blog is not hosted on asubdomain.

Add alternative text for any images you add in your posts.

When you upload an image or use an existing one, there is a section for Alt text. You may not think it’s useful to make use of this, but it is for a number of reasons:

  • It is required for compliance to XHTML Strict standards;
  • It assists those who are blind or partially sighted and make use of reader devices to read the alt tag of images to describe what the image is;
  • Google and other search engines take it into account.

Why does Google take the alt tag into account? Well, it’s an alternative description of an image, and Google takes this into account. Therefore it’s a good SEO measure.

Do not use too many backlinks per post.

Google is smart and can tell when you’re using too many backlinks per post. If you’re trying to improve the SEO of your internal pages, limit backlinks to two per post – and make sure they’re in context. Don’t just add backlinks for the sake of it, because your readers will definitely notice this even if Google may not.

An Overview Of Meta Tag and It’s Use.

July 28th, 2011 Comments off

After competing the process of domain registration and making your website live on the Internet, search engine crawlers visits it frequently. The main purpose behind these frequent visits is to collect the information of your website and classify it for indexing in the search result pages. Crawlers collects all the data about all the webpages of a website and send to the database and later on it is forwarded to the search engines for indexation. These crawlers use a specific technique to collect the data about webpages. Meta tags of any webpage is an important element of any web page as a proper Meta tag can play a crucial role in getting high rankings in the search results. Meta tag not viewable by the human visitors and only made for search engine crawlers. The information related to Meta tag is placed in the ‘<head>’ area of the HTML code of the webpage. Though Meta tag is a very simple thing to create by one should also take care of not making overuse of it by inserting lots of keywords within it, this may affect inversely as it is treated as spamming according to search engine policies.

Following is the typical format of a simple Meta tag

<title>title of website</title>
<meta name=”description” content=”description of website”>
<meta name=”keywords” content=”1st keyword, 2nd keyword, 3rd keyword, 4th keyword, 5th keyword”>

Is integration of Apache with Tomcat really worth?

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As Apache and Tomcat have high importance in web server hosting industry. There are both good and bad side this integration of Apache with Tomcat and there are different opinion about the same. Following are some points I would like to attach the discussion.

Clustering – When Apache is used as front-end it works as a front door for multiple Tomcat instances. Apache has the ability to ignore if any one of Tomcats fails. For this you need to use a hardware which is load-balanced.

Security – I we compared Apache with Java then we can know that Java has its own security manages and Apache works on bigger mid-share. Though this is a controversial topic but when one prefer to go fo Apache he needs to secure two systems at the same time but which can be appreciated by search engines also.

Clustering / Security – It is possible to use Apache with multiple tomcats for multiple URL name-spaces and in such situations Tomcats can be more protected individually. Though Apache is smarter proxy server one need to take care of it.

Add-Ons – In Apache one can add PHP, CGI and pearl very smoothly and such addition is very effective for Tomcat. Unlike Tomcat, Apache has many modules to be plugged in.

Dcorators – It possible to perform multiple decorators when Apache is in front of Tomcat which does not support of quick code.

Speed – Though it is very hard to compare speed between Apache and Tomcat, when things come to static content, Apache is quicker than Tomcat. But this only applicable in the case of high traffic websites. There are some exceptions where Tomcat wins the race by using connector wisely.

Socket Handling – In many cases Apache it known as better socket handler than the Tomcat. Tomcat handles the sockets through JVM which require to go through platform, hence makes Tomcat slower.

Relation between Web Hosting and SEO.

October 10th, 2009 Comments off

As most are aware SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization.It is important for getting organic search traffic to the website.Whereas,hosting is all about placing your website on the server owned by either you or by the Web Hosting provider.Here is some information about the relation between web hosting and SEO.


With the changing visitor choices and search methods,search engines have started to monitor almost every information which is related to the domain.This is something more than just the content on your website.

According to the search engine liking, backlinks or link building is considered to be the most essential aspect of SEO.Each backlink added to the list,acts as a bonus point in view of the search engine.Though,link building is not a laymans task.It is important for any website’s success to get backlinks from websites/domains that are hosted on different web host servers and with different IP addresses.The main intention should be,that the entire linkbuilding process must look natural.Incase most of the backlinks to your website comes from the same websites/domains,search engines may either think that you either own that domain/s or you maybe have purchased links from them.Here in both the cases, may create a negative impact in terms of seach engine rankings of your website.Therefore,it is necessary that the backlinks you get to your domain,comes from websites hosted on different servers from various locations that has different IP addresses to increase your authority in the search engines.

A straight forward approach to get online success is to adopt natural ways or pretend to be natural in the view of the search engines.The search engines bots determine the authenticity by validating the volume of backlinks coming from various authoritative websites hosted on different servers of different web hosting providers.

Therefore,if you are looking forward for a successful website, and with that intention,if you are setting up number of domains,it is advised to host it on different web servers offered by different web hosting providers.This move in SEO can help you achieve better results in the search engine result pages.Most of the web hosting service providers offer free dedicated IP addresses with their web hosting packages.You may contact your web hosts for inquiring about IP’s from different servers.Installing your website on such IP’s can prove to be fruitful and can save some extra bucks that you would have to pay to the other hosts for signing up for new web hosting packages.

There are various benefits of having a dedicated IP assigned to your website, one of the benefit from SEO point of view is that you are prevented from falling prey to the common IP assigned to the shared web hosting server that may be blacklisted by the search engines.If you are working on optimizing your website for particular geographic location,IP’s from servers from that region is the most effective way of geo targeting SEO.

Inaddition to this,it is required that you get your website optimized from a third party SEO firm or you may even use the freely available softwares that are already optimized.You may may even use such softwares on your server leased from the web hosting provider.Ofcourse not all web hosting packages offer you the privileges to install third party softwares onto the server. Usually, the web host offer such privileges with the Dedicated Server Hosting and VPS or Virtual Private/Dedicated Server Hosting packages,where you get the root or admin access to the server,with these packages you can install almost every third party softwares (ofcourse you need to check the terms of service of the host).

Overview of RSS

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You might have come across the word RSS many times or RSS Feeds, RSS is the new innovation in the internet technologies, which has made the people to download the Feeds anytime when the feeds are updated.

RSS refers to Real Simple Syndication, which is a format of the files which allows the publisher to get updated content on their website with the minimum effort. Some times RSS is known as Rich site summary. Feed formats are used in many web contents such as headlines , blog posts, audio and video clips. RSS formats came into existence in 1999, but it became popular in 2005. Many of the sites offer this feeds for their content through RSS Format.

Why RSS? rss-feed-icon

I have come across many people, which keeps on searching new fresh content on the web every day. RSS has made this task convenient and easy too. RSS allows you to utilize the information and feed it directly onto your website and blogs. Generally people tend to write articles in hurry and mostly hire a writer for this task. This cost them a lot and is not that effective as well. Just search for the relevant articles from the available online directories and then RSS will allow you to Feed this content directly on to your site.

How to use RSS?

It is easy to use RSS Feeds. You will have to add some lines of code onto your web page and your webpage will be updated automatically. In general you will need a Feed reader or any news aggregator software to collect this RSS Feeds from different URLs and then display them on your website.

You will find this readers in variety of platforms, web based are the ones which are mostly used . Some of them are Bloglines, Google reader and Yahoo readers.

Once you get the Feed Reader, you will have to search the sites that syndicate the content and RSS Feed to the List of Feeds, your reader will keep track of this. You will have to subscribe for this. Subscription is easy just enter the Feeds URL into the Feed Readers. You can go for another option as well, click on the RSS Icon in the browser , it will automatically start the subscription process.

RSS Reader will monitor the users subscribed feeds for the new content. It will download this content and then provide the interface to reads this feeds. Any body in the world would greatly appreciate such kind of service, when you get a large amount of data and that too without even searching for it. It is beneficial for your site and publicity as well, your site will be always updated and more and more traffic will be attracted towards your site searching good and fresh content. Search engine spiders will index your web page and will continuously do so as your site gets updated  with fresh information.This help you a lot in the SEO process, keeping your site and blog fresh and updated is very important when you think of a good SEO Campaign.

Geo Targeting SEO is need for Future SEO.

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There have been some recent changes made to the algorithm of Google.One of the changes is Geo Targeting. Google has started supporting Geo targeting,in this it targets users in a particular geo graphical location.To help users with that,Google has provided Geographic Target tools that helps in determining the way a website would appear in search requests made from a particular geographical location.

Geo Location SEO Geo-targeting can be considered as the most important factor of future SEO.This has been designed to provide more relevant search results depending on the location and the language as well.

There are few major points that needs to be bourn in mind when working on targeting customers from a particular Geographic location.

The first one is the domain name extention such as .com,, etc.Out of these .com is a global domain extension whereas and are country specific ie. India and United Kingdom respectively.If your business ,products or services are designed for a particular country and you wish to have customers from a particular geo-location it is important to have a domain with an extension of that country.

Secondly ,you need to choose a Web Hosting service provider who offer servers in that country or geographic location inorder to host your website.Equally, it is necessary to have an IP address assigned to your website from your targeted region.

Thirdly, it is important to carry out a research of keywords that are most commonly used by users from a particular region. You must use the same/similar keywords and phrases in your web pages inorder to get displayed in the search results.

Most of the users are unaware that rankings of a website differs in SERP’s from country to country. Every individual wishes to get their website ranked in the first position, inorder to do so some Geo Targeting SEO techniques needs to be implemented.As quoted above,one must use country specific domain names.

Web Hosting provider plays an indirect but vital role in your websites rankings.For Example: If you offer products or services to users in India and your website is hosted on the servers placed in US or any other country, you are bound to get much less appropriate customers as your website would start appearing in the search results of that particular country.

Targeted Search It proves helpful if you place the business address in the footer of the Web page, this helps Google bots to determine your website Location.

In your effort of Geo targeting SEO, it is necessary to have inbound links from country specific websites.The more the number of inbound links from your targeted geo location, the better are the chances of better rankings in the SERP of the geo location search results. To make things clear here is an example: If your website is targeting customers from India,then the more number of external links coming to your website from Indian web sites,the better are the chances of your website being listed in the search results of

Another major factor of SEO is the content.It is necessary to have rich content in the webpages.It helps in getting organic traffic to a website, the more the number of organic traffic,the better is the chance of conversion.

Please refer the following for other aspects of Targeted SEO:

Boost Your Revenue with Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Link Building : One of the Most Important factor of SEO.

Keyword Strategy for an Effective SEO Plan.

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The ultimate goal of the Search Engine Optimization is Getting a good Page Rank(PR) and driving a large amount of traffic to the site. The key to drive the traffic is Keywords. You should be able to track the proper keywords that the user might use to reach your site. This is a great skill to use and optimize proper keywords. One should research for the keywords that are used by the people and try to implement those. While selecting Keywords the SEO engineer should take care of the following:

Competitors Keyword : When you are in a market where you know there is a big competition and you have to be in the Race with others, you should know what keywords other competitors are using. If the keywords used are very common and you are getting a large amount of search result on the SERP page for that, try to use a similar or a combination of such keywords.

Less Competitive keywords: When you start optimizing  your site, start using less competitive keywords first. As you start getting some results and your business is also spreading arms, you should move to the difficult keywords. This is a good practice to start with.

Localize Keywords : At the very start of the business, it is oblivious you look for the local market first, same thing in the keywords. Try to Localize the keywords on your site. A good research on what type keywords are used by the local market for the specific search. Here the competition will be less than the global market. Even though your intentions are to rock international business, you should be stable with your Local clients and for that you need to optimize your site for the Local market, Slowly and gradually you can move for the larger market.

Seasonal keywords: There are many such occasions when people come online and use such kind of keywords, Christmas is one such occasion. During Christmas people look to buy Online gifts and moreover in this happy mood shop many other things they are not even looking for. You should try to reach such market by optimizing the site for such instances as well. When deciding such keywords, again a good market study, you should think like a customer and try to search for it in the Search engine and decide which keyword will do better. keywords

Evaluate Keyword : When you optimize a site for some keywords, you should track its performance and then try to evaluate the whole report for it. Time to time performance for the keywords should be tracked and accordingly SEO pans should be changed.

We can take example of the Web Hosting Company, here the most competitive keywords are Web hosting , web server. For local market you can use the keywords such as Best hosting India, Web  Hosting India, Hosting India. For seasonal offers the keywords such as Diwali offer are used hosting packages. You can figure it out many of such keyword, only a little good observation and a good strategy is needed.

Some Tips to increase Traffic.

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When it comes to increasing the traffic to the sites and converting them to the Clients, people have multiple views. You may have the best product around, or the site-traffic best features to your site, what costs is how do you make people aware about this. Although you have all this(good product) but you don’t go for the right strategy to reach out clients your efforts for the product are wasted. Many of the users are shocked when you get to know the marketing people putting effort in time ,money and even though didn’t find anything healthy.

Marketing should be carried on a good research and strategy. Some of the steps for good marketing are given below:

Social Book Marking: Marketers savvy are already aware of this. Social book marking for the site and the blogs has a great potential to drive traffic. People who are using this technique will be benefited in the present as well as in the coming future. Social it self contains building your contacts and relations. You should be able to build a good network with your niche and maintain it as well. If you don’t know how to use it, learn it start building it now itself. Try to be expert in this, which will surely help you. Create your profile on the most used Social sites such as Squidoo and face book. Create your niche group and interact with them. Google crawl this pages and rank them as well.

Social sites such as Digg, Faves, Twitter, IndianPad, Spurl, Blinklist etc allows you to share your content with your group. Try to keep yourself updated on this sites and you will be benefited for sure.

Search engine Marketing: Pulling out traffic from the search engines should also be done in an organized way.We can do it in two ways:

By optimizing for the specific keywords and then appearing in the Search Result page (SERP). This is also a good practice. The keywords chosen should be relevant to the product and researched well for getting good results. May be Google Adwords can help you out in this.

Another way of getting on the result page is trafficking PPC campaigns, it will make you appear in the Sponsored result page and will gain you a great traffic. When you get indexed , traffic will jsu flow your way.

Online Advertising : This is one of the best way to get visualize and track peoples attention. You should be very clear about your though about your products when you go for Advertising on web. You will have to spend on purchasing Banner Ads, Text Ads, and target on the niche sites. Targeting is the important part of this. Your Ads should be Targeted to the specific site only. This is very transparent procedure, when you go for this Advertising you can monitor the traffic that is coming your way and see your performance simultaneously. Ads can upgrade your site performance and increase your traffic at sudden.

While planning a marketing strategy One should be very clear with its Goal and the tactics. The tactic which provides good results should be chosen and then acted accordingly. Some of the tactic take time to show there results. Above given tactic are proven to be effective in the specified goal, hence you can directly follow this.

In addition to all this steps carried out, you should be careful of the hosting provider you are dealing with.You should be careful while choosing the Web Hosting service provider. It can lead to be a good base for your efforts.