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An Overview Of Meta Tag and It’s Use.

July 28th, 2011 Comments off

After competing the process of domain registration and making your website live on the Internet, search engine crawlers visits it frequently. The main purpose behind these frequent visits is to collect the information of your website and classify it for indexing in the search result pages. Crawlers collects all the data about all the webpages of a website and send to the database and later on it is forwarded to the search engines for indexation. These crawlers use a specific technique to collect the data about webpages. Meta tags of any webpage is an important element of any web page as a proper Meta tag can play a crucial role in getting high rankings in the search results. Meta tag not viewable by the human visitors and only made for search engine crawlers. The information related to Meta tag is placed in the ‘<head>’ area of the HTML code of the webpage. Though Meta tag is a very simple thing to create by one should also take care of not making overuse of it by inserting lots of keywords within it, this may affect inversely as it is treated as spamming according to search engine policies.

Following is the typical format of a simple Meta tag

<title>title of website</title>
<meta name=”description” content=”description of website”>
<meta name=”keywords” content=”1st keyword, 2nd keyword, 3rd keyword, 4th keyword, 5th keyword”>

Some Tips to increase Traffic.

September 2nd, 2009 Comments off

When it comes to increasing the traffic to the sites and converting them to the Clients, people have multiple views. You may have the best product around, or the site-traffic best features to your site, what costs is how do you make people aware about this. Although you have all this(good product) but you don’t go for the right strategy to reach out clients your efforts for the product are wasted. Many of the users are shocked when you get to know the marketing people putting effort in time ,money and even though didn’t find anything healthy.

Marketing should be carried on a good research and strategy. Some of the steps for good marketing are given below:

Social Book Marking: Marketers savvy are already aware of this. Social book marking for the site and the blogs has a great potential to drive traffic. People who are using this technique will be benefited in the present as well as in the coming future. Social it self contains building your contacts and relations. You should be able to build a good network with your niche and maintain it as well. If you don’t know how to use it, learn it start building it now itself. Try to be expert in this, which will surely help you. Create your profile on the most used Social sites such as Squidoo and face book. Create your niche group and interact with them. Google crawl this pages and rank them as well.

Social sites such as Digg, Faves, Twitter, IndianPad, Spurl, Blinklist etc allows you to share your content with your group. Try to keep yourself updated on this sites and you will be benefited for sure.

Search engine Marketing: Pulling out traffic from the search engines should also be done in an organized way.We can do it in two ways:

By optimizing for the specific keywords and then appearing in the Search Result page (SERP). This is also a good practice. The keywords chosen should be relevant to the product and researched well for getting good results. May be Google Adwords can help you out in this.

Another way of getting on the result page is trafficking PPC campaigns, it will make you appear in the Sponsored result page and will gain you a great traffic. When you get indexed , traffic will jsu flow your way.

Online Advertising : This is one of the best way to get visualize and track peoples attention. You should be very clear about your though about your products when you go for Advertising on web. You will have to spend on purchasing Banner Ads, Text Ads, and target on the niche sites. Targeting is the important part of this. Your Ads should be Targeted to the specific site only. This is very transparent procedure, when you go for this Advertising you can monitor the traffic that is coming your way and see your performance simultaneously. Ads can upgrade your site performance and increase your traffic at sudden.

While planning a marketing strategy One should be very clear with its Goal and the tactics. The tactic which provides good results should be chosen and then acted accordingly. Some of the tactic take time to show there results. Above given tactic are proven to be effective in the specified goal, hence you can directly follow this.

In addition to all this steps carried out, you should be careful of the hosting provider you are dealing with.You should be careful while choosing the Web Hosting service provider. It can lead to be a good base for your efforts.

SEO Copywriting.

August 28th, 2009 Comments off

Search Engine Optimization Copywriting is a skill full work which is textual composition for web page marketing that emphasizes manipulation of the page’s wording to place it in the first results of search result. It produces readable and persuasive content. seo-copywriting

We all know the basic of the SEO, There is a need to copy write the text is written for our web page. SEO Copywriting prepares the text that appears of the website. This is a skill, the text is written in such a manner that the content which is published on the website can be searched easily and also the relevant ones. The content that is written for the web page should be keyword rich. SEO Copywriting is responsible to optimize all the aspects on the web page.

Genuine content on the website is goal for many web site owners, SEO copywriting is the best option for this. SEO copywriting has a great impact on the search engine page ranking. It is a good practice to atleast place 250 words on the website with some unique and good keywords distributed on the page.

Many times it is the case that a particular site does well in one search engine and doesn’t in other, in this particular area Copywriting helps it out. All companies do want there customer to stick to there brand, for this you need a perfect site that builds your brand.

SEO Copywriting is all about an attempt to write the content as unique as it can for the webpage. Which distinguishes it from other sites in the Search results. This content should be knowledgeable, keyword rich and unique. The keyword density is one factor when you think of the content. It should be maintained, the placement of the keywords and the links to the page is considered.

The ultimate goal of the SEO copywriting is to get the Page rank better for the site in the Search. Most of take this as  a secondary goal, firstly it is meant for publishing a effective well written page. Better page rank is a bi product of it. The content on the webpage should be proved to be useful for readers.

SEO Copywriters are different that the SEO Experts, they often work together. It is always better to hire a SEO Copywriter. One thing should be always kept in mind the company’s growth and business is dependent on the website. This website is an intermediate between the potential customers and the business. keeping the website perfect will help the business grow its heights.  This all can be achieved by Good SEO Copywriting and SEO Campaigning.

Planned Directory submissions: Effective Offpage SEO Technique.

August 27th, 2009 Comments off

Successful SEO Campaign does include the Directory submissions tasks, it is an effective Offpage SEO Technique . Directory submission is a method in which you submit your URL to  internet web directories. One of the  effective way of getting your site popular is Directory submissions, it brings one way links to your sites, it is the best way of link popularity building.

While doing Directory submission when you click on the submit field, A form appears which contains some mandatory fields.

Title : This field is also important that will describe your website and your product and will make people to click on it. It is short title, please make sure that you enter a relevant title to your URL submitted and vice versa. Title should not seem to be like an advertisement.

It is advised that your anchor text and Title should vary with the directories, try to avoid spamming issues. It should be understood that if you have several inbound with the same title, it may considered as a spam. It is better to have deferent Titles. Use keyword to in the title such that it suits it and is helpful too. If your are confused every time to get a good title with the keyword, you can use the tools available such as Google adwords, it will be really help you at ease, and will give some idea about your anchor text.

URL: This URL is your website URL, please make sure you enter the perfect value over here, one mistake and the submission is of no use. If your website contains values like comma, or space the value will not be . Most of the directories accept only Home page URLs, and come do offer deeper links.

Description: Now this is where you should concentrate, this is the whole summary of your site and product. It should be brief enough to get complete idea about your site. Try to prepare a creative and interesting description which will attract the reader to your site and keep interest. Don’t stuff more keywords in the description in the description,. Use keywords randomly.

Category : This is also the important field in the directory submission, people generally in hurry select inappropriate category and which makes the submission of no use. You should try to enter the  link in the appropriate directory. This give you a relevant inbound link and that is what you need. You get to the right reader through this. Many time submitting in the wrong directory may harm you. Not all directory have the same way of the classification, be sure of the categories.

Email Address : This has become the important credential as far as submissions is concerned. Try and keep a separate email id for this, so that you can keep track of the submissions and also avoid spamming to your genuine official email id. All mot all directories need a verification for the listing.

You should take care of some things while submitting a site to the directories. directory

1 Submit the Sites to the directories having good PR.
2. Selected directory should be updates regularly.
3 Web directory should be static web directory.
4. It has to be categorized properly.

It is obvious that you think of doing submissions to get the web site indexed in the Google. When the website is newly launched, it is not indexed in the search engines, you require some immediate back links for a better visibility.

So it is better to plan your submissions. You should go for 1000 directories at first and then regular directory submissions on monthly basis. i.e. 200 to 400 directory submissions per month. This is the best way to plan your submissions. You get a better result and that without spam.

For every work you do in the SEO campaign you need to be patient, results for this show some what slowly but they surely come up. If you find it difficult to perform this task, you should go for a dedicated SEO Expert.

While selecting a directory , see that the directory is a quality directory. Although this service is free of cost, you have to pay time for it. Time is the best input to this.  A good Directory submission campaign provides your website with all that you need.

Tips To Increase Traffic : Forum Posts

August 26th, 2009 Comments off

Among most of the other ways of increasing traffic to website/s, forum posts or articles are a great way to increase traffic.It basically depends on the forums that you are using,the traffic varies accordingly.Forums can be a great way to fetch high traffic, also if you are successful in Always Green Signal To Traffic increasing the trust of others on the forums,you can bring high volume of organic traffic to your website/s.

Ofcourse gaining an authoritative position in forums takes sometime.Your replies and responses to others queries matter a-lot.It also depends on how well you are able to suggest solutions to others problems.Having good knowledge of your niche is of utmost importance to earn a level of trust in the minds of forum mates.

Its important that you have a professional signature in your forum.It should be designed such that people get curious to find an extra information onto your website by clicking the signature link. Inaddition to this, it is equally important that you maintain the atmosphere of the forums. One should posses an attitude of helping others at the same time try to add some humor to the conversation.Everyone likes a decent humor and can add a positive healthy mood to others as well. Bear in mind that you do not hurt the emotions of fellow forum mates while doing so. It is advised that you keep yourself aware of the conversation happening at the forum and make others feel your presence. This can add majorly to your reputation and the way others perceive your words.

vBulletin logo As the time passes by, you will start earning a fair amount of traffic by the way you interact with others.

phpbb Logo There are many forums present on the Internet that you can join or you can even start your own forum. For that you will need to order a decent web hosting package and install a CMS (Content Management System) such as vBulletin, PHP BB etc. You may ask the web hosting provider to get any such application installed on the server.

Some forums also allow you to link your blog to their forums, therefore as you might already be working on the Off-page SEO campaign by blog or article marketing, this provision can double your chances of fetching high traffic.

Relation Between Link building and Site popularity.

August 26th, 2009 Comments off

Site optimization is done for improving the quality of the site as well as popularity if the site. When you think of the most effective way of getting Good Page rank, you will end up getting Link building. Offsite optimization is also very important when you think of site popularity. The important task in the offsite optimization is Link building. You can say that link building is the heart of the offsite optimization. It can be achieved by building quality back links to your site. The word Quality does matters.

With the essence of the Link Building you can improve your website popularity with a drastic change.  Search engines crawlers keep on crawling for the new links and index them accordingly. When search engines find more and more links of your websites, your websites will be indexed frequently , which will make it popular in one or the other way. It also helps to improve the page rank of the website. You can bet now why the link building is said to be the most important strategy in SEO.

When you think the working of the Google Search engine, Google analyzes the website on the two main criteria.
1. Relevancy of the website to the keywords used by the users.
2. Number of external links pointing to the website

It is important that your website is indexed properly by the search engines. To improve and increase the number of back links to the website, quality link building is Vital. You should be pretty sure where to submit your site and where to exchange the links. Your external back link should be from quality site, good PR website, relevant sites if possible. This all does matters while rating the PR of the websites. More and more sites link to you, your site gets indexed by the Google and it Google will evaluate the popularity of the website based on the sites linking to you. It is always advised to have few links from the websites having good PR rather than having many back links from the website having less or no PR.

When you think of bringing the traffic you should target your site to proper audience. In short the Link building should be done in an organized and proper manner. People sometimes trust any farm services that don’t provide relevant links, just for increasing the number of back links. This is a bad practice for link building and should be avoided. It can harm you in a negative way. Back links should be though of from the website having the contents relevant to your web site. link-popularity

One of the most effective way of building quality back links is PPC ads. PPC ads has proved its essence in bringing quality back links which help your web site a lot. Social bookmarking is though as the trusted service to get back links and used widely. When you form your network with this social site, you should be choosy about the type of the websites. You should be in the network with the people and website in your niche. That will help you in getting relevant links.

If you have a opinion that getting back links is just posting your links to various forums, blog comments and website, there is time to change your opinion. Link building is not as easy as it is though of. If you find it difficult or tedious, it is always better to hire a dedicated SEO Expert in this case

Content Writing: A Skill.

August 25th, 2009 Comments off

Writing is skill, many people are used to it and many try to cope with it. Writing articles is also a very skillful work. People are unaware of how to write an article for the web, and where to begin with. Every writer want to write a good article and want to be famous worth their Article. Some valuable tips for writing an article will always be helpful articles-writing

The best tool for expressing anything is Writing it down and then making people aware of it by publishing it. People can share ideas, knowledge , what ? and what not ? by this skill. Web is now full of articles as many good writers has made this field heaven for the good writers. However there are many things that should be taken care of while writing an article.

First and the most important the topic of the article should be explained in brief. Topic should be presented in more concise manner. Which makes the readers to stick to the article and attended in the article. One of the important point in the article is that your article should provide some or the other Information in it. Good Information is the key to the good article.

Information in a good chunks and Links :  The information in the articles should be divided in proper format such that reader is able to digest it.  The best way is to link the parts of the information with links. The link should be relevant to the topic. If your articles contains some query, you should be sure that all the significant points are covered to answer the query. One thing should be understood that if the article contains Spam content readers are not at all interested in it. The article should be meaningful in short.

Paragraphs : The paragraphs should be introduced when needed. Don’t write an essay about the topic. You should always take a break when you think you are about to start a new subtopic. The paragraph should always start with the introduction in general. This helps the readers at a large extent in understanding the article and your views too. You are feeding the information slowly in the minds of the readers.  Try to implement one Idea per paragraph.

Paragraph concluding :  You should be a good wrapper as well. When you think of ending paragraph your focus should be on concluding the paragraph. It helps to building a good relation between the author and the reader as the author keeps track of the reader on every way. Reader sometimes can forget what he has read the whole paragraph, listing some important conclusion can help a lot.

content-writing Please keep in mind that good Information is the key to the success of the authors article, however there should be a good way of presenting it. Don’t stuff the information in the article. You can use some of the tips above and try to write as relevant as you can for the topic.  Your article should be like pyramid. shorter at the top and then exploring the topic slowly. Words used should be simpler that could be easily understood by the normal readers. Highlight the important words and points adds the article a good view and is also very helpful.

Is there a need to hire a dedicated SEO Expert.

August 20th, 2009 Comments off

As the number of the websites are increasing day by day, the awareness of the SEO has grown. People SEO their website in-house. A normal user is not aware of the number of SEO techniques and dint have the proficiency to SEO a website. He can just follow just simple steps and leave the rest on the Search engines.  When you think of doing SEO your basic need is to increase the SERP ranking. In this process it targets and attracts the qualified visitors to the website.

So doing all this in an organized way and to gain the result as expected, a professional SEO is the best option. SEO expert will follow a properly planned strategy which would be then used to implement various other steps required, which will in turn help you in better ranking. It maximizes the performance in the search engines.

SEO experts can work efficiently and dedicatedly and fulfill all the expectations of the clients. You can customize the requirements.

Can we look at the Advantages of hiring the Dedicated SEO expert.

Guaranteed increase in website traffic
Dedicated to the task of better ranking. img-seoexpert
They generate a brand able report.
They work offshore campaign in an efficient way.

The tasks they perform for your site.

Website Analysis
Keyword traffic analysis
Keyword competition analysis.
Meta Tag Analysis and updating.
Link Building.
Blog Posting
Social Bookmarking for the blogs and the sites.
Forum Posting
Article Writing
Article Submissions
Search engines submission
Manual Directory submission.
Press Releases.
Reports Generation for every task they perform.
Traffic Report
Directory Submission Report
Back links Report.

These tasks although can look simple, however are very tedious job to do. Proper tracking of the keywords using various SEO tools, keyword generations, meta tags and reporting with the same is also  important.

When you think of SEO, over doing anything can also harm your site ranking. You should know what should be done when. Daily checking the results and working accordingly on the site.It includes a proper sink between onsite and off site optimization.

We can conclude that for better,faster and effective results people should go for the SEO expert.

Link Building, An Essential Component of SEO.

August 15th, 2009 Comments off

Inbound Links from quality websites play an important role in the growth of your website/s.The value of a website from search engines point Links of view varies according the number of incoming links from external websites with good PR.Building links is much similar to building relationships.There are various ways to build such relationships. One way to approach website owners is via Professional E-mails.Following an appropriate approach can yield you better results.

Your E-mail too could be considered as SPAM and land up in the recycle bin. Below are few guidelines when approaching someone for a business link sharing relationship.

Subject Line: It is very important to write an Effective Subject line which most describes your intention.Similar to Meta description of any website, a subject line too bears the same importance.Its the first thing that is noticed by readers. It is your first opportunity to create an impact and open doors of interest in the minds of the visitor.It is your only hope to start a healthy conversation.

E-mail Addresses: An appropriate E-mail address is the next important thing when approaching a future business partner.Most commit mistake of inserting the complete message in the address bar of the E-mail.An E-mail address should contain your complete name.This helps you to gain trust of the reader. I would suggest you to try and place yourself in the shoes of the receiver, this might help you to think from a receivers perspective.

Conversation Medium: E-mail is a great way of conversation.You can develop a positive relationship with the one’s with whom you intend to start a new business relationship.You can put it straight and hit the target, usually most of the people keep hitting around the bush,which results into waste of time as the expected partner might discontinue the conversation due to frustration of not knowing your intentions.In the meanwhile your mail should not seem that you are pushing hard on your marketing plan.Always be open to remarks and suggestions.Ask for a feedback at the end of the conversation, this can help you to improve your skills.

Know Your Targeted Audience: It is very important that you know your targeted audience.It is necessary to do some research before you send out an E-mail to people.Understand their business and suggest them how your proposal can yield them benefits.Bear in mind that you respect the time of the reader,hence keep the E-mail short and to the point. It is important that you keep every E-mail unique when sending any proposals to multiple website owners.

Follow Ups: If your E-mail is left unreplied, you must send an E-mail for the purpose of follow up.Also, make sure that you repond to the replies, queries and suggestions asap.

There should be a clear cut description of the reasons why anyone should link to your website/s.Unless they benefit something from offering you a link, people would not take interest in doing so. You may also include the details of other websites that have already linked to your website/s.

Importance of Inbound Links:

Strong Link Building a) Helps in increasing the traffic,

b) It helps your website to be crawled by the search engines and

c) Search Engines specifically Yahoo and Google, consider the volume and quality of sites that link back to your sites. The search engines would see your website to be important due to the number and quality of backlinks.Quality websites would mean, links from websites that has good traffic hence good rankings.

At the end, the only thing that I would like to suggest is that, you cannot always expect a positive response for every proposal you send across. Link building requires patience and hard work.Believe me Link building is one of the most difficult aspect of search engine optimization because it is a difficult and tedious task, but it is also the hardest element to measure.

Choosing a SEO Friendly Domain Name:

August 14th, 2009 Comments off

Over the years as the technology has expanded the wings it has changed the face of the modern Society. Being online for hours or every day has become a necessity. With this innovation Search engines has emerged as a biggest tool to accomplish this need.

When you put up a site you think of a domain name. Choosing a good domain name is what every body wants. If the domain name is SEO friendly it helps you to be on the right track. Search engine ranking gets a boost from the domain names that focus largely on keywords targeting your business goals.
These SEO friendly domain names will help you in holding you attract the customers and also increase the revenue streams for the online enterprise.

For having all the advantages of the SEO friendly domain name you can follow some simple steps.

Domain Name should contain keywords: Keywords decide the future if the website, proper keywords  it decides the whole SEO process to be successful and can help the SEO process to be more faster with a better click through rate. Thus the domain name which contain keywords help in building the strong website-niche relationship. In addition if the Url of the website or the specific page also consists the keywords Google will index it faster.

Choosing a TLD: When you think of the internet business TLS is the best option, .COM is the most lovable and the expensive too. Now as you know it is the best  TLD you should try to have it, One of the reason is that people tend to remember  .com sites better.

Inbound Links: SEO campaigning involves Inbound links and it is very vital. The keyword rich domain name will help you in building SEO friendly inbound links as many of the users always try to connect with website using domain names. If your site does not contain SEO friendly inbound links then in the search engines get influenced that the Website does not contain relevant content.  You should be very choosy about the inbound links, as the poor links will cause a negative influence on the website.

Domain Name should be Easy to remember : Domain name you choose should be easy to remember and also short if possible which helps in a good remembrance and to pull out a good traffic.

Hyphen (-) should be avoided: It is recommended not to use hyphen in the domain names. It increase some complication and users might also sometime forget the hyphen or the position of the hyphen. You shouldn’t take risk in such a business. They can simply browse other site without hyphen and you may loose a customer.

Type In traffic: Some of the users directly type the keyword in the browser url bar and add a .com to it. So we can advise you to have domain name that can be thought of as keyword and it also matches your business and goals.

Choose a good host: Having a good domain name also is related with having a good web host which can provide you with domain name registration. When you think of the best web hosting solution is the best, where you can type in the domain name and check for the availability of the domain names. If the domain name is available you can proceed with the registration.

Once the registration your domain is propagated in some few hours world wide