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Difference Between Video Conference And Web Conference

December 29th, 2011 Comments off

Meetings are one of the most important activities in Business houses, because any important decision related to business can be taken after arranging proper discussion among the important authorities of that particular organization. Now a days many organizations have placed their business houses at different geographical locations to work as branch offices and this is very necessary especially for multinational companies. Regular communication is very important among these branches situated miles away from each other, telephonic communication and communication through Internet services are vastly used for this purpose but old technologies were allowing just two people to communicate at the same time with each other and it was not possible to bring more than two people in such a discussion. Web Conferencing is the technology, introduced to overcome this limited number of people’s ability to participate in a meeting held at a far away location.

Web conference allows multiple persons to interact with each other being situated at any place(with the availability of internet, software and required hardware for conference) in the world. Now a days due to new invention in conference technology people can not only communicate but also can see each other on screen (real-time) while the conference is being carried out, this is called Video Conferencing. Web conferences are more popular among professional business houses for simple oral communication but when you need to represent any images, videos which contain different surveys, numbers and graphs then video conference is most effective to share this kind of data among all attendees. Furthermore looking each other while communication creates a special psychological effect over the people in communication with each other. Video conference also plays an important role in different types of scientific projects where a person need to share his experiments visually among multiple people.

Difference Between Outlook Express and Outlook

August 18th, 2011 Comments off

Outlook and Outlook Express work as email clients and these utilities are provided as pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows Operating System. You can also download and install them manually if you want upgraded version than the version you have with your operating system. Because of these utilities you can create number of accounts for different individuals on the same computer. One of the major reasons of it’s popularity is you can perform the backup of important email on your computer. Many people think that Outlook Express is a advance version of Outlook but it not true as both of these are used for differently and also have different functions of their own. Outlook has capabilities of task and contact-management and handling the emails from Internet and surprisingly these functions are not available with Outlook Express. There are few common things apart from the name Outlook, can be found with these two like displaying HTML messages and handling S/MIME(Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) and managing the Internet email accounts. If examined carefully one would come to know the Outlook comes with more number of applications compared to Outlook Express. Scheduling of meetings and notification can be done more efficiently with Outlook, the mails can be sent automatically to the desired people on a desired time. Synchronization is another factor which is taken care by Outlook in better manner than the Outlook Express and this makes things easy for the people who prefer to use Outlook on portable devices.

There are few rare functions like ‘Access to NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol) newsgroups’ are available with Outlook express and not with Outlook. Its recommended for home based users to use Outlook express as a email client but for Business professional Outlooks serves in better manner.

Note :- Windows Mail has been upgraded to Windows Live Mail, which contains even more enhancements, such as the ability to automatically configure itself to work with many popular e?mail services. To download Windows Live Mail, go to the Windows Live Mailwebsite.

Most Frequently Used Networking commands in Linux/Unix

July 29th, 2011 Comments off

Linux is the most widely used OS by the web hosting services providers to host the servers of their clients. Operating a Linux based server is not as easy as operating a windows based one. As Linux is a command driven OS one should be very well familiar with the commands required for particular operations. Here I would like to share some most frequently used commands while working on a Linux Hosting Server.

Hostname – This command is used for finding host/domain name and IP address

hostname –d displays the domain name the machine belongs to
hostname –f displays the fully qualified host and domain name
hostname –i displays the IP address for the current machine
ping – This command is used to test network connection. Testing the network connection is necessary to ensure establishment and Timing information as to the speed of the connection.
Ifconfig – This command is used to view the current network adapter configurations and it is also useful to check the transmit (TX) or receive (RX) errors.
netstat – It is very useful to find connection to and from the host, routing tables, interface statistics with the hosts. Furthermore you can use ‘netstat -g’ to find out all the multicast groups (network) subscribed by this host.
nslookup – It is used for tracing the hostname by entering the IP address, you can also find all the IP addresses for a given domain name.
telnet – It connects destination host via telnet protocol, if telnet connection established on any port then you can predict the connectivity between two hosts is working without any problem.
traceroute – It is useful to view the number of hops and response time to get to a remote system or web site is traceroute.
Finger – When you want to view a user’s login name, real name, terminal name and write status, then you can use this command.

Most Frequently Used TCP Ports With Short Description – Part II

July 28th, 2011 Comments off

Here are the remaining list of well-known ports.

Port No. Description
103 X.400 Standard
108 SNA Gateway Access Server
109 POP2
110 POP3
115 Simple File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
118 SQL Services
119 Newsgroup (NNTP)
137 NetBIOS Name Service
139 NetBIOS Datagram Service
143 Interim Mail Access Protocol (IMAP)
150 NetBIOS Session Service
156 SQL Server
161 SNMP
179 Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
190 Gateway Access Control Protocol (GACP)
194 Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
197 Directory Location Service (DLS)
389 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
396 Novell Netware over IP
444 Simple Network Paging Protocol (SNPP)
445 Microsoft-DS
458 Apple QuickTime
546 DHCP Client
547 DHCP Server
569 MSN
1080 Socks

Most Frequently Used TCP Ports With Short Description – Part I

July 28th, 2011 Comments off

A port number is communication endpoint with a computer network. TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol is the suite of communications protocols used for connecting web hosting servers and transmitting data over networks on the Internet. IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) has assigned specific numbers to these ports, one can access these ports by entering this assigned number in the address bar. This number should be typed after ‘’ in the address bar of browser. Following is the list of few most frequently used TCP ports. The range of port numbers is very large (0 to 65536) but only few of them are reserved for privileged services and designated as well-known ports which are classified in the range from 0 to 1080.

Port No Description
1 TCP Port Service Multiplexer (TCPMUX)
5 Remote Job Entry (RJE)
18 Message Send Protocol (MSP)
20 FTP — Data
21 FTP — Control
22 SSH Remote Login Protocol
23 Telnet
25 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
37 Time
42 Host Name Server (Nameserv)
43 WhoIs
49 Login Host Protocol (Login)
53 Domain Name System (DNS)
69 Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)
70 Gopher Services
79 Finger

Rest of the well-known ports are given in the next post.

How To Configure Free SMTP Server Provided By Google?

June 23rd, 2011 Comments off

Google is known for providing many freebies and portable SMPT server is one of them. One can use it for sending mails from any network. This is very useful facility specially for those who travel on regular basis and want to remain in touch with particular people through emails. SMPT server provided by ISP’s have certain limitation when the network get changed, so using this free utility is a big advantage for such people. One more major reason for using this utility is if one do not want to use the mail server facility provided by the web hosting provider. Following is the procedure to configure SMPT server account on GMail.

Make sure to have a GMail account before starting the configuration. ( If you don’t have GMail account then you can create it from here Create an Account ) Enter the following details for configuration of the SMPT account.

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server:

Use Authentication: Yes

Use Secure Connection: Yes (this can be TLS or SSL depends on your mail client type)

Username: your GMail account

Password: your GMail password

Port: 465 or 587

How Hackers Do That?

February 17th, 2011 Comments off

Number of cases are rising of hacking a web hosting accounts and websites. Though Hackers loves blogs more than websites as they are easier then the websites for getting hacked. The word hacking describe the unauthorized and unwanted entries in a private network or computer which mostly work as a web server and capturing its most possible controls and functions. The main strength of any hacker is the lack of webmaster’s knowledge about the latest technologies and tools and how they works.

Emails are the mostly used as a hacking attempt starting process. Webmasters receives emails which includes requests of software installation or certain types of plug ins and this all is provided at fully free of cost. According to human tendency of acquiring free things webmasters get attracted quickly towards such emails. These type of free programs are specially constructed with the ability of spying the activities done by you and controlling the networks.

To avoid such attacks a webmaster need to be always aware of the up-gradation of standard softwares installed on his servers. Older versions of security softwares possibly may include few exceptions of errors and bugs which are unable to prevent your website hosting servers from external attacks. Hackers are capable of studying these security systems and using the drawbacks of those ones. Always make sure to do not click on the links of unknown emails which claims suspicious free stuff for free from a fishy site. Though search engines are always blocking such sites but its not an easy task to always track such sites with surety. Never upload any file which you collected from a unknown source and never found anyone else using it ever before, such files comes with an inbuilt scripts which are capable of automatic installation of programs and spread itself throughout the network.

Usage of short and weak passwords as they are easy to remember but it is another big reason for getting a web hosting account getting hacked. As all of us know what are the characteristics of good passwords so never take it easily while using a password.

E-Commerce websites are most likely to be on the target of hackers because they always deals with money transactions. Such websites should be checked by setting up regular maintenance schedule on hourly basis which can be effective to keep hackers away from web hosting accounts and web servers.

Reasons why the VPS Server Hosting should be preferred?

September 4th, 2009 Comments off

There is always a confusion in the web site owners, Which Hosting option to choose? . Though the best Dedicated Server hosting is considered as best, VPS hosting has a number of similar advantageous and it can satisfy the clients needs. vps_2

VPS: Virtual private Server, it a technique where the physical server is partitioned into number of virtual servers. One server acts as several Virtual servers. This Virtual servers are fully provided with dedicated resources to work as a dedicated server itself. Each server can have its own copy of operating system.

VPS hosting solution is best suited for the small businesses and It has several advantages over the right choice of users. It provides full features with lower cost than Dedicated hosting. People generally want to buy a Dedicated server, however the Cost of the Server us too high to cope with, and the requirements of the clients are high. VPS hosting is the Best answer for all this.

VPS is loved by the people due to its ability to work independently even though it is on the same physical server. Each server is loaded with unique resources and it acts as dedicated server to the client. It means that there is no competition for the resources and it can handle high volume of traffic. The main thing this Virtual servers are isolated from each other.

This allows a complete freedom for every VPS owner, Virus attack on the One VPS is not affected on another, as on the Shared server hosting. Shared server hosting is also affected by the number of websites it is hosting and they share the resources, which makes the system slow. The server can anytime go down. Traffic on one shared hosting client can affect other client on the Shared hosting.

After reading all this you might have figured it out that the best hosting solution is the VPS hosting, what ever you consider Price, reliability, security, it offers the best.

The business which are large for the shared hosting and cannot afford Dedicated server hosting can blindly opt for the VPS hosting. VPS hosting solutions has grabbed the market of dedicated hosting in some percent. Many VPS hosting companies offer great service to the clients with 24×7 support.

SSL Explorer: Community Edition

August 3rd, 2009 Comments off

SSL Explorer : SSL Explorer has two editions

SSL Explorer : Community Edition site_logo

SSL Explorer : Enterprise Edition.

Let us see the community edition.

SSL Community edition : It is an Open source SSL VPN product which is developed by 3Sp Ltd. This solution is licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL). Primarily this solution is aimed at the smaller business that requires remote access to the internal networks resources.

Its design is gives it an added advantage. It is designed to install upon a standalone server and it allows to interconnect remotely to an internal network resource such as intranet websites, file sharing, applications such as Fat Client and it also supports other data supports such as regular web browsers. The end user is benefited in the way of use and easy access to the resources they need daily. The resources needed daily can be accesses through the web browser without installing dedicated VPN Client software.

Number of operating systems supports this Explorer;

Microsoft Windows 200, XP, Xp,x64,2003 & Vista

Almost all the main flavors of Linux : Red Hat Enterprise linux, Fedora Core, CentOS,        SUSE Linux, Debian, Gentoo.

Mac OS X v10.4 or later.

Sun Microsystems Solaris 8 and 9.

SSL Explorer is written in java programming language and it contains databases of its own and the web server is used to serve the secure web pages which allows to access the back-end network resources. Shortly if we say it acts as a web based proxy which is an intermediate between external users and it also provides the means to authenticate the users by identifying by the querying a number of user database including Microsoft’s Active Directory.

A special care is taken  for the resources that use the port forwarding to operate successfully. For this type of resources a lightweight Java applet is developed known as SSL-explorer Agent which is downloaded and launched by the client browser.

SSL is beneficial to all the potential users, however there are group of many users which are greatly benefited and kept in mind while designing the browser.

Road warriors – The users who spend lot of time in traveling and need to connect to the office computer from number of different computers.

Technical support staff: In most of the corporations technical support is located at OFF site.

University Students: These students are also roaming and need to connect from the different locations.

Telecommuters: Exclusively these people work from the home and need the dedicated remote facility.

Technologies that is used by the SSL-Explorer:

rPath Linux – provides appliance platform for SSL Explorer virtualized appliance.]

Apache Struts – MVC framework for web development

Jetty 5.0 – Java based web server and servlet container.

HSQLDB-Lightweight java database for storing configures data and internal database.

AJAX Tags– For responsive web interface.

Common tags– used for Virtual file system implementation.

Log4j-Logging component of SL

Rome-RSS feed readers.

JCIFS–  For SMB protocol support for windows networking.

BEA systems jRockit– High performance SSL- Explorer installations.

What is IMAP?

July 27th, 2009 Comments off

IMAP is a shorthand for Internet Message Access Protocol. It is a very popular method of accessing the mails(Electronic) and Bulletin Board from the mail server (may be shared). We can say that it enables the clients to access the mail from remote locations  as if they are local.

Its ability to access mails from more than one computer has very important as the use of emails and that t use of multiple computers has increased.

Goals of IMAP.

Completely compatible with Internet message Standards.

Allow to access the messages from more than computers.

Use of reliable File access protocols.

Support for all the three modes, i.e. Online, Offline and Disconnected.

Supports concurrent Access to shared mailboxes.

Client software can be innocent about the server File store format.

IMAP includes the operations for all creating, deleting and renaming mail boxes, reading new mails, permanent delete, setting and resetting of flag,  parsing(MIME and RFC-2822), etc.

If you think for using its not a bad idea, its free for gmail.


POP3 is other mailing protocol which is also widely used although it is less capable from IMAP.Lets see which are advantages over POP that makes IMAP a better protocol for mailing.

  • Connected and Disconnected modes of operations.
  • Multiple client can simultaneously connect to the same mail box.
  • Acces to the MIME message parts and fetching.
  • Message State information.
  • Multiple Mailboxes on the same server.
  • It allows Server Side searches.
  • It includes built in extension mechanism

Allowing so many of the facilities and features IMAP inherits some additional complexity and overhead. but we can that it is the best protocol used for the purpose it is intended for.