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What Is WAMP And WAMPServer?

January 27th, 2012 Comments off

WAMP is quite a well known term among Website Hosting Services industry. WAMP is acronym for the combination of Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Python/Perl. In this combination the first three are constant ones and for the fourth one it varies among PHP, Python and Perl. There may be a few occasions in which Python and Perl can be used together. The reason behind the popularity of WAMP is because it provides four important elements Operating System, Database Web Server and scripting application which are required for a web hosting server. When all these four elements are used as combined then such a usage is called as ‘Server Stack’. In this (WAMP) server stack you use ‘Microsoft’ Windows as an operating system, ‘Apache’ as a Web Server, MySQL to work as a Database and you can choose one from PHP, Python and Perl to be used as scripting language. WAMP it is totally related with Windows Web Hosting Servers and has nothing to do with Linux Hosting Servers. For Linux Hosting users there is ‘LAMP’ which substitutes ‘WAMP’

To adopt WAMP one needs to download ‘WAMPServer’ which is an open-source Windows web development environment. It comes with a service manager as a tray icon. This enables an easy management of the server and easy installation of multiple releases of Apache, MySQL and PHP as add-ons. With WAMPServer the installation process is automated and you can secure your setting files while making any changes over your web servers. You can experience a great flexibility with ‘WAMPServers’ as enabling and disabling services of WAMPServer is just a matter of clicks.

With a left click on WampServer’s icon, you will be able to:

  • manage your Apache and MySQL services
  • switch online/offline (give access to everyone or only localhost)
  • install and switch Apache, MySQL and PHP releases
  • manage your servers settings
  • access your logs
  • access your settings files
  • create alias

With a right click :

  • change WampServer’s menu language
  • access this page

Why Windows Reseller Hosting Has More Demand Than Linux Reseller Hosting?

April 28th, 2011 Comments off

Reseller Web Hosting is one of the best online business available in India as well as all over the world. If we studied this Reseller Hosting India market deeply then we can come to know that the Windows Reseller Hosting has more demand than the Linux Reseller Hosting. Following are the reasons for it which I would like to share through this post.

Development and Design of a Webpage

Windows Reseller hosting platform supports to ASP (Active Server Pages) which is a Microsoft based application and highly used in website development and design, ASP is widely known for availability of various tools and scripts for use of web development and design. This also make you able to feel the suitability according to your requirements.

RDBMS (Relational Database Management System)

On Windows platform one can take advantage of relational database management system which plays very important role for SQL based server.


When compared with the Linux, Windows comes with better compatibility options, which also helps to deal with most of the devices required for a web hosting. Ever websites running on a Unix system can be hosted on a Windows reseller hosting server.

Unique cPanel

Availability of unique cPanel is one of the most important function available with Windows Reseller Hosting, which makes you able to handle and manage all the accounts hosted on a Reseller Hosting Server. In Linux Reseller Hosting you need to create multiple cPanel account for multiple clients.

As above we saw how Windows Reseller Server can have an edge over the Linux Reseller hosting server but you also need to be prepared to pay the extra amount as Windows OS are not for free of charge.

Alt Codes For Various Symbols – II

January 17th, 2011 Comments off

Here are the remaining shortcuts of the previous post I would like share with all of you.

Alt – 0188 ¼ Alt – 0203 Ë Alt – 0218 Ú Alt – 0233 é Alt – 0248 ø
Alt – 0189 ½ Alt – 0204 Ì Alt – 0219 Û Alt – 0234 ê Alt – 0249 ù
Alt – 0190 ¾ Alt – 0205 Í Alt – 0220 Ü Alt – 0235 ë Alt – 0250 ú
Alt – 0191 ¿ Alt – 0206 Î Alt – 0221 Ý Alt – 0236 ì Alt – 0251 û
Alt – 0192 À Alt – 0207 Ï Alt – 0222 Þ Alt – 0237 í Alt – 0252 ü
Alt – 0193 Á Alt – 0208 Ð Alt – 0223 ß Alt – 0238 î Alt – 0253 ý
Alt – 0194 Â Alt – 0209 Ñ Alt – 0224 à Alt – 0239 ï Alt – 0254 þ
Alt – 0195 Ã Alt – 0210 Ò Alt – 0225 á Alt – 0240 ð Alt – 0255 ÿ
Alt – 0196 Ä Alt – 0211 Ó Alt – 0226 â Alt – 0241 ñ
Alt – 0197 Å Alt – 0212 Ô Alt – 0227 ã Alt – 0242 ò
Alt – 0198 Æ Alt – 0213 Õ Alt – 0228 ä Alt – 0243 ó
Alt – 0199 Ç Alt – 0214 Ö Alt – 0229 å Alt – 0244 ô
Alt – 0200 È Alt – 0215 × Alt – 0230 æ Alt – 0245 õ
Alt – 0201 É Alt – 0216 Ø Alt – 0231 e Alt – 0246 ö
Alt – 0202 Ê Alt – 0217 Ù Alt – 0232 è Alt – 0247 ÷

Alt Codes For Various Symbols – I

January 17th, 2011 Comments off

When you don’t find a particular symbol on your Keyboard keys, What do you do? You need to search it through various options of the application you are using. So avoid this time wastage I would like to share some shortcuts which can be created by combination of certain keys given in the following table.

Alt -0128 € Alt – 0143 ? Alt – 0158 ž Alt – 0173 ­-
Alt – 0129 ? Alt – 0144 ? Alt – 0159 Ÿ Alt – 0174 ®
Alt – 0130 ‚ Alt – 0145 ‘ Alt – 0160 Alt – 0175 ¯
Alt – 0131 ƒ Alt – 0146 ’ Alt – 0161 ¡ Alt – 0176 °
Alt – 0132 „ Alt – 0147 “ Alt – 0162 ¢ Alt – 0177 ±
Alt – 0133 … Alt – 0148 ” Alt – 0163 £ Alt – 0178 ²
Alt – 0134 † Alt – 0149 • Alt – 0164 ¤ Alt – 0179 ³
Alt – 0135 ‡ Alt – 0150 – Alt – 0165 ¥ Alt – 0180 ´
Alt – 0136 ˆ Alt – 0151 — Alt – 0166 ¦ Alt – 0181 µ
Alt – 0137 ‰ Alt – 0152 ˜ Alt – 0167 § Alt – 0182 ¶
Alt – 0138 Š Alt – 0153 ™ Alt – 0168 ¨ Alt – 0183 ·
Alt – 0139 ‹ Alt – 0154 š Alt – 0169 © Alt – 0184 ¸
Alt – 0140 Œ Alt – 0155 › Alt – 0170 ª Alt – 0185 ¹
Alt – 0141 ? Alt – 0156 œ Alt – 0171 « Alt – 0186 º
Alt – 0142 Ž Alt – 0157 ? Alt – 0172 ¬ Alt – 0187 »

Furthermore shortcuts can be found in next post.

Windows 7 Operating System.

August 7th, 2009 Comments off

Microsoft has always kept it updated with new technological evolutions. Microsoft has recently launched the new upcoming version of the  windows_7_graphic operating system from the operating systems series. This operating system is more formally designed for the use of personal computers which includes desktops, laptops, tablet PC’s and mesia center PCs.This operating system is focused on the windows line and it is fully compatible with the hardware and application with which Vista is already compatible.Windows 7 Operating system is mainly concentrated on the features such as Multi-touch support, Windows shell which is redesigned, new task bar, a very new home networking group called HomeGroup. It has kept a special eye on performance parameters. Some features from the Vista are excluded and some are fully new features, whereas some features are offered seperately as the part of free Windows Live essentials Suite.

New features.

Touch and handwriting recognition.
Support for virtual hard disks.
Improved multicore processors.
Improved boot performance.
Added the feature for DirectAccess and Kernel improvements.
Support for heterogeneous graphics cards from different vendors.
New version of Windows Media center.
Improved media features.
It includes XPS pack and windows powershell.
A very new redesigned calculator with added capabilities and modes.
Control panel has also new members including clear type text
tuner,Display color calibration Wizard,gadgets,Recovery,troubleshooting,workspace center etc.

New Themes Added to the operating system are very attractive. Take a look at the image below:


The previous feature Windows security center has been renamed to Windows action center, inculdes security and maintanance of the  computer.

The Task bar is completely redesigned visually and the quicj launch bar has been replaced with the pinning applications to the   taskbar.

Developers would be happy to listen that Windows 7 includes a new API which supports SOAP-based web services, shorten install times, resuced UAC prompts, simplified developement installations. It has a specail support for the video modes, 16 bit sRGB, 24 bit sRGB, 30 bit with extended color gamut sRGB, and 48 bit scRGB. Windows 7 will be able to identify a Solid state Drive uniquely.

Internet Spades, Internet backgammon and internet checkers were removed from VISTA are restored back on Windows 7. Almost all of the existing components will be added with a new version such as Internet Explore, Windows Media Player, Virtual PC etc.

The RDP protocol is alos improved which support real time multimedia applications.

Many of the features from the Vista has been removed. which are Classic Start menu, Windows ultimate Extras, InkBall, Windows  Calender.also, windows photo gallery, windows movie maker and windows Mail are removed. This features are available with the new  package called windows live essentials.

Windows 7 will be availiable in 6 editions, however only three of them will be available for the sale in most of the countries.Some of the editions are concentrated and will be available for corporate, enterprise use.

See the new task bar below


There are many features that are not enlisted above. For the real magic of Windows 7  will be available from October 09. Exploring this operating will be a fun and a great experience. this operating system is already in the news because of its features and a special enhancements.

An Overview of Hosting A Website on Linux Dedicated Server.

August 5th, 2009 Comments off

As most of us must be aware, a Dedicated Server offer better security and reliability than any other web hosting solutions. Now-a-days dedicated servers too can be leased at affordable prices. Previously, only large businesses and enterprises used to host their websites on Linux Dedicated Server Hosting dedicated servers, but with the advancements in the web hosting industry, web hosts can offer servers at fairly cheap prices.

You have the option to opt between two types of servers namely Windows Dedicated Servers and Linux Dedicated Servers. Windows Servers being bit more expensive than Linux Dedicated Servers due to the licensing fees charged by Microsoft. Hence, if you are looking for cheap Dedicated server, a Linux dedicated server can be the best affordable option for you.

A Linux Dedicated Server can be considered to be more efficient and causes lesser technical problems as compared to other servers. The other benefit of Linux Dedicated Server is that it consumes lesser bandwidth than Windows Servers.

Linux Servers are considered to be more secure than Windows Server. For users who wish to have cheaper hosting solutions, there are many Linux hosting packages that can be opted for hosting the websites at cheaper prices. Linux hosting packages can be availed at cheaper prices due to the fact that Linux is an Open source OS and is registered under GNU, therefore there isn’t any cost of licensing that needs to be paid and hence decreases the cost of the hosting packages to be offered to the clients.

LAMP As there are advantages and benefits of having Linux Hosting solutions, there are some disadvantage and demerits too.  If your website requires LAMP technology, in that case Linux Dedicated Server would be the best option for you, but in case the website is designed using ASP.Net and requires MSSQL, then Windows Dedicated Server Hosting would be the best option to choose.

Before you choose a web hosting provider that offers Linux web hosting services, it is important that you get assured that they offer basic features such as firewall, virus protection and a control panel (optional)  along with flexible upgrade options. It is important that you check that the web host offers MYSQL database, sub-domain services, additional FTP creation etc.

There are few other basic features that you must keep in mind when choosing a perfect web host for you. You can refer the following link for the same : Key Aspects to Consider when Choosing a Web Hosting Provider.

You must bear in mind that, if you opt for a Linux Web Hosting server, you cannot avail the benefits of .Net and some of the other Microsoft applications.

An Overview of Windows ASP.Net 3.5 Hosting.

August 4th, 2009 Comments off

Previous versions of ASP.Net too used to offer many good quality useful features, but their 3.5 version includes applications which has added majorly to the popularity of ASP.Net which a platform for development.

ASP Logo The Merge tool of ASP.Net is among the latest features added to the list. This tool has helped Web Hosting service providers to merge the assemblies that were pre-compiled previously. There are many features as stated below that have been added to ASP.Net 3.5.

a) An Integrated AJAX Support.

ASP AJAX Hosting b) An IntelliSense for ASP.Net Ajax and Java.

c) It offers an improved design time experience.

d) ASP.Net 3.5 offers new and advanced Data Controls.

LINQlogo e) LinqData Source Control

f) Offers a Support for LINQ

The inclusion of Integrated AJAX Support into ASP.Net 3.5 hosting offers added advantages: a) The interface has been designed such that its quicker to respond.

b) The all new neutrality of language has been introduced.

c) It assures that the system memory isn’t over-loaded.

d) Un-required web server hits have been decreased.

e) Based on Real time, the Web pages get updated.

f) The delivery time of Web pages have an increased rate.

The other addition to the Web Hosting support is the AJAX Control Toolkit. It makes the use of code sample and a SDK. This is beneficial from a web hosting providers perspective, as it enables them to make a website more appealing visually. An aesthetic appeal can be simply added to the webpages with the use of the tools.

The ASP.Net application services and web services such as Membership, Authentication, Management, Profiles etc. too are supported.

ASP.NET 3.5 Hositng enables web hosts to create websites that enable AJAX for ASP.Net. The user is also gains a privilege to create websites which enable ASMX and WCF using Microsoft AJAX Library.

DataPager and ListView too are included in with the new Data Controls of ASP.Net 3.5. The ListView enables users to Create, Read, Update,Delete functions, also termed as CRUD operations. Users can also page and sort data. Due to the flexible controllability, users have the access to controls such as Datagrid, Gridview, Repeater and similar.

Quick Overview of Web Hosting and its Types.

July 31st, 2009 Comments off

Basically a web hosting company offers a home for your website/s. The web hosting provider offers you a storage space on the server. There you can save your web pages and transfer information electronically, which can be viewed by users on the World Wide Web. Such a Web space is important for any website to be viewed online, this is known as Web Hosting.

The web hosting service provider offer machines that are really powerful and ensure that your website functions smoothly. It is important that your website is hosted on a good quality branded hardware for  uninterrupted functioning. Depending on your budget and website requirements, you can choose an appropriate web hosting package. One of such a package is the Shared Hosting package. In this type of hosting solution, multiple web sites/ accounts are set-up on a single physical server. A Shared Hosting package is the cheapest of all the other types. You share a common physical server with other user accounts. This type of hosting is suitable for personal or small business websites. You do not have much privilege with Shared Hosting.

Web Hosting The other type of hosting solution is the VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server Hosting. It is one of the most preferred types of web hosting. With this you get much privileges than shared hosting. You get root or admin access to the server, which means you can use the server as you wish and can install applications and software of your choice. On top of that, you get to experience a Dedicated like environment. Plus VPS hosting package are fairly cheaper and can be afforded by most users. It offers greater level of security and privileges.

Lastly, the Dedicated Server Hosting solution is one of the highly preferred and most secure type of Hosting solution. A dedicated server hosting solution is usually preferred by owner of large businesses and those who have large websites. You are the sole owner of the server, and have the privilege to use the server as per your needs. Yours is the only account on the server and no one else can host a website on it until you intend to do so. You can even create reseller accounts or VPS accounts and resell it to your customers.

You get two platforms for Web Hosting purpose viz. Linux and Microsoft Windows.

With the different types of hosting services, choosing an appropriate web hosting service provider is equally important. You must follow certain guidelines to choose an ideal web hosting provider.

You can refer : Key Aspects to Consider when Choosing a Web Hosting Provider.

Dedicated Server Hosting Perfect For Maximum Uptime And Web Security.

July 29th, 2009 Comments off

Any Linux Dedicated Server Hosting or Windows Dedicated Server Hosting you choose, you are assured to get maximum uptime and high level of security. A dedicated server hosting plan can be the most appropriate web hosting option to gain success in your online business. But, as a matter of fact, it may be more expensive than the rest of the hosting solutions. But, you would get much greater advantages and  server resources to use than any other hosting solutions. There are two web hosting options available in the category of Dedicated Server Hosting ie. Linux Dedicated Server Hosting can be by the one’s who wish to use the technologies other than Microsoft, whereas if you wish to use Microsoft technology, a Windows Dedicated Server can be available at affordable prices.

Dedicated Server

In this category of Dedicated Server Hosting, you would find two more sub-options viz. Managed Dedicated Server and Unmanaged Dedicated Server. Once you decide to opt for a Dedicated Server it is important for you to choose one of the sub-options as stated above. Most of the Web Hosting providers offer Managed Web Hosting solutions which means that the web host is responsible for the upgrading the security patches, back-ups etc. But, if you are a Web master or have an experience on server management you can choose to have an Unmanaged Dedicated Server. A Managed Web Hosting service provider is the widely preferred by users. Most of the reputed and well established Web Hosting providers offer customized Dedicated Servers, this helps you to get the configuration as per your requirements and get a good value for money. If you face a problem with your Managed Dedicated Server, the web host would take care of the issue. Most of the time, issue is resolved within an hour unless there is a major flaw or hardware failure. But there are technologies available that can cope up with this problem too and such failures does not affect the performance of your website.

There are incomparable benefits of having your website/s hosted on a Dedicated Server. The biggest benefit is that you have the privilege to use the server as you want. You can install, uninstall, deploy etc. software`s and applications of your choice. The only account on the server would be yours. That means the server resources are not shared between any other user/s. With this type of Web Hosting, you get maximum amount of reliability. You are free to use all the resources allocated to the server.
Security, which is a major concern these days can be easily achieved with a Dedicated Server. It is necessary to know the server restrictions when choosing  an application to  install, which you can know from the Web Hosting provider.

Security: Security is one of the major factors that is being taken very seriously these days due to the ever increasing online threat. People usually upgrade from a Shared Hosting or VPS Hosting to a Dedicated Server for this purpose. The reason being , there are multiple hosting accounts created on a single physical server when you choose a VPS or a Shared Hosting solution. This increases the risk of threats and intrusions. But, with the dedicated server you need to worry about such issues as yours is the only account hosted on the server, plus you are free to deploy additional security measures.

Reliability: This is the most important factor that is considered when choosing a server. Hence, people prefer to opt for a Dedicated Sever as Shared and VPS hosting solutions cannot meet the level of reliability offered by this server. The better the configuration the better is the reliability obtained.

Freedom: With a Dedicated Sever you have the freedom to install almost any application and software required for your mission critical online business. You cannot find such option available with any other type of hosting. Ofcourse, you must check for whats not allowed on the Dedicated Sever offered by Web Hosting providers. This is another reason why people upgrade to a dedicated server.

With the benefits, there are also some disadvantages of having your site hosted on a Dedicated Server. The biggest reason why most people are bit reluctant to use this is the cost. Dedicated servers are costly in comparison to the other hosting solutions. But, if used correctly, it can be the only server options that can give you the best value for money. Server management can be a tough job people who choose an Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting plans. It’s a 24×7 task and require dedicated and technically sound people to carry out the crucial tasks.

A Dedicated Server Hosting can offer you a Good Value for Money. It can add to the success of your online business.

What are error codes?

July 28th, 2009 Comments off

Different error codes relates to different family of error and it is has some meaning related with it. These are also called as HTTP Status code. Usually you get a error while connecting with the server. The error code is displayed instead of the whole description. These error codes tells the user about the status of the server and the what type of error has encountered.

Given below is the main family of this error codes with its description. Each family of the codes contains the actual codes that are displayed while interacting with the server.

Family 1xx : Informational.

This means that the Request Received, Continuing process. This family indicates a provisional response, which consists of the status line and the headers. It is terminated by the empty line. HTTP/1.0 does not define any of the codes for this category (1xx status codes), servers also must not send the 1xx response to an HTTP/1.0 client. There are some exceptions where this codes are utilized (usually under experimental conditions)

Family 2xx : Success

It means The Action was successfully Received, understand and accepted. The status codes from this family indicates that the client’s request was received, understood, accepted successfully.

Family 3xx : Redirection

Further action must be taken in order to complete the request. Some times the user agent has to take some actions in order to complete the request. This acti0on can be carried out without the interaction of the user iff the method used in the second request is GET or HEAD. The user agent should never automatically redirect a request more than 5 times. Mostly this type of redirections indicate an infinite loop.

Given below is the example of the error code for family 4xx. Error 404 Page not Found. Although the error code for this type of error remains the same you can configure your personalized error message for the codes.


Family 4xx: The request contains bad syntax or cannot be fulfilled. This type of codes means that the client seems to be errored there are some exceptions when responding to a HEAD request, the server explains the error by keeping the entity in the response. These status codes are applicable to any request method.

Family 5xx: Server Error

The server Failed to fulfill an apparently valid request. All the response status codes beginning with the digit “5” indicates that the server knows the error or it can’t fulfill the request. Here also if the server is responding to the HEAD request it should include an entity explaining the error.