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Using Web Hosting Billing Software with a Reseller Hosting Account

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Starting your own web hosting business is one way in which you can make money online, but to do so takes dedication to making your business work as well as time and effort to achieve this. offers a range of reseller web hosting plans that offer those wanting to start their own businesses with the perfect opportunity to get their hosting efforts off the ground; although not offering a dedicated hosting environment, reseller plans offer a more confined environment which will be more than suitable when getting use to the new software and system architectures.

Your reseller web hosting plan from will be hosted in our brand new data center located in Nashik, India. Unlike the data centers of our competitors, we maintain a 24×7 on-site staff presence so that our technical staff not only monitor our network and servers directly from the control room around the clock, but they are in a position that will allow them to identify and sort issues at any time of day before they are able to cause noticeable impact on the performance or operations of websites.

By offering a range of Windows reseller plans and Linux reseller plans, can put you in a position where you can offer your own web hosting clients hosting on both platforms. Although you may not be able to appreciate it at the moment, there are benefits to be had for any web hosting business by offering hosting on Windows and Linux because there will be customers seeking hosting on both platforms; if you offer hosting on one but not the other then you could potentially put yourself in a position where you are losing customers (and additional revenue).

If a reseller hosting plan from isn’t able to satisfy your demand for resources and uptime, offers fully managed VPS servers and dedicated servers that can also serve this purpose, just to a greater extent and with additional benefits.

Web Hosting Billing Software

Web hosting billing applications are designed to simplify the processes that web hosting companies and resellers carry out daily to maintain their business and to provide customers with a stable and consistent hosting experience. Running a business of any sort involves daily processes to make sure that your financial records are kept up to date and in the case of web hosting, that your new customers receive their orders almost immediately after having their payment processed. A high quality web hosting billing application will integrate with many of the applications and services that form the basis of your business; this can include server control panels, fraud prevention systems and finance management applications.

A majority of web hosting billing applications are built with support for the following components of a hosting company:

  • Control panel support ensures that customers ordering shared web hosting products have their accounts setup for them once they have completed the checkout process; if looking to use a web hosting billing application with your reseller account, choose an application that has support for the cPanel and Plesk control panels
  • Managing finances is important for any business and so any good web hosting billing application will be able to provide you with figures related to the sales of your business so that the process of putting together final accounts for your business can be simplified
  • Keeping tabs on the clients of your business is also necessary so that you can offer them a personalized service; all web hosting billing systems act as client management applications and will keep a record of clients’ contact details and the services that they have purchased from you.

Support is a core concern for many web hosting business because it is important for customers to receive replies to their queries and issues in a timely manner. Although there are other support ticket management applications available, choosing a web hosting billing system that offers built-in support management will allow you to streamline your support methods as you will be able to access everything about a client from a single interface, therefore reducing the amount of time that it will take you to diagnose an issue and respond to the ticket.

Dedicated Server Hosting

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If you are looking for the best web hosting service available then the chances are that you are considering dedicated server hosting for your requirements as dedicated server hosting generally gives you a lot more than any lower end form of web hosting will ever be able to. Although dedicated servers are expensive, the benefits that you will receive in terms of reliability and security make dedicated server hosting good value for money in most scenarios. During the order process you will be able to select the operating system that you wish to have installed on your server, allowing you to create a custom dedicated hosting environment; any good web hosting provider will be able to offer you the choice between Windows and Linux, normally providing a variety of versions of each operating system. Dedicated servers can provide you with a good level of isolation meaning that you won’t have to share any of your resources with any other users; even with VPS server hosting you are sharing the hosting node with other servers meaning that you will never be able to make full use of the processor, meaning that dedicated server hosting is your best choice for CPU intensive tasks.

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Linux Web Hosting

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Linux Web Hosting

Linux web hosting services are usually the cheapest web hosting packages available from most web hosting providers and can offer a large proportion of users the features that they require from a web hosting package. Linux web hosting services are popular with users who have static HTML websites but a Linux web hosting package will also be able to host dynamic websites that have been developed using open source technologies such as PHP and MySQL. If you are looking for cheap web hosting then a Linux web hosting service is going to be the way for you to go since a basic Linux shared web hosting package will be able to provide you with a wealth of features at an acceptable cost; it is also a good idea to consider that any reputable web hosting provider will allow you to modify the specifications of your Linux web hosting service so that you can create a web hosting package that is more ideal for you. Linux VPS servers and Linux dedicated servers are available in large numbers for those who feel that a Linux shared web hosting package won’t be capable of meeting their requirements perfectly; however, a dedicated web hosting service is going to cost more and you will need to take on more responsibility in terms of the management of your server. Most web hosting providers will also allow you control panel access so that you can manage your Linux shared hosting account, the most popular control panel being cPanel; cPanel web hosting services are generally very reliable and the control panel itself is able to add an extra later of security to the hosting server. The architecture of the Linux operating system means that Linux web hosting can offer you a highly reliable web hosting experience that will guarantee you high levels of uptime; for businesses this can be highly beneficial as it means that they are able to get on with the tasks that are more important to them without having to worry about the uptime of their website.

Security is another important factor that can be offered by Linux web hosting as there are many different applications and components available for use on Linux servers that can be used to create a highly secure web hosting environment; if your website is going to be handling the personal information of your visitors to any extent then it is important for you to be using a secure web hosting environment as you will be the one who is held responsible if any of the data is leaked or stolen.

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Low Cost Dedicated Servers in India for eCommerce.

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If you have a website that is involved in eCommerce,a website makes an important aspect of your business.An eCommerce website requires maximum level of security.In addition to that,it is useful to have the complete access to the server on which your website is hosted.There are various web hosting solutions offered by web hosting providers but very few offer Low Cost Dedicated Servers that are reliable enough.

For some Dedicated Server hosting is not so well known concept.Usually most users when wish to start an online venture,the host sets up the account on a Shared Server.Such servers does not offer the maximum level of security and access to the server.In this type of web hosting,the server resources are shared between various users hosted on the same server.Such servers face greater security threats.Hence when you intend to start an eCommerce website,it is recommended to host your website on a Dedicated Server.With a dedicated server you get higher security and access to the server.You have the complete rights for making any changes to the server.The server is not shared with any other user,that means there is much lesser threats to your website.

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting India

There are several advantages of hosting your website/s on a Dedicated Server.Below are some  major points of having your website hosted on a Dedicated Server.

a) Server Security: A Dedicated Server adds majorly to the security of your website and your website data.Since yours is the only account set up on the server, unlike shared servers, the chances of mistakes made by webmasters gets majorly reduced.

b) Storage: A Dedicated Server is entirely leased by a single customer,therefore there is huge storage space for your eCommerce website,web pages,images and videos.Some Web Hosting service providers offer customization of dedicated server,hence you may ask for additional hard disk drive on your server just in case you run out of storage space.

c) Data Transfer: With a dedicated server you get more bandwidth for data transfer.The websites hosted on a dedicated server responds quicker than the ones hosted on other hosting types.So no matter how much traffic your website incur,the website would still get loaded faster and without any hassle.

d) Web Hosting Control Panel: When you have your own server, you have more opportunities to control its tasks and utilities.With a control panel,the server management becomes fairly simple.You can create,delete,modify etc accounts using the control panel.Different control panels are offered by different web hosts to manage Linux Web Servers as well as Windows Dedicated Servers.

Its not that Dedicated Server has advantages only, there are few disadvantages as well.The only disadvantageous factor is the cost for the server.Since the dedicated server is entirely leased by you,the web host does not have the chance to create any other account/s on the server, therefore,these servers as sold at more costs than the other hosting solutions.One can find many hosts who offer Low Cost Reliable Dedicated Servers.

Affordable Dedicated Server Hosting in India.

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India has always been a hub of Information Technology in the East.Now, its making its way to be the future preferred location of the Web Hosting Industry. Hence, one can expect that more datacenters and webhosting companies to setup here in India. is such a Web Hosting company that was established in the year 2005.It has undergone constant technological advancements since then and have managed to prove itself as one of the highly preferred and recommended Web Hosting company for hosting your website/ has earned the reputation of providing customers with excellent uninterrupted hosting environment. is a Web Hosting company that is one of the highly rated dedicated Server Hosting in India.They strive to offer 24x7x365 Customer Support, High End Hardware and highly integrated technologies. has been successful in developing a reputation for honesty and brilliant technical service in Indian Web Hosting Industry.
With, you can find a wide range of fully Managed Dedicated Servers in India.They have also been reputed for offering custom dedicated server hosting plans.

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting India
Managed Server Hosting is type of hosting service offered by the company to make sure that the client websites functions smoothly all the time over the World Wide Web.They offer Clustering or Mirroring service with their servers,hence the ability to offer 100% uptime with high quality, reliable and affordable web hosting.
Webmasters and geeks have always been suggesting to opt for Managed web hosting solutions for your large and mission-critical websites.Hence, has been offering such services to their customers on the purchase of their affordable web hosting plans.
Managed Dedicated Server Hosting in India can be further classified between two types,namely Managed Windows Hosting and Managed Linux Hosting.With  this type of services, clients can concentrate completely on the other aspects of business.The server management and maintenance is  taken care by the team of experienced and highly professional administrators of staff is dedicated to offer good quality support 24×7 at really reach prices.Technologies such as the Failover Clustering too is offered by them,which most of the web hosting providers fail to provide in India.
The servers offered to the customers are equiped with latest back-end processors and technology .Servers are setup on  100Mbps Dedicated Network with 5 x 10 Gbps uplinks to the Data Center. Each server has a 100 Mbps Nic card and are connected to 1 Gbps switch. Every server is fully managed with current PHP / MySQL versions, control panels, Operating systems with latest software updates and firewall protections from any external infiltration with complete backup restoration facilities.

Alongwith, Managed Dedicated Server Hosting plans,you can find various other plans such as Shared Web Hosting,Reseller Hosting and VPS Hosting are cheap prices.Inorder to get an indepth understanding of the various plans,you can access the Live Chat service at any point of staff have a friendly approach and strive to offer the best customer service to customers.

What is the Difference between Dedicated Server Hosting and Colocation Server Hosting?

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Dedicated server hosting and Colocation services are two very common terms referred by webmasters. Both these types of services are usually preferred by large organizations and enterprises to carry out their mission critical business.Both share similarity from an operations perspective.The only major difference in these two is that, Dedicated servers offered by web hosting  companies are owned by the host. Whereas, in Colocation services,the server hardware is owned by the company/organizations/enterprises who have their website/s and other data placed onto the servers.
Dedicated server hosting also referred as Dedicated Web Hosting, is one of the highly secure types of web hosting services.Usually, this type of services are used by large businesses,organizations and enterprises.Highest level of data security can be availed with this type of web hosting service.
A Dedicated server can further be distinguished based on two of the highly popular platforms hence the services Linux Dedicated Server Hosting and Windows Dedicated server hosting in the Web Hosting industry. Dedicated Server

If you sign up for a Dedicated Server Hosting package,you are the sole owner of the server and the server is not shared by anyone.It is similar to owning the server. With this server hosting package you get root or admin access of the server,which enables them to use the server as per your requirements.Further,you have the option to choose between Managed Dedicated Server Hosting solutions and Unmanaged Dedicated Server hosting. A managed dedicated server means that the critical part of hardware maintenance, data back-up, security,uploading patches taken care by the hosting provider. Whereas with an Unmanaged web hosting solution, the hardware maintenance, back up and other server administration tasks need to be taken care by you.In this the host offers plain server connected to the redundant network, power etc.

Unmanaged server plans are cheaper than Managed Servers.If you are a Web master and experienced with Server management,you may opt. for Unmanaged services, but it is suggested to choose Managed Hosting services,with it you can utilize your time and resources for other business while the hosting provider takes care of the server administration part.

A dedicated server offers optimum security as compared to other hosting types.You can get optimum performance of your website with this type of web hosting solution.With a dedicated hosting solution, one has the complete freedom to modify the server settings of sever hardware Datacenter Operations components and operating system as per your business requirements. You can also ask for customization of the server hardware.Inadition to these benefits, a web hosting control panel alongwith the server can add to the ease of managing the web hosting accounts. With a dedicated server, one gets complete administrative access to the server, with which you can install, uninstall, modify, delete, upload, download data,softwares of your choice.

The other type of web hosting service offered by Hosts is the Colocation Web Hosting service.Colocation which is also referred as “Colo”, is a Web server hosting service. In this type of hosting solution, you can place your own server hardware in the data center of the Hosting provider.To avail this service,you are required to have your own server hardware and software licenses to place in the data center. In this type of service, the customer has the flexibility to manage, secure and take care of maintenance of their servers. The host offers space for servers, security, redundancy,network connectivity, bandwidth etc.for your servers. Colocation service is one of the most expensive type of web hosting service.People with good experience in server administration use such services. Also, the maintenance, upgrades of the server is taken care by the owner of the server (though some web hosting providers do offer managed collocation services as well).

There are few advantages as well as disadvantages to both these types of services. With a dedicated server hosting you get the complete access to the server except that you are not the owner of the hardware. Whereas, in Colocation Hosting, the hardware is owned by you, therefore you need to bear initial set-up cost. In addition to that there is an additional charge for housing the hardware in the datacenter of the web hosting provider.Server hardware is expensive,therefore the investment cost is high.

Java Web Server Hosting

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There have been many queries from developers who are looking for Java Hosting service for hosting their Java Applications. When hunting for such a web hosting provider,it is essential for you to include the following Standard Servlet/JSP Features. The below list should make your search  find a reliable and Affordable Web Hosting much simple.

List of requirement:

Java Tomcat a) Java Servlet support (JSDK Servlets)
b) Fine-tuned Tomcat VMs for highest performance
c) High-speed delivery of static content
d) Tomcat should be regularly updated with latest released patches
e) They should support Cocoon 2.1
f) Tomcat features should include JSP and WAR file deployment
g) Easy folder layout/knowledgebase for new Tomcat users
h) Accessibility of full Servlet Logs, Access Logs
i) The package must include JDBC support
j) Configure servlets and compile JSP-DIY configuration
k) File system access and provide dynamic control
l) SQL Server, MySQL, PostGreSQL and FireBird Databases with JDBC
m) Smooth Outgoing/Incoming network connections to run Java-based server
n) Convergence and JSP Wiki support
o) No restriction to use JAR files and appls extensions
p) You’ll need full access to applications for reloading via the Tomcat Manager
q) The Host must offer Separate JVM and JBoss upon request
r) You may need isolated Tomcat Host to separate webapps folder for your applications
s) Host multiple applications, under your own Tomcat Host
t) Tomcat Manager apps should reload/unload applications in real-time
u) For Load balancing check the availability of Clustered VM setups
v) It is important that your Java application/s are hosted on secure server and stable web server.

Usually, Java Applications consume a lot of server resources.It can overload the memory and other resources of the server,hence it is recommended to opt for a Semi-Dedicated Web Hosting or a Dedicated Web Hosting Server ideally.
Some web hosting providers do allow Java Applications on their Virtual Private Server (VPS), but in no time ask the clients to upgrade the plan to a dedicated server.This can cause downtime to your websites, as migration to a dedicated server takes atleast 24-48 hours.Hence, it is suggested to get a dedicated server.You must first contact the web host, make them aware of your requirements,they can suggest you the most appropriate web hosting package to serve your purpose.

Please Refer : Overview of Apache Tomcat

When to Upgrade to a Dedicated Server Hosting Service?

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It is very important to know how busy your website is,with this I mean how much traffic does your website receive before you opt for a dedicated web hosting service. You also must be aware of limitations of your current host and the amount of resources you are using. Below are few points that would help you about resources that websites normally use:

  • Network bandwidth is the amount of data transfer that your host gives you per month.
  • A fast processor for websites that use databases and PHP.
  • Disk storage that your host allows you to use without going over the limit and asking you to pay more.
  • With a dedicated server, you can get all these and more benefits like:
  • Software installation like PHP according to your requirements
  • Running of disallowed software in shared servers like Java.
  • Streaming audio or video download offers for your customers that cannot be offered on shared servers.
  • Server improvements according to your requirements.
  • Website’s speed and availability would not be affected by anything.
  • Here are types of servers that you can use and choose your dedicated hosting server according to your needs.
  • Unmanaged Server: You only get the machine connected to the host network and the root password then it is up to you to maintain your server.
  • Managed Server: Lease of the server and entire administration is given to you. This usually enables you to think about your content.
  • Collocated Server: You need to purchase the machine and then the host will give you connection. It is only recommended to choose this if you have specific technical requirements because they are very expensive.

The cheapest options that are available are the unmanaged servers but if you are particularly new to the world of dedicated web hosting servers, you might have problems with it because the unmanaged server requires you run the entire server on your own. Most people find it hard because it needs some amount of expertise technical as well as customer service.

An Overview of Hosting A Website on Linux Dedicated Server.

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As most of us must be aware, a Dedicated Server offer better security and reliability than any other web hosting solutions. Now-a-days dedicated servers too can be leased at affordable prices. Previously, only large businesses and enterprises used to host their websites on Linux Dedicated Server Hosting dedicated servers, but with the advancements in the web hosting industry, web hosts can offer servers at fairly cheap prices.

You have the option to opt between two types of servers namely Windows Dedicated Servers and Linux Dedicated Servers. Windows Servers being bit more expensive than Linux Dedicated Servers due to the licensing fees charged by Microsoft. Hence, if you are looking for cheap Dedicated server, a Linux dedicated server can be the best affordable option for you.

A Linux Dedicated Server can be considered to be more efficient and causes lesser technical problems as compared to other servers. The other benefit of Linux Dedicated Server is that it consumes lesser bandwidth than Windows Servers.

Linux Servers are considered to be more secure than Windows Server. For users who wish to have cheaper hosting solutions, there are many Linux hosting packages that can be opted for hosting the websites at cheaper prices. Linux hosting packages can be availed at cheaper prices due to the fact that Linux is an Open source OS and is registered under GNU, therefore there isn’t any cost of licensing that needs to be paid and hence decreases the cost of the hosting packages to be offered to the clients.

LAMP As there are advantages and benefits of having Linux Hosting solutions, there are some disadvantage and demerits too.  If your website requires LAMP technology, in that case Linux Dedicated Server would be the best option for you, but in case the website is designed using ASP.Net and requires MSSQL, then Windows Dedicated Server Hosting would be the best option to choose.

Before you choose a web hosting provider that offers Linux web hosting services, it is important that you get assured that they offer basic features such as firewall, virus protection and a control panel (optional)  along with flexible upgrade options. It is important that you check that the web host offers MYSQL database, sub-domain services, additional FTP creation etc.

There are few other basic features that you must keep in mind when choosing a perfect web host for you. You can refer the following link for the same : Key Aspects to Consider when Choosing a Web Hosting Provider.

You must bear in mind that, if you opt for a Linux Web Hosting server, you cannot avail the benefits of .Net and some of the other Microsoft applications.

Types of Clusters and Steps to Set-up MS-SQL Web Server Cluster.

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Cluster is usually useful to reduce the load on a particular server.

Basically, clustering can be defined as the use of more than one computer/ server that can work together. In this type of architecture, multiple servers are liked to one another and has the capability of handling workloads. It helps to offer continued working and offer 100% uptime. All the machines in a cluster are involved in the operations at any given point of time. The cluster of servers offer fault tolerance. It is also termed as Load Balancing.

There are two types of clustering architectures offered by Web Hosting services providers.

A) Failover Cluster Server:

Multiple servers are involved in Failover Cluster. Failover clustering is different from Load Balancing servers. The term itself gives a little hint of what it is. Servers are placed in a cluster to offer high availability, though there is an hardware or software failure. If a hardware or software fails, a counter action is taken by the cluster itself and the resources are fetched from other servers to continue with the operations. There is a constant monitoring always active in the cluster to monitor the resources. A practical failover of software as well as hardware including the current status of applications can be achieved by fault tolerant fail over cluster.

Below is a pictoral description of Failover Cluster Server.

Failover Clustered Server

B) Web Server Load Balancing:

The basic intention of a load balancing architecture is to distribute the load among the servers in the cluster. A cluster can have more than one servers. You can keep adding servers to the cluster. These servers are set up in such a way that the traffic is distributed Load Balanced Server among all the servers. Its due to such an architecture that the network load gets re-distributed and is not focused on a single server. This helps in offering better reliability and gaining much improved performance.

There are common set of hardware that is required which is two server nodes in the cluster. Both the servers are connected to the network, both having their individual operating systems. Among the nodes, only one node is kept active at a given point of time. This is also termed as the “Active/Passive” solution. The resources of the cluster is utilized by the active server or the node and the data is written onto Shared Disks. Just incase if a node fails, the other node takes its place. To check if all the nodes are working properly, a signal known as ‘Heartbeat’ is sent across the network of the servers. If the active server fails to respond, the passive server gets triggered and starts functioning as an active server. The resources of the cluster are diverted to the passive server which is operating as the main active server.

Below are the Steps to Install a SQL Server in a cluster

It is important that the cluster is operational before you Install a SQL Server into the cluster.

a) You require Windows Server edition with a support to MSCS on every server.

b) One must get assured about every server in the cluster to be connected to the private network.

c) You must set up a different network and mind that you do not connect them to this network, it must only be used for sending the heartbeat signals.

d) You need to create a user account for the service accounts for the cluster to operate under this account in the domain. You also need to add every administrators group of every server.

e) Now you can connect the shared hard disks to the server then shut the servers off and switch on the node number one of the cluster.

f) Now you can install Microsoft Cluster and then configure it through the control panel.

g) Now, you must provide a name to the cluster and assign an IP address with the resources of the Shared Disk.

h) After all the above mentioned steps are followed, now you must turn ON the second node in the cluster and move to the Fist node, only when the second comes online.

This concludes the set-up of the cluster. You can refer the below guidelines to Install SQL server in the cluster.

a) You need to insert the CD SQL Server Enterprize edition, you may or may not have to do the installation manually.

b) Now you can choose the Virtual Server on the on the computer name screen and enter the name that you wish to have the Clustered referred as.

c) You need to now create a service account to run SQL web server that you provide administration rights on each node on the cluster.

d) You can allocate an IP address, Shared Resources and a service account to the SQL Server at the time of installation.