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How to Configure Outlook Express?

August 19th, 2011 Comments off

Outlook express is an email client and it is a great utility provided by Microsoft. You can manage your emails and their scheduling by using Outlook Express. Windows address book is used by it for storing contact information. If you are using Windows XP operating system then you can also integrate it with Windows Messenger.

Open Outlook Express, You can do it by following Click on the Start Button >> All Programs >> Outlook Express

At ‘Tools’ menu click on ‘Accounts’
Click ‘Add >> Mail’  to add new mail
This will carry you to ‘Internet Connection Wizard’

You can set your desired name on ‘Your Name page’ of the wizard, This name will be displayed as your name to the email receivers.

On the Internet Explorer Address page provide your email and click on ‘Next’.

Here you are at E-mail Server Names page, where you need to provide the information about Incoming mail server type, Incoming mail server name, and Outgoing mail server name. Click on the ‘Next’ after filling these details.

Here you are at final window of ‘Internet Mail Logon’, where you need to provide your ‘Account name’ and ‘Password’, Then click ‘‘Next’ and ‘Finish’.

Here you complete the setup of your Outlook Express and You can check it by sending a trial mail to another email ID and vice versa.

Difference Between Outlook Express and Outlook

August 18th, 2011 Comments off

Outlook and Outlook Express work as email clients and these utilities are provided as pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows Operating System. You can also download and install them manually if you want upgraded version than the version you have with your operating system. Because of these utilities you can create number of accounts for different individuals on the same computer. One of the major reasons of it’s popularity is you can perform the backup of important email on your computer. Many people think that Outlook Express is a advance version of Outlook but it not true as both of these are used for differently and also have different functions of their own. Outlook has capabilities of task and contact-management and handling the emails from Internet and surprisingly these functions are not available with Outlook Express. There are few common things apart from the name Outlook, can be found with these two like displaying HTML messages and handling S/MIME(Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) and managing the Internet email accounts. If examined carefully one would come to know the Outlook comes with more number of applications compared to Outlook Express. Scheduling of meetings and notification can be done more efficiently with Outlook, the mails can be sent automatically to the desired people on a desired time. Synchronization is another factor which is taken care by Outlook in better manner than the Outlook Express and this makes things easy for the people who prefer to use Outlook on portable devices.

There are few rare functions like ‘Access to NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol) newsgroups’ are available with Outlook express and not with Outlook. Its recommended for home based users to use Outlook express as a email client but for Business professional Outlooks serves in better manner.

Note :- Windows Mail has been upgraded to Windows Live Mail, which contains even more enhancements, such as the ability to automatically configure itself to work with many popular e?mail services. To download Windows Live Mail, go to the Windows Live Mailwebsite.