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Domain Extensions – A factor towards Search Engine Optimization

August 16th, 2012 Comments off


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Choosing the right domain extension is a factor you should take into consideration from the point of view of Search Engine Optimization. If your website is primarily targeted at the India market or primarily traffic from India, it is important you ensure that you take into account the importance of having good rankings on Google India. If you search for the same terms on Google India and Google US, you will see similar but different search results for many search terms, because Google’s algorithm wants to provide the most relevant results to users of both countries and so the question is, surely Google must have an algorithm that takes into account what can be considered as “local” search results?

There are a few core aspects that will affect how high your listings are with regards to what we’ll call “local” and “relevant” search results – i.e. the differences between search results in Google India and Google US for the same search terms. One primary aspect is where your website is hosted.

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Having web hosting in your own country is an important attribute of Search Engine Optimization, because Google’s algorithm takes this into account when providing relevant search results for Google users in India. If you want to make sure  Google takes extra consideration to your website from a search ranking perspective, make sure you have your website hosted in India. At, our web hosting services are housed in our our datacenter in Nashik, India.

Domain name extension.

You also need to take into consideration the domain name extension. Who would primarily register a .in domain name? Indian companies and individuals, which is why this would also be a factor Google takes into consideration for more relevant search results on Google India. So whichever country your primarily traffic will come from, make sure you get web hosting in that country and a domain extension specific to that country – such as .in for India, for UK and so forth.

Domain name’s and it’s extension’s Role in your Business?

December 23rd, 2010 Comments off

Selection of domain names is one of the most important processes of starting a business. Because of high saturation of many businesses and service providers of same type of product and services, the competition for the reliable and suitable domain names is getting tougher and tougher day by day. One need to run hard and long for getting his own desired domain name. And as per common market rule the prices for domain names varies in the same proportion of their popularity. Its really a difficult job to find out the companies providing domain names at cheap rates.

We can analyze the importance of domain names by its major characteristics of providing automatic popularity because of being related with product and service and allowing to create email accounts which also focuses the same.

When things comes to extensions held by domain names, they make it a little bit easy to differ a same domain name with different extensions as example and are treated as two independent domains and has no relation between them. One should check out all the possibilities for the availabilities of a domain name with different possible domain extensions. As large scale businesses who mostly choose Dedicated Server Hosting as a web hosting option they generally get ready pay high amounts for their desired domain names but same can not be seen for shared hosting customers as they run their businesses with a tight budget.

Owner of the Domain name

September 19th, 2009 Comments off

Owning a Domain Name is very simple , you need to register your details and that too the genuine ones, many of the people don’t have the seriousness in owning name, they think of owning  it in just a single snap of a finger.
Any user on the internet can register the domain name , provided he should meet the conditions of an accredited registrar. The user has to disclose the personal  details in order to get registered with the registrar . Once the registrar approves the details, the one who is the registrant of the domain will be called as the owner of the domain. The owner has to maintain the proper use of the domain , till he obeys the rules he has the rights for the domain name.

The registrant also has the right to make some important decisions and responsibilities against the domain. He is allowed to sell the site, or transfer , until he owns the domain means till the domain is registered under his name, he needs to check the expiry date of the domain. If the domain is included in any legal infringes, the registrant is responsible for it.  When the registration of the Domain expires , the registrant is no more the owner of the domain, This domain is now available for others to register.

For checking the owner of the domain name WHOIS search tool is available. By doing this we can check the owner of the domain name and the information regarding the domain name and contact details and renewal information also. If you want to buy the domain and you want to check whether it is available or not you can go to any good Web Hosting Provider and check on there site with the help of the domain checker. Register the domain with a good company and enjoy the world of internet. If you register the domain name with any Web hosting company and host you web site with them, you can get a good offer on the Hosting package.

Benefits Of Keeping Domain Information Private.

August 8th, 2009 Comments off

Domain Names There have been many queries about keeping the details regarding the domain private and inaccessible to the Internet users. This service can be availed at a nominal extra cost. You need to ask your domain registrar to keep the information private.

Though, it is necessary for you to provide the personal information to your domain registrar.Once you opt for using private registration, you are enabled of hiding the WHOIS data from viewing by anyone over the internet.

Domain Security If you are the sole owner of a domain/website, you need to post ownership information which can be accessed by users using WHOIS lookup. But, if you choose for ID Protection service, your data would not be displayed over the Internet. You can filter the contacts for whom you wish to make the information of your domain accessible. This service helps to stay away from unwanted disturbances such as phone calls and E-mail Spams. With the ever increasing number of spam and online threats, these services have been a priority of most of the individuals. There are multiple softwares available in the market that can search the domain registration databases for email addresses and other contact information.

There are several web hosting providers that offer the private domain registration facility. They allow you to register a domain keeping your information private. Ofcourse there is an additional nominal charge to that.

whois Domain Tools You may have come across certain scenarios when you haven’t shared your e-mail address with anyone or haven’t any online forms on anyof the websites and still receive unwanted E-mails also termed as SPAM’s, in that case most of the miners get this information from WHOIS lookup. You may opt for the private registration service to avoid this from happening in future, this can help you with your privacy issues.

Since you need to supply valid contact information with your domain name registration, it may be worth the extra money to ensure that this information is not used inappropriately.

There have been several cases where site owners were harassed by visitors to their site who found their home phone numbers using a domain search tool. If you are concerned about this , a private registration can be a great way to deal with such occassions.

What is

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What is

  • NameJet is a domain name aftermarket auction company that consolidates an exclusive inventory of expired and deleted domains from top domain name registrars and makes them available for auction.
  • NameJet provides a chance for customers who are attempting to acquire expired domain name registration or domains that have not been renewed again by their current registrant.
  • NameJet provides access to the domain name inventory from the industry’s leading registrars—Network Solutions, eNom, and Bulk Register.
  • NameJet‘s auction services provides the ability to place backorder requests on any expired domain name and access to expired .com, .net, .org, .biz, and .info top level domains as well as special listed domains through an online search or downloadable lists.

NameJet arranges equal opportunity to everyone interested in the same domain name that has been back-ordered by customer’s.

Private Domain Auctions
Domain names those are expired and back-ordered by multiple customer’s, Namejet invites those users to bid in a 3-day Private Auction.

Public Domain Auctions
The users can browse hunderds of domain names and bid on them, if he is only the user to bid on that domain, the domain belongs to him at the lowest bidding rate.

Aftermarket Domain Name Pricing
Pre-Release, Pending Delete and Public Auction domains have a variable starting price @ $29.00.

Name Jet Offers FREE bidding account for any user.

ICANN rules for Domain Transfer Rejections.

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ICANN rules for Domain Transfer Rejections.

A transfer may be rejected for the following reasons only:

  • Evidence of fraud
  • UDRP – Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy Action.
  • Court order by a court of competent jurisdiction
  • Reasonable dispute over the identity of the Registrant or Administrative contact
  • No payment for a previous registration period (including credit card charge-backs) if the domain name is past its expiration date or for previous or current registration periods if the domain name has not yet expired.
  • In all such cases, however, the domain name must be put into “Registrar Hold” status by the registrar prior to the denial of transfer
  • Express written objection to the transfer from the Administrative contact – email, fax, paper document.
  • The domain name is in Registrar Lock status.
  • The domain name is in the first 60 days of an initial registration period

Domain Transfer May Not Be Denied for any of the Following Reasons:

* Nonpayment for a pending or future registration period
* No response from the registrant or administrative contact
* Domain name in Registrar unlock status
* Domain name Older than 60 days of registration