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Choosing A Good Web Hosting Service

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The Web has thousands of free Web hosting, but they do have certain limitations and some do not bring what we want, and we are also required to have any advertising that does not benefit personally, this FREE services are called quotation marks, to cover the requirements of the project. We should always hire services because of the benefits they provide. There are some important point that needs to be considered while choosing dedicated hosting services for successful online business which are as below.

Space On Dedicated Server Hosting:

Approximately 200 megabytes are required to reached about 2000 pages and you can index a bit of multimedia material that is a little heavier, and some Web hosting service gives you the chance to increase your space, obviously you have to pay a little more for it .

E-mail Accounts:

The E-mail accounts that you will create, are protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it. The best part is that, the extension bears the name of your domain which makes you are professional business person and give you more credibility.

Data Transfer:

If it is possible that the transfer is unlimited, it is better to have no limit on the web traffic you receive. This is a very important fact because if you have very little transfer megabytes of traffic and if you apply the SEO techniques and have many visitors and if these visitors come to your site one day and see that your site is down, they will never come back.


Technical support by chat, phone or e-mail is very important because support is what serves can need at any point of time and the issues must be resolved in less than 24 hours for better benefits.

Dedicated Hosting vs Shared Hosting

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Shared web hosting and dedicated hosting can be seen as being at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of the web hosting services that are available from a majority of web hosting companies. Whilst a shared web hosting plan is often put together with beginners in mind, most dedicated servers can be customized during the order process to offer something that is individual to the business or individual that is going to be using it. Shared web hosting plans often carry low resource assignments and a feature-set that will allow a beginner to make the most of their first domain name and get a website online, the benefit here being that shared web hosting plans also carry a comparably low price tag to suit the intended audience. Dedicated servers are tailored towards the other end of the market, providing a level of performance that can’t be matched by any other form of web hosting; as a dedicated server is a physical server, you will have the option to make modifications to the hardware during the order process – you can choose from a range of different hard drive configurations that use RAID or boost the memory and CPU power that you have on tap.

Question Mark Which form of hosting is going to offer the highest level of performance?

A shared web hosting plan is never going to be able to beat a dedicated server in terms of performance because dedicated servers are only used by the owner of that server, whereas a shared web hosting server will be used by many users. However, in terms of the performance that each intended audience requires, both forms of hosting will be able to serve their market’s performance expectations with no issues. Small websites don’t demand large resource allocations – especially when the website in question has only just started out – and it is because of this that a shared web hosting service will be more than capable of supporting small websites; a dedicated server can be expanded to host websites that receive thousands of visitors everyday, with a number of advanced configurations available such as load balanced clusters.

Will dedicated hosting or shared hosting offer the best features?

With shared hosting you can be guaranteed a full set of features as these will be set out as part of your web hosting plan prior to purchasing the service so that you know what you are going to be getting for your money. A web hosting provider should always offer a choice between Windows and Linux so that you can expect features common to the Windows platform such as MSSQL and ASP.NET support, whilst the Linux variant will be more suiting to developers using PHP and MySQL at the core of their web applications. Dedicated servers provide you with a dedicated environment that can be tailored to meet your needs as you wish, with a choice between Windows and a number of different Linux distributions (versions of Linux) being the standard offering; you can customize the hosting environment offered by your dedicated server to include any applications or services that you would like to use in conjunction with your website to produce a highly functional end-user experience – effectively you can use your own feature-set with dedicated hosting.

What is the best approach to take as my website grows?

Quite often it can be disruptive to move a website from one web hosting platform to another as a website grows, but if you are using shared hosting are wanting to grow your website then there will come a point when you will need to upgrade your web hosting plan so that you have the resources available to cope with an increased visitor count. Between shared hosting and dedicated hosting is VPS hosting, which has been created to bridge the gap between the previous two in terms of resources and pricing; however, moving from a shared hosting plan to a VPS server and then on to a dedicated server can cause many issues because downtime could be incurred at certain stages during the process. As your website grows it is recommended that you maximize the resources that are available to you on a shared hosting platform and then complete the migration to a dedicated server because this will only mean one move and will improve the speed in which the transition can be done.

Indian Web Hosting Services with Dedicated Hosting Environment

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A dedicated hosting environment is one which is isolated from other users, whether this is in a virtual environment or a physical environment. The design of a dedicated hosting environment is done to ensure that the actions of other users in their respective hosting environments aren’t able to impact on the performance of your website or hosting environment. Dedicated hosting environments are important for businesses looking to establish a web presence where reliability and security need to be abundant so that guarantees with regards to the safety and security of customer data can be provided.

Web Hosting Dedicated

Dedicated servers are the best example of dedicated hosting environments, primarily because you have full use of the hardware that forms your dedicated server and will only have to share this with someone else if you explicitly wish to. offers India dedicated servers of differing specifications that can run both Windows and Linux so that we can cater for businesses regardless of the technologies that they use to develop their IT infrastructure; we also offer custom upgrades for your dedicated hosting customers so that you can expand the use of your dedicated environment by adding extra resources. Dedicated servers from can be effective for users requiring a dedicated hosting environment in the follow manners:

  • The hardware specifications of your dedicated server can be adjusted accordingly to match the specifications that you expect in order to be able to use your dedicated server in the way that you wish to
  • For Windows hosting users, we are able to obtain licenses for popular Microsoft server applications such as SQL Server and Exchange Server at a reduced cost; installation of these and most other applications can also be performed by our support team, free of charge
  • The uptime offered by a dedicated server is often higher than that available with other web hosting services and this is going to be a necessity for businesses that rely on their website for income.

With a Linux dedicated server you will be able to access your dedicated hosting environment via SSH, therefore allowing you to make use of the various Linux commands that are available to manage your server effectively. Windows server administrators will have access to their dedicated hosting environment via Remote Desktop so that they can make full use of the Windows GUI.’s dedicated servers are hosted out of our state of the art data center located in Nashik, India. We have staff available on-site 24×7 so that you can be assured all issues are dealt with as they are discovered; this also means that you can contact someone with regards to your dedicated server at any time of day.

Web Hosting VPS

A VPS Hosting server is slightly different to a dedicated server; even though you will have your own dedicated hosting environment and dedicated resources that are accessible by any other users, this is within the context of a virtual hosting environment and a physical hosting node that is shared with other VPS hosting users. VPS hosting was developed to be a more affordable way of accessing dedicated hosting, with the target audience being small businesses that would otherwise be unable to afford that costs that are associated with a dedicated server; this is evident with the low-cost VPS servers that are provided by A VPS server can provide a dedicated environment with features such as:

  • Additional resources that you have ordered for your VPS server will be automatically assigned to your server and available for use immediately without the need to reboot your VPS server, therefore no downtime will be incurred
  • The state of your server can be managed from a web-based control panel so if for some reason your VPS server becomes inaccessible, you can reset it from a web interface
  • You can build up your own network of VPS servers from so that you are able to distribute the load of your website and delegate roles across several servers. offers some of the most affordable VPS hosting servers in India, with the features and services offered with our hosting plans being ideal for small businesses looking to develop an effective web presence. You will have a choice between Windows VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Hosting and can also customize other aspects of VPS hosting to match your aspirations.

Using Web Hosting Billing Software with a Reseller Hosting Account

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Starting your own web hosting business is one way in which you can make money online, but to do so takes dedication to making your business work as well as time and effort to achieve this. offers a range of reseller web hosting plans that offer those wanting to start their own businesses with the perfect opportunity to get their hosting efforts off the ground; although not offering a dedicated hosting environment, reseller plans offer a more confined environment which will be more than suitable when getting use to the new software and system architectures.

Your reseller web hosting plan from will be hosted in our brand new data center located in Nashik, India. Unlike the data centers of our competitors, we maintain a 24×7 on-site staff presence so that our technical staff not only monitor our network and servers directly from the control room around the clock, but they are in a position that will allow them to identify and sort issues at any time of day before they are able to cause noticeable impact on the performance or operations of websites.

By offering a range of Windows reseller plans and Linux reseller plans, can put you in a position where you can offer your own web hosting clients hosting on both platforms. Although you may not be able to appreciate it at the moment, there are benefits to be had for any web hosting business by offering hosting on Windows and Linux because there will be customers seeking hosting on both platforms; if you offer hosting on one but not the other then you could potentially put yourself in a position where you are losing customers (and additional revenue).

If a reseller hosting plan from isn’t able to satisfy your demand for resources and uptime, offers fully managed VPS servers and dedicated servers that can also serve this purpose, just to a greater extent and with additional benefits.

Web Hosting Billing Software

Web hosting billing applications are designed to simplify the processes that web hosting companies and resellers carry out daily to maintain their business and to provide customers with a stable and consistent hosting experience. Running a business of any sort involves daily processes to make sure that your financial records are kept up to date and in the case of web hosting, that your new customers receive their orders almost immediately after having their payment processed. A high quality web hosting billing application will integrate with many of the applications and services that form the basis of your business; this can include server control panels, fraud prevention systems and finance management applications.

A majority of web hosting billing applications are built with support for the following components of a hosting company:

  • Control panel support ensures that customers ordering shared web hosting products have their accounts setup for them once they have completed the checkout process; if looking to use a web hosting billing application with your reseller account, choose an application that has support for the cPanel and Plesk control panels
  • Managing finances is important for any business and so any good web hosting billing application will be able to provide you with figures related to the sales of your business so that the process of putting together final accounts for your business can be simplified
  • Keeping tabs on the clients of your business is also necessary so that you can offer them a personalized service; all web hosting billing systems act as client management applications and will keep a record of clients’ contact details and the services that they have purchased from you.

Support is a core concern for many web hosting business because it is important for customers to receive replies to their queries and issues in a timely manner. Although there are other support ticket management applications available, choosing a web hosting billing system that offers built-in support management will allow you to streamline your support methods as you will be able to access everything about a client from a single interface, therefore reducing the amount of time that it will take you to diagnose an issue and respond to the ticket.

An Overview of RAID Levels. Part -I

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RAID is an important feature of Web Hosting Services which is provided as main feature with Dedicated Server Hosting services. and it comes with various levels, a web hosting client can choose it as per his requirements.

  • RAID-0: This RAID technique has striping but lack of data redundancy and that’s why it can only provide the good performance without fault-tolerance.
  • RAID-1: This is based on Disk mirroring and includes minimum two drives which duplicates the data stored. Without any striping read performance is improved. It provides best performances for multiple users with fault-tolerance feature.
  • RAID-2: Striping exists here across multiple disks with error checking and correcting (ECC) information.
  • RAID-3: One drive is used for striping and storing parity information. Error checking and correcting (ECC) information features is used for detection errors. After calculating the exclusive OR (XOR) of data stored on the other driver, data recovery can be achieved. The drawback with RAID-3 is it can not overlap I/O because I/O operations address all drive at the same time. RAID-3 is recommended for single user systems which have long record applications.
  • RAID-4: It is targeted towards the large stripes, so that webmasters can read records from any single drive, which provides the benefit of overlapped I/O for reading operations only, for write operations no I/O overlapping advantage because all writing operations need to update the parity drive.
  • RAID-5: This level of RAID is based on rotation of parity array. Drawback of no write operation with overlapped I/O in RAID-4 is removed in this level. Unlike RAID-4 both read and write operations can be overlapped with RAID-5. It stores parity information but lacks data redundancy, despite this absence of data redundancy its possible to reconstruct data by using parity information. Minimum three disks are required for array in RAID-5. For the multi-user systems which perform less critical and limited write operations, RAID-5 is recommended.

Still there are many levels of RAID which will be shared in next post.

Dedicated Web Hosting

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When upgrading from a shared web hosting package, your next choice of hosting service is likely to be a dedicated web hosting package, whether it be a VPS server or a dedicated server. Dedicated web hosting services provide you with your own dedicated hosting environment that is isolated from other users so that you can make the configurations changes that you see fit and install any applications or components that you need in order your website to be able to function correctly. Dedicated web hosting services are available form a variety of web hosting companies which enables you to find a dedicated web hosting service that not only offers you the resources you need, but is also incredibly affordable. A VPS server can still be seen as a form of shared web hosting because you are still going to be sharing the physical hosting node with other VPS servers; a dedicated server on the other hand can provide you with complete isolation away from any other users because you will be the only one managing your server. Both can provide you with the dedicated hosting environment that you require, although you will be able to a lot more with one than the other.

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Dedicated Server

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A dedicated server is the only web hosting service available that can provide you with a physical form of web hosting that will offer you a hosting environment, which is completely separate from anyone else. Although dedicated server hosting may be a more expensive form of web hosting, for the most part it is highly beneficial for larger businesses, as you are able to select hardware assignments that are usually impossible to receive with VPS server hosting because of the architecture of the hosting platform. Dedicated servers can provide you with a dedicated web hosting environment that you can then configure as per your requirements; you can also install any applications that you see as being fitting for your requirements so that you are able to create a hosting environment that will be able to serve your website as you need. Any good web hosting provider will be able to offer you the choice between Windows and Linux for your dedicated server; this choice of operating system will help you to ensure that you all the applications that you choose to use as well as your web applications are fully compatible with your dedicated server at every level.

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Dedicated Server Hosting

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If you are looking for the best web hosting service available then the chances are that you are considering dedicated server hosting for your requirements as dedicated server hosting generally gives you a lot more than any lower end form of web hosting will ever be able to. Although dedicated servers are expensive, the benefits that you will receive in terms of reliability and security make dedicated server hosting good value for money in most scenarios. During the order process you will be able to select the operating system that you wish to have installed on your server, allowing you to create a custom dedicated hosting environment; any good web hosting provider will be able to offer you the choice between Windows and Linux, normally providing a variety of versions of each operating system. Dedicated servers can provide you with a good level of isolation meaning that you won’t have to share any of your resources with any other users; even with VPS server hosting you are sharing the hosting node with other servers meaning that you will never be able to make full use of the processor, meaning that dedicated server hosting is your best choice for CPU intensive tasks.

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Dedicated Server Hosting | Dedicated IP Hosting | Static Web Hosting

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The dedicated IP web hosting also referred as Static Web Hosting, is a another type of web hosting solution. In this type of hosting, each user using a dedicated web hosting server gets a unique IP address to use. The user simply needs to log into the website using the given IP address or the domain name to access  information that is available on any dedicated web hosting servers.
Dedicated_IP_Hosting Most of the experienced web hosting service providers offer the service of dedicated IP web hosting. Though, if you are have a mission critical online business, you must make sure that you choose the best type of dedicated IP web hosting services from reputed and professional web hosting providers. The advantages of using such services are huge.
The major advantage of the dedicated IP web hosting is, you get your own unique IP address with your personal space and that is important when thinking of serious business over the world wide web.
Security of data and website is of utmost importance to an eCommerce website.Such services also help you to avoid spams that you may come across while working with other types of servers,especially the servers that are shared by multiple users.
Inorder to get a unique IP address, you simply need to sign-up with web hosting service provider. They would avail you a unique dedicated IP web hosting account, using this you can instantly start your online business. With this kind of service you can get some basic web tools and features that are required by a website.This service is no different than other Web Hosting services,you can simply upload your content and other data to your own secure personal space.
Extreme Reliability and flexibility is the best advantage of this type of web hosting service no matter how complex the web hosting architecture you have. Dedicated IP web hosting is advantageous as it also offers guaranteed private and secure SSL certificate which is essential for online stores for securing the online transactions. It also provides anonymous FTP which is very important for transferring the data over the internet in a much secured way.
You can also have complete control over your website and the hosting account with the use of Dedicated IP hosting solution.A dedicated IP is specifically useful from an SEO point of view,and is important when you are taking efforts to optimize your website inorder to achieve better page rank and better position in the search engine result pages.