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What is ColdFusion?

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What is cold fusion?

You are a web site designer and mostly deal with the dynamic pages, this option is always open for you.Cold Fusion is a coldfusion programming language which is based on the HTML i.e. Hyper text markup language and is mostly used for writing dynamic pages.It is a commercial software and it is a Rapid application development platform.It is a great platform and isthe main feature is its scripting language i.e ColdFusion Markup language (CFML). It closely resemble with the HTML. It is compared to the scripting languages like ASP, JSP and PHP. ColdFusion supports other programming languages other than CFML, such as Server-side Action script which can be written in java script and is known as CFScript.

ColdFusion is mostly used for data driven websites or intranets.However, it can be used for remote services as well such as SOAP web services or Flash. It can also handle asynchronous events such as SMS and instant messaging.

Features of Coldfusion.

It gives simplified database access
support for Client and server cache management
code generation on client side.
support for conversion from HTML to PDF and flashPaper.
Data retreival from common enterprise systems such as Active Directory, LDAP, SMTP, HTTP, POP, FTP etc.
File Indexing and Searching.
GUI Administration.
Server, application, client, session and request scopes.
XMl Parsing.Xpath,validation and transformation.
Server clustering.
Task scheduling.
Graphing and reporting.
file manipulation is simplified including raster graphics.
Web services are simplified.

Creating application with this is very straight forward such as creating static web pages. In this applications you can introduce various range of functionality which is not availabe in static pages. shortly we can say that it is simply a collection of pages,unlike the static pages it includes the server-side Coldfusion markup Language in addition to the HTML. CFML allows the users to take control of the application and generate the dynamic content that is returned to the web browser. When such application is requested by the browser, it is automatically pre-processed by the ColdFusion application server.This server executes the logic, interacts with the other server technologies and then dynamically generate an HTML page which is returned to the browser.

Who can register a .CA domain name?

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How to change the registrant owner for a registered .CA domain?

When a .CA domain is registered, a Registrant Account is created at CIRA – The domain registry for .CA domains. The registrant contact that is submitted and approved by CIRA at the time of domain registration cannot be changed as accepted their terms and policies during registration process of the domain name. The administrative contact can be changed, the techical & billing contacts can be updated by raising a Ticket [Email] at their HelpDesk.

The Registrant Contact can be changed by creating a New Registrant Account at the CIRA and the domain must be transferred to this New Account, the applicable fees have to be PAID before the domain is transferred to the New Account. The domain transfer for .CA domains is actually know as REGISTRY TRANSFER.

Required Information for .CA Domain Transfer

01. Current Registrant Contact Information
02. Reason for Registrant Transfer
03. New Registrant Account Information
04. Domain Name
05. Request from both the New Registrant & Current Registrant
06. Payment for Registrant Transfer Fees

Who can register a .CA domain name?

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) automatically applies private registration to the following legal types:

* Canadian citizen
* Permanent resident
* Legal representative
* Aboriginal person

Overview of Cloud Computing.

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It is nothing but a style of computing which relates to the internet services. People need not be an expertise in the cloud it is getting support from. We generally use cloud notation for the internet or network symbol and this is where the named cloud computing evolved.

Cloud computing services are mainly classified into three main categories.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS),

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Cloud computing has a very distinct characteristics that the traditional hosting. This services are sold on demand and are very elastic. A user can but it for a hour or a minute also. This services are fully managed by the provider..

The cloud can be a private cloud or a public cloud. A private cloud means it is a proprietary cloud which provides hosted services to limited number clients. A public cloud sells services to anyone on the internet.


Lets have a look at its characteristics:

Agility: Improved agility as users are able to re-provision technological resources very rapidly.

Cost is reduced to a great extent

It allows users to access systems using a web browsers irrespective of the location. i.e it allows device independence

Multi-tenancy: It allows to share the resource amongst many users which helps in centralization, peak-load capacity and better utilization of resources and better efficiency.

Reliability: It improves due to use of multiple redundant sites.

Scalability and security: Loosely coupled architecture and centralization of data gives this added characteristics to it.

Overview of Cheap Cold Fusion Hosting

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Cold Fusion is an Adobe product. It is one of the most powerful and most ColdFusion Logo appreciated programming languages available. Cold Fusion is a server side scripting technology used for creating dynamic web applications and web pages. Cold Fusion is much similar to languages such as PHP, ASP and Perl. Cold Fusion enables developers to deploy and create interactive features for content management systems (CMS), E-commerce websites etc. Inorder to use it one needs to find a web hosting provider who supports Cold Fusion.

There aren’t much web host who Cold Fusion Hosting. There are many reasons for opting for a web host that supports Cold Fusion. Below are few of the important one’s:

COST : Cold Fusion is one of the oldest programming language ColdFusionHosting available. Some web hosts offer Cheap Cold Fusion hosting plans, whereas some charge high price for the advanced functionality bundled with Microsoft products.

LIMITATIONS : Choosing the correct Cold Fusion supported Web host is one of the important factors as some environments prevents users from getting complete access such as some providers might provide Cold Fusion with their shared hosting packages with limitations in the use of tags since they are often seen as security risks. This is all because of the structure of shared servers. It may open up the vulnerability of potential threats to others hosted on the same physical server. A cheap dedicated server can prove to be a better alternative to overcome all the limitations. You get complete control of the server and hence the tags used in Cold Fusion.

VERSION : It is always better to choose a web hosting service provider who offers fully managed Cold Fusion Hosting. It is the web hosting providers responsibility to provide the updated versions of the product. This releases you from the head ache of purchasing the updated versions each time you wish to upgrade. It enables users to benefit from the latest features to create powerful, user friendly web pages and applications. It is much easier to integrate the language with the database system one prefers to work with.

Features of Cold Fusion : Cold Fusion integrates seamlessly with popular databases such as MySQL, MS SQL and Postgre SQL.

Despite of all the features and cheap ColdFusion plans, prices may vary according to other factors such as the bandwidth and add-ons associated with Cold Fusion. ColdFusion windows web hosting provide a highly robust and flexible environment, along with a 99.95% uptime guarantee and 24×7 support and monitoring.
Alongwith Cheap Cold Fusion hosting one should not compromise on the level of good quality technical support.