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Linux Web Hosting with cPanel Control Panel

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Linux as a platform for web hosting has proven to be the most popular choice for businesses and individuals because the open source licensing of the operating system means that you won’t incur any charges when using the OS in any commercial sense; in web hosting this is passed on to consumers through the means of cheaper web hosting plans. offers Linux as an option with our full range of web hosting services, with the option to choose from a number of different Linux distributions on dedicated platforms; in all cases we will provide you with a secure hosting environment that won’t limit the functionality of your website to any degree.’s Linux shared web hosting plans are the most affordable and offer the resources and features you need to get a website online for the first time; we also offer 24×7 support will every web hosting plan so that you can ask our highly knowledgeable support team for assistance with the setup and configuration of your Linux hosting account. If looking to start your own web hosting business then you have a choice between reseller web hosting and VPS hosting; although both offer different hosting environments, there is relatively little difference in price, but the choice is necessary because not everyone will be experienced with server management. Businesses with the largest budgets can consider running Linux with one of our dedicated servers; a dedicated server is the ideal solution for well-established websites that receive high volumes of traffic monthly.

cPanel Control Panel believes that cPanel is the best control panel available for the Linux platform because of the features that it has to offer server administrators, resellers and consumers alike; there is also a market for third-party plugins for cPanel that you can use to improve the functionality of the control panel. For server administrators and resellers access to the WHM control panel is provided so that they can manage the relevant areas of their servers or hosting accounts; end-users or shared hosting clients have access to a separate control panel (this is the actual cPanel part), which has been designed to be far more intuitive and easier to use.

cPanel is highly effective in offering affordable Linux shared web hosting services; as a server administrator cPanel can benefit you in ways such as:

  • cPanel is available as either a VPS version or a dedicated server version so that you are able choose the package that can offer you the best level of performance from your hosting environment
  • You can create your own web hosting plans and clients through the control panel interface, or alternatively these activities can be integrated into the billing application that you use to manage your web hosting business and clients
  • You can install additional plugins such as the CSF firewall to improve the security of your hosting environment or Softaculous so that you can provide your own web hosting clients with additional features as part of their web hosting plans.

As an end-user with a Linux shared web hosting account, cPanel can offer you the following features:

  • You will be able to manage all aspects of your web hosting account through the web interface so that you don’t have to contact your web hosting provider every time you are looking to modify your hosting service
  • MySQL databases can be created through the web interface and managed using the PHPMyAdmin web application that accompanies all cPanel installations
  • If you don’t wish to upload your website via FTP then you can manage your website’s file structure using the built-in file manager.

If you decide to purchase a Linux shared web hosting plan from then you can be assured that cPanel control panel access will be provided as standard; this will provide you with options to manage all aspects of our hosting account with just a few clicks. If you choose a VPS server or dedicated server offered by then you will need to pay a small extra monthly fee if you wish to use cPanel; however, the cost is so low that it can be easily justified through the time savings that can be achieved with managing the server.

Start your own web hosting business the right way with Cloud Server Hosting

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Starting up your own web hosting business? Before you opt for a standalone Dedicated Server, VPS Hosting or Reseller Account, have you ever considered Cloud Server Hosting? It’s very similar to VPS Hosting, but the infrastructure on the back-end is entirely different – and that’s a good thing when it comes to online-critical e-commerce stores and business websites.

What’s the difference between VPS Hosting and Cloud Server Hosting?

The difference is the redundancy that is offered with Cloud Server Hosting. With VPS Hosting, your only redundancy is the node in which your VPS is hosted on. If the node fails, so does your VPS. With Cloud Server Hosting, if one node fails, another node takes over the operations of that failed node – and this occurs almost instantly, which equates to absolutely mininal disruption to your virtual server’s uptime and performance.

You get all the benefits of a virtual private server too (and some additional benefits), including:

  • Full root/RDP access (Linux/Windows respectively);
  • Wide choice of operating systems to choose from;
  • 2 dedicated IPs as standard;
  • Choice of control panels;
  • Fully managed service;
  • 99.995% uptime guarantee;
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee;
  • 24×7 Level I, II and III technical support.

Is there the possibility of any downtime with Cloud Server Hosting?

If there was an entire datacenter network outage, then yes; or in the event of an absolute datacenter catastrophe. However, unlike standalone server hosting products; regular hardware maintenance and upgrades, hardware failures or any other distaster will not result in loss of service by itself, simply because your cloud server will immediately be transferred to another live node. Comparing this to a standalone VPS, if the node on a standalone VPS fails, your VPS will fail with it.

So what happens when a failure occurs?

If a node fails for any reason, our network and system engineers are informed about this. However, as soon as a node fails, our system will automatically transfer all the services that would have been performed by that node onto another node; which means minimal disruption to your VPS and any services that would have otherwise been affected. Because of the back-end infrastructure and the decentralized node set up where there isn’t an immediate single point of failure unlike traditional hosting services; we are able to absolutely guarantee 99.995% uptime for each month you have web hosting with us, in accordance with our Service Level Agreement with you as a customer.

More information: Cloud Server Hosting India

Developing a Website Using the Joomla CMS

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Purpose of a CMS (Content Management System)

As the webmaster of a busy website you will be familiar with the process of updating the content of your website on a regular basis, regardless of how you achieve this. Some websites are still based around the static HTML model which means that a website must first be modified on a desktop computer using website design software before the modified pages are uploaded the hosting server, often through FTP although there are other methods of file transfer available. The process of modifying a static website can be time consuming and there is always room for error that could impact on the design or layout of the website; CMS (content management systems) systems have been developed to improve the way in which webmasters manage their websites by only allowing the modification of content and no code. A CMS can be seen as offering webmasters and web developers benefits such as:

  • The application that will run the core of your website is solid and well tested; all you need to do is perform a professional installation and install a theme that matches the design of your business and you are set to go
  • There are a number of plug-ins available for popular open-source applications, such as Joomla, that can be used to add additional functionality to the application and improve your overall experience as a webmaster.

Joomla is a popular PHP and MySQL based CMS that is one of the most advanced platforms available for developing a website on, having been developed to be a CMS from the start whereas WordPress, another popular platform, is better served as a blogging application. As PHP and MySQL are technologies supported by both Windows and Linux, any web hosting service from can provide you with the features necessary to run an effective installation of Joomla.

Installing Joomla offers a software management application with our Linux shared web hosting plans called Softaculous; this can be used to install a number of popular web applications, including Joomla, in your web space in just a few clicks and saves you the time and hassle of having to setup databases and the correct permissions. If you are using any other form of hosting then you will probably need to investigate other installation methods that are available and suit your hosting environment.

For the most part the manual installation of Joomla is a simple procedure that consists of the following steps:

  1. Download the latest version of Joomla from the software’s official website, located at
  2. Unzip/untar the package that you have downloaded to your desktop
  3. Login to your web hosting account using FTP or any other method of file transfer
  4. Upload the contents of the unzipped/untarred file to your web space
  5. Login to your web hosting control panel and create a new MySQL database for your website
  6. Navigate to your website or the directory on your website in which you have installed Joomla where the Pre-installation Check screen should be visible; following the installation steps and you should then have a fully working Joomla installation at the end.

If you require assistance with the installation of Joomla then’s 24×7 support team can assist you with the installation process if necessary. Our highly knowledgeable staff can perform a clean and professional installation for you at no cost.

Themes and Plugins

Like a majority of third-party applications that are designed for open source use, Joomla has large repositories of themes and plugins for you to choose from that can be used to provide your website with a fresh new design and to extend the core functionality of the application. There are of course APIs available for you to develop your own themes and plugins if you are an advanced user with knowledge of the PHP scripting language, so even though you are going to be basing your website on a third-party application, there is a lot of room for customization.

Creating a theme that is consistent with your business’s branding is an important aspect of developing a web presence because you want your website to stand out to your visitors as being your brand. Developing a theme for Joomla will require knowledge of CSS and HTML as well as a slight bit of PHP so that you can create an effective layout. If you feel that you don’t have the skills required for this then you can always use one of the freely available themes.

Even though Joomla is one of the most feature-rich web applications available, there may be something that you’re looking for that it doesn’t appear to have. Such thoughts can be remedied with the addition of plugins to create new features for Joomla that aren’t part of the core of the software. In order to create effective and stable plugins it is necessary for you to be competent with the PHP scripting language as your code will need to be secure, but also function correctly with the rest of the application.

Indian Web Hosting Services with Dedicated Hosting Environment

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A dedicated hosting environment is one which is isolated from other users, whether this is in a virtual environment or a physical environment. The design of a dedicated hosting environment is done to ensure that the actions of other users in their respective hosting environments aren’t able to impact on the performance of your website or hosting environment. Dedicated hosting environments are important for businesses looking to establish a web presence where reliability and security need to be abundant so that guarantees with regards to the safety and security of customer data can be provided.

Web Hosting Dedicated

Dedicated servers are the best example of dedicated hosting environments, primarily because you have full use of the hardware that forms your dedicated server and will only have to share this with someone else if you explicitly wish to. offers India dedicated servers of differing specifications that can run both Windows and Linux so that we can cater for businesses regardless of the technologies that they use to develop their IT infrastructure; we also offer custom upgrades for your dedicated hosting customers so that you can expand the use of your dedicated environment by adding extra resources. Dedicated servers from can be effective for users requiring a dedicated hosting environment in the follow manners:

  • The hardware specifications of your dedicated server can be adjusted accordingly to match the specifications that you expect in order to be able to use your dedicated server in the way that you wish to
  • For Windows hosting users, we are able to obtain licenses for popular Microsoft server applications such as SQL Server and Exchange Server at a reduced cost; installation of these and most other applications can also be performed by our support team, free of charge
  • The uptime offered by a dedicated server is often higher than that available with other web hosting services and this is going to be a necessity for businesses that rely on their website for income.

With a Linux dedicated server you will be able to access your dedicated hosting environment via SSH, therefore allowing you to make use of the various Linux commands that are available to manage your server effectively. Windows server administrators will have access to their dedicated hosting environment via Remote Desktop so that they can make full use of the Windows GUI.’s dedicated servers are hosted out of our state of the art data center located in Nashik, India. We have staff available on-site 24×7 so that you can be assured all issues are dealt with as they are discovered; this also means that you can contact someone with regards to your dedicated server at any time of day.

Web Hosting VPS

A VPS Hosting server is slightly different to a dedicated server; even though you will have your own dedicated hosting environment and dedicated resources that are accessible by any other users, this is within the context of a virtual hosting environment and a physical hosting node that is shared with other VPS hosting users. VPS hosting was developed to be a more affordable way of accessing dedicated hosting, with the target audience being small businesses that would otherwise be unable to afford that costs that are associated with a dedicated server; this is evident with the low-cost VPS servers that are provided by A VPS server can provide a dedicated environment with features such as:

  • Additional resources that you have ordered for your VPS server will be automatically assigned to your server and available for use immediately without the need to reboot your VPS server, therefore no downtime will be incurred
  • The state of your server can be managed from a web-based control panel so if for some reason your VPS server becomes inaccessible, you can reset it from a web interface
  • You can build up your own network of VPS servers from so that you are able to distribute the load of your website and delegate roles across several servers. offers some of the most affordable VPS hosting servers in India, with the features and services offered with our hosting plans being ideal for small businesses looking to develop an effective web presence. You will have a choice between Windows VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Hosting and can also customize other aspects of VPS hosting to match your aspirations.

Shared Web Hosting in India with Dedicated IP for SSL Certificate

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In order to get your website online where it can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection, you will need an India web hosting plan from a professional web hosting company such as that can offer you the disk space to host your website and the domain registration services necessary to create a permanent web address at which your website can be accessed. For beginners, offers a range of shared web hosting services that offer new users the resources necessary for the hosting of a small website; full support is available from’s 24×7 support team so that they can assist you with the setup and configuration processes if you are unsure of how to proceed.

A shared web hosting plan from can offer you the following features to enable you to get your website online:

  • Email hosting is a standard feature of all of our web hosting services and means that you can use your domain name for email services, so for example you can setup email addresses ending in “” as this will offer you an opportunity to convey a professional image to your visitors online
  • Support is offered for a wide variety of scripting languages on both our Windows and Linux platforms; scripting languages lie at the core of all dynamic web applications and are seen as the key to tapping into a server’s full potential and allow you to develop highly functional web applications
  • Generous bandwidth assignments are offered so that you can receive thousands of visitors to your website on a shared web hosting plan before there is a need for you to upgrade to the next web hosting service.

Uploading you website to your web hosting account is a fairly simple procedure as it can be done via FTP, which basically entails copying the files from your local computer and pasting them into your web space. FTP accounts are available with any web hosting service and there are a number of FTP applications available for Linux, Windows and Mac OSX operating systems. Furthermore, both the cPanel control panel (for Linux hosting) and Plesk control panel (for Windows hosting) feature web-based file managers that will allow you to manage the contents of your web hosting account on the fly.

With any cPanel Shared Hosting plan from there is the option to purchase a dedicated IP address for use with your website. A dedicated IP address can provide benefits including portraying a more professional image through the use of reverse DNS and a reduction in the chances of the IP address that your website is hosted on becoming blacklisted; however, the main use of dedicated IP addresses with shared web hosting is for SSL certificates so that you can provide a secure connection between your website and your visitors’ computers. also offer SSL certificates that you can choose from to match the level of security that you are looking to achieve for your website.

Web Hosting Security

Developing a secure web hosting environment for our customers is one of the core policies that we take into consideration when configuring new servers for our shared web hosting plans.’s support staff are fully certified and use the latest methods to ensure that our Linux servers and Windows servers are secured to the highest standards possible; however, at the same time we believe that it is important for customers to realize the important part that they play with regards to the integrity of server security by ensuring that they use the latest coding techniques when developing dynamic web applications to ensure that hackers aren’t able to compromise holes in their web applications.

A dedicated SSL certificate is another way in which webmasters are able to create an extra layer of security around their website. An SSL certificate is responsible for encrypting the information that is exchanged between a visitors’ computer and your website; if you are going to be handling the personal information of your customers or other sensitive information is going to be entered into your website, it is vital for you to be encrypting data transmissions. As a further measure many websites are now choosing to implement SSL certificates as standard regardless of whether confidential information is being entered and processed.

Windows Shared Hosting for ASP.NET and MSSQL Web Applications

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The basis of any web application is going to be the scripting framework that you have used to develop your website; in the case of Windows web developers, ASP.NET is the recommended solution because of the close ties that it offers with the Windows operating system. If you have never publicly hosted a website before then let us introduce to shared web hosting, the point at which you should start if you have never used a web hosting service before; not only are shared web hosting plans the most affordable solutions available, but they are also the easiest to manage. A Windows shared web hosting service from will provide you with the tools and features necessary to get your first ASP.NET web application hosted, with full assistance available at every stage to make sure that you can deploy your website as fast as possible.

As a scripting framework, ASP.NET is a lot more robust and secure than other solutions that are available. Even though the core of the framework isn’t modifiable because ASP.NET isn’t open source, Microsoft updates it on a regular basis to ensure that bugs and holes in the software are patched as they are discovered. So that you are able to make the most of ASP.NET, you should look for the following features in a Windows shared web hosting package:

  • offers full support for ASP.NET 4.0 web applications so that you are able to tap into the latest features offered by the scripting framework; legacy support is also available for versions 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0
  • Plesk control panel access puts you in full control of your Windows shared hosting account so that you are able to use the features that you have purchased as you wish to
  • Dedicated SSL certificates are available in a shared web hosting environment so that you can develop a secure environment regardless of the size of your budget.

MSSQL Hosting

Behind every dynamic website that has been developed using a scripting framework is the database for which configuration information and content for the website is stored. The most scalable solution available to Windows web developers is Microsoft SQL Server and this is a feature available on all Windows shared web hosting plans; MSSQL databases can be tied into ASP.NET applications fairly easy, allowing for an seamless end-user experience that should function as you intend without any performance or reliability issues. Creating and managing a MSSQL database can be achieved in two ways; you can either use the ASP.NET Enterprise Manager application that is provided with the Plesk control panel on our Windows servers, or alternatively you can use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, which is available for free from the Microsoft website (albeit for Windows only).

Developing a dynamic website that relies on a database as a location in which it can store its content can provide many benefits to webmasters, such as:

  • You can develop a web-based interface through which you can manage the content of your website on the fly
  • Developing advanced features for your business website such as an online shop where you can sell your goods and services can improve the income that you receive from web-based activities.

There is also the opportunity to use MSSQL databases with other scripting languages, although the interaction and functionality will leave a lot to be desired. Furthermore, MSSQL is going to be a popular choice with larger businesses that rely on the database server to power other backend applications that are relevant to their activities.

If you haven’t used Microsoft SQL Server to any degree before then’s 24×7 support team are here to assist you whenever necessary; our main aim is to offer your clients a web hosting solution and environment that will fulfill their needs.

Web Hosting Linux or Windows

For ASP.NET and MSSQL database hosting, Windows hosting services are the only services available to meet your needs. Linux is open source whilst Windows is a commercial operating system and it is because of the license fee that has to be paid that Windows shared web hosting services are often more expensive than Linux shared hosting services; however, as a Windows web developer this will put you in a position that will enable you to make the most of what Windows has to offer because of the direct access to the .NET framework, a feature that will extend the Windows API.

cPanel Linux Shared Hosting with 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

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Web hosting on the Linux platform is often the cheapest option for individuals and small businesses because a majority of Linux distributions and the applications that run on them are open source, therefore guaranteeing that you will never have to pay to use them. offers a competitive range of Linux shared web hosting services that have been developed around cPanel to offer a range of features that represent good value for money; furthermore, you will have full control of your own web hosting account as cPanel is one of the most popular web hosting control panels available for Linux servers.

Open source applications provide greater room for expansion because developers are able to access the source code so that they can identify where performance improvements can be made as well as where hooks are available for them to develop their own plugins and modules to use. Although you may translate this to meaning that it is easier for hackers to discover holes in open source applications, updates and bug releases will be released on a regular basis as they are with commercial applications so that server administrators can be assured that there will never be any holes or hackers to exploit if they keep their servers updated on a regular basis.

At we recommend our affordable Linux shared web hosting plans to beginners because the enclosed environment offers a safe environment that new users can use to become accustomed to their web hosting environment. offers full support with all of our Linux shared web hosting plans so that we are able to meet our high uptime guarantee by monitoring our servers and network around the clock; furthermore, you can call on our 24×7 support team for assistance when you need it.

Web Hosting PHP MySQL

If developing a website for use in a Linux web hosting environment then the probability is that you are going to be using a PHP/MySQL-based solution so that you can develop a dynamic yet functional website. PHP is arguably the most popular scripting language used by web developers because of the functionality that it can offer, yet it is very easy to learn and become accustomed to; as well as providing a rich core of features, there is also numerous third-party plugins available that you can use to enhance the functionality of your web applications. MySQL is an open source database server and is ideal for scenarios where a scalable database solution is required for web applications that are going to be facing high demand. offers PHP and MySQL hosting as standard with all of our Linux shared web hosting packages so that no matter how much you spend on your cPanel hosting service, you will have access to the features required to manage your PHP and MySQL configurations. In a shared web hosting environment you aren’t going to have huge control over the functionality of PHP, but you will be provided with access to PHPMyAdmin so that you can manage the contents of your MySQL databases – the creation and management of MySQL databases is taken care of through the cPanel control panel.

PHP and MySQL can be used in a number of different ways to provide functionality to your website, such as:

  • Developing a member or login system will provide you with a way to password-protect certain areas of your website
  • You can create a dynamic website that pulls all of its content from a central database; this means that you can develop an entire Content Management System for your web application, which will reduce the amount of time that you will need to spend updating your content.

Reliable Shared Hosting aims to offer the most reliable shared web hosting services in India and we plan to keep to this using methods such as:

  • By hosting in our own data center that is located in Nashik, India, we are able to maintain an on-site presence 24×7 so that any issues discovered can be rectified immediately
  • Fully managed web hosting plans enable us to offer assistance to all of our hosting customers so that they are able to get their websites up and running in their web space without delay
  • The use of high-end dedicated servers and Cisco equipment throughout our network provides the assurance that downtime because of hardware failure is pretty much impossible.

Using Web Hosting Billing Software with a Reseller Hosting Account

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Starting your own web hosting business is one way in which you can make money online, but to do so takes dedication to making your business work as well as time and effort to achieve this. offers a range of reseller web hosting plans that offer those wanting to start their own businesses with the perfect opportunity to get their hosting efforts off the ground; although not offering a dedicated hosting environment, reseller plans offer a more confined environment which will be more than suitable when getting use to the new software and system architectures.

Your reseller web hosting plan from will be hosted in our brand new data center located in Nashik, India. Unlike the data centers of our competitors, we maintain a 24×7 on-site staff presence so that our technical staff not only monitor our network and servers directly from the control room around the clock, but they are in a position that will allow them to identify and sort issues at any time of day before they are able to cause noticeable impact on the performance or operations of websites.

By offering a range of Windows reseller plans and Linux reseller plans, can put you in a position where you can offer your own web hosting clients hosting on both platforms. Although you may not be able to appreciate it at the moment, there are benefits to be had for any web hosting business by offering hosting on Windows and Linux because there will be customers seeking hosting on both platforms; if you offer hosting on one but not the other then you could potentially put yourself in a position where you are losing customers (and additional revenue).

If a reseller hosting plan from isn’t able to satisfy your demand for resources and uptime, offers fully managed VPS servers and dedicated servers that can also serve this purpose, just to a greater extent and with additional benefits.

Web Hosting Billing Software

Web hosting billing applications are designed to simplify the processes that web hosting companies and resellers carry out daily to maintain their business and to provide customers with a stable and consistent hosting experience. Running a business of any sort involves daily processes to make sure that your financial records are kept up to date and in the case of web hosting, that your new customers receive their orders almost immediately after having their payment processed. A high quality web hosting billing application will integrate with many of the applications and services that form the basis of your business; this can include server control panels, fraud prevention systems and finance management applications.

A majority of web hosting billing applications are built with support for the following components of a hosting company:

  • Control panel support ensures that customers ordering shared web hosting products have their accounts setup for them once they have completed the checkout process; if looking to use a web hosting billing application with your reseller account, choose an application that has support for the cPanel and Plesk control panels
  • Managing finances is important for any business and so any good web hosting billing application will be able to provide you with figures related to the sales of your business so that the process of putting together final accounts for your business can be simplified
  • Keeping tabs on the clients of your business is also necessary so that you can offer them a personalized service; all web hosting billing systems act as client management applications and will keep a record of clients’ contact details and the services that they have purchased from you.

Support is a core concern for many web hosting business because it is important for customers to receive replies to their queries and issues in a timely manner. Although there are other support ticket management applications available, choosing a web hosting billing system that offers built-in support management will allow you to streamline your support methods as you will be able to access everything about a client from a single interface, therefore reducing the amount of time that it will take you to diagnose an issue and respond to the ticket.