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An Overview Of Syndication Feed For Your Website

January 24th, 2011 Comments off

Many of us have heard about the syndication process of a website. Near about each website updates new content after a specific time interval, which causes for the feed and the same feed is called as syndication feed. I the past these were used with the blog so that people can know the recent content on that particular blog. Being successive on a large scale they very soon spread to websites. As syndication can help to each type of websites they are used almost all type of websites such as by news sites to alert people by latest breaking news, by picture and video websites to inform about latest uploads, Web Hosting services providers to inform webmasters about recent releases.

A syndication feed is in the form of static XML file which is created automatically when any new content is added. I can be also as a dynamic web page which includes latest updated items and omits the appropriate XML markup. A programmer need to use classes in 'System.ServiceModel.Syndication' to generate the syndication feed output on a web page. So the precaution of not interfering with the master page is necessary while doing this. After the creation of syndicated feeds page, one need to remove all the other content from that particular .aspx page. The only code exists should be of @Page directive.

Role of Control Panels In VPS Hosting

January 21st, 2011 Comments off

For controlling a account and making the administration easy one it is necessary to add a control panel on VPS Hosting servers. With addition of a control panel one can look after all websites which are hosted on a VPS Hosting server. There are few control panels available for both Linux VPS Hosting and Windows VPS Hosting. I would like to describe best five of them in brief.

Plesk Panel

As a VPS control panel, Plesk Panel is known to be the best control panle because it can manage any number of plesk VPS servers by using a single interface, many users claims it as a fastest control panel and fully featured with controls.

cPanel / WHM

cPanel which is known a short form of control panel in web hosting industry is one of the most popular control panel type which is also capable of scaling and transferring multiple information among accounts of a VPS server.

Small Business Panel

This type of control panel has a reputation of being able to install applications with a single click from libraries, blogs, cms packages and e-commerce suites. One more specialty this type of control panels has is, you can set multiple level of control for different users. This is most suitable control panel for ‘Reseller Businessmen and Corporate business users’.

Helm Control Panel

This is the best control panel for Windows VPS accounts because it enables the uploading process easy through control panel. Furthermore Helm control panel also has features like high security level and easy file handling.

HSP Complete

This control panel is wel-known for its simplicity and user-friendliness that’s why it suites to newbies. New people can learn and handle it very quickly. It is also fast and reliable for VPS Hosting clients.

All above mentioned control panels are easily available in both Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS Hosting.

Affiliate Business vs. Reseller Business

January 20th, 2011 Comments off

Affiliate Program is becoming a great weapon to promote web hosting services on the internet as an affiliate himself becomes a promoter of hosting business for his own profits. An affiliate can earn a good income if he works hard and succeed to arrange few big deals between hosting company and hosting clients. Web Hosting providing companies have developed a tracking system through which they generate a unique links for each affiliate which is further used for developing business of that particular affiliate. There are few methods which one has to understand before signing up for a affiliate program. Unlike a Reseller Hosting customer, there is no need to become a existing customer of that web hosting company for being eligible to become a affiliate program. In reseller hosting you need to purchase the hosting services from a web hosting providing company and then you can resell those services to another hosting clients, but affiliate business can be started with zero investment.

There are number of affiliate programs available on the internet from which you just need to calculate the output and select the best paying affiliate program. In other aspect of this business you also need to be sure about the service quality provided by that particular web hosting provider company because you only receive your commission until the customer refereed by you stays with the web hosting provider company. Most of the web hosting companies provides banners to make advertising easy for affiliate member. Affiliate member has to place this banner on targeted traffic generating websites backed by unique affiliate link assigned for his own account.

PuTTY : A Great Utility To Establish A SSH Connection

January 18th, 2011 Comments off

One can describe PuTTy as a client program for the network protocols which are mostly used for running a remote sessions on a computer system which is connected to a network. Such programs include SSH, Rlogin network protocols and Telnet. This PuTTY obligates towards client side of a particular session and not on the server side where does it actually runs.

In other words one can say that PuTTY makes it possible to analize a operation on the computer system which can be different that the computer system where actually it is running. For example you can operate a computer system having any operating system, software etc from other computer which has different parameters.

PuTTY supports both xterm terminal as well as DECterm but PuTTY's default terminal type to any server is as xterm if any problem persists with it then it can be reconfigured as vt220.

If anybody has a question that 'Which commands can be executed in a PuTTY terminal window?' then it is basically wrong question because no process occurs inside PuTTY but it only a tool of communication which forwards the commands typed by you to the another computer and responses from that computer back to you. PuTTY has nothing to do with running applications on any of the both computer systems ans so that command execution depends on the system's execution compatibility to those commands.

By using PuTTY the security level of web servers can be maintained. It is very easy to run PuTTY by downloading 'puttygen.exe' which is widely available on Internet.

Alt Codes For Various Symbols – II

January 17th, 2011 Comments off

Here are the remaining shortcuts of the previous post I would like share with all of you.

Alt – 0188 ¼ Alt – 0203 Ë Alt – 0218 Ú Alt – 0233 é Alt – 0248 ø
Alt – 0189 ½ Alt – 0204 Ì Alt – 0219 Û Alt – 0234 ê Alt – 0249 ù
Alt – 0190 ¾ Alt – 0205 Í Alt – 0220 Ü Alt – 0235 ë Alt – 0250 ú
Alt – 0191 ¿ Alt – 0206 Î Alt – 0221 Ý Alt – 0236 ì Alt – 0251 û
Alt – 0192 À Alt – 0207 Ï Alt – 0222 Þ Alt – 0237 í Alt – 0252 ü
Alt – 0193 Á Alt – 0208 Ð Alt – 0223 ß Alt – 0238 î Alt – 0253 ý
Alt – 0194 Â Alt – 0209 Ñ Alt – 0224 à Alt – 0239 ï Alt – 0254 þ
Alt – 0195 Ã Alt – 0210 Ò Alt – 0225 á Alt – 0240 ð Alt – 0255 ÿ
Alt – 0196 Ä Alt – 0211 Ó Alt – 0226 â Alt – 0241 ñ
Alt – 0197 Å Alt – 0212 Ô Alt – 0227 ã Alt – 0242 ò
Alt – 0198 Æ Alt – 0213 Õ Alt – 0228 ä Alt – 0243 ó
Alt – 0199 Ç Alt – 0214 Ö Alt – 0229 å Alt – 0244 ô
Alt – 0200 È Alt – 0215 × Alt – 0230 æ Alt – 0245 õ
Alt – 0201 É Alt – 0216 Ø Alt – 0231 e Alt – 0246 ö
Alt – 0202 Ê Alt – 0217 Ù Alt – 0232 è Alt – 0247 ÷

Alt Codes For Various Symbols – I

January 17th, 2011 Comments off

When you don’t find a particular symbol on your Keyboard keys, What do you do? You need to search it through various options of the application you are using. So avoid this time wastage I would like to share some shortcuts which can be created by combination of certain keys given in the following table.

Alt -0128 € Alt – 0143 ? Alt – 0158 ž Alt – 0173 ­-
Alt – 0129 ? Alt – 0144 ? Alt – 0159 Ÿ Alt – 0174 ®
Alt – 0130 ‚ Alt – 0145 ‘ Alt – 0160 Alt – 0175 ¯
Alt – 0131 ƒ Alt – 0146 ’ Alt – 0161 ¡ Alt – 0176 °
Alt – 0132 „ Alt – 0147 “ Alt – 0162 ¢ Alt – 0177 ±
Alt – 0133 … Alt – 0148 ” Alt – 0163 £ Alt – 0178 ²
Alt – 0134 † Alt – 0149 • Alt – 0164 ¤ Alt – 0179 ³
Alt – 0135 ‡ Alt – 0150 – Alt – 0165 ¥ Alt – 0180 ´
Alt – 0136 ˆ Alt – 0151 — Alt – 0166 ¦ Alt – 0181 µ
Alt – 0137 ‰ Alt – 0152 ˜ Alt – 0167 § Alt – 0182 ¶
Alt – 0138 Š Alt – 0153 ™ Alt – 0168 ¨ Alt – 0183 ·
Alt – 0139 ‹ Alt – 0154 š Alt – 0169 © Alt – 0184 ¸
Alt – 0140 Œ Alt – 0155 › Alt – 0170 ª Alt – 0185 ¹
Alt – 0141 ? Alt – 0156 œ Alt – 0171 « Alt – 0186 º
Alt – 0142 Ž Alt – 0157 ? Alt – 0172 ¬ Alt – 0187 »

Furthermore shortcuts can be found in next post.

How should I change the date.timezone value in PHP?

January 12th, 2011 Comments off

If you are facing an issue wherein PHP scripts does not show the correct time, the reason for this can be mostly said to be because your web hosting server is based in a different time zone. The issue can be simply sorted out by changing the date.timezone setting in PHP.

As per your location you can set the date.timezone value in PHP by adding the below to your file :

ate.timezone = “Asia/Calcutta”

The example is stated assuming that you would like to set the timezone for your PHP script to Asia/Calcutta.

If you face any issues while executing the above, you can contact your web hosting service provider for further assistance on the same.

How can I connect to FTP with a web browser?

January 12th, 2011 Comments off

The ways to connect by FTP to a host for your web hosting account are mentioned below :

The most simple way to connect is by using IE which has proved to the best in regards to FTP support. For connecting with your browser, you need to use the below mentioned address :

ftp://FTPUSER:[email protected]

If your FTP user to connect is similar to [email protected], then you will have to make sure that you URL encode it like the below mentioned :[email protected]

This address is URL encoded and comes from [email protected] where @ has been substituted with %40, which is the ASCII code for @.

How can I place a banner in vBulletin for unregistered users?

January 8th, 2011 Comments off

You can place a banner for an unregistered user in vBulletin easily following the below mentioned steps:


1. First you need to log in to your vBulletin administration area ( for e.g.

2. Then you need to go to Styles & Templates from the menu located in the left. Choose Style Manager.

3. Now click on << >> to collapse all options.

4. Then you need to choose where you would like your banner to be placed or located.

5. After finalizing on the position of the banner you need to scroll to the bottom and add the following code:
<if condition=”in_array($bbuserinfo[‘usergroupid’], array(1, 3))”>

Your banner code goes here in HTML

The above code would mean that if the user has groupid 1 or 3 the following code should be executed. By default 1 and 3 user group ids belong to unregistered and awaiting-approval users. If you have any further issues pertaining this you can contact the support staff for your Web Hosting Service Provider.

Is integration of Apache with Tomcat really worth?

January 8th, 2011 Comments off

As Apache and Tomcat have high importance in web server hosting industry. There are both good and bad side this integration of Apache with Tomcat and there are different opinion about the same. Following are some points I would like to attach the discussion.

Clustering – When Apache is used as front-end it works as a front door for multiple Tomcat instances. Apache has the ability to ignore if any one of Tomcats fails. For this you need to use a hardware which is load-balanced.

Security – I we compared Apache with Java then we can know that Java has its own security manages and Apache works on bigger mid-share. Though this is a controversial topic but when one prefer to go fo Apache he needs to secure two systems at the same time but which can be appreciated by search engines also.

Clustering / Security – It is possible to use Apache with multiple tomcats for multiple URL name-spaces and in such situations Tomcats can be more protected individually. Though Apache is smarter proxy server one need to take care of it.

Add-Ons – In Apache one can add PHP, CGI and pearl very smoothly and such addition is very effective for Tomcat. Unlike Tomcat, Apache has many modules to be plugged in.

Dcorators – It possible to perform multiple decorators when Apache is in front of Tomcat which does not support of quick code.

Speed – Though it is very hard to compare speed between Apache and Tomcat, when things come to static content, Apache is quicker than Tomcat. But this only applicable in the case of high traffic websites. There are some exceptions where Tomcat wins the race by using connector wisely.

Socket Handling – In many cases Apache it known as better socket handler than the Tomcat. Tomcat handles the sockets through JVM which require to go through platform, hence makes Tomcat slower.