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How can I disable new registrations for MediaWiki?

December 23rd, 2010 Comments off


If you are looking forward to disabling the option for your MediaWiki visitors to register new accounts at your website then you would need to add the below mentioned code to your LocalSettings.php file :

$wgGroupPermissions[‘*’][‘createaccount’] = false;

Below mentioned is a detailed description as to how to do this on your website hosting account with the use of cPanel Control Panel :

*First you need to login to your cPanel control panel for your website hosting account.

*Navigate to the File Manager

*Click on the public_html folder

*Then click on the folder placed next to the folder where MediaWiki is installed

*Click on the file names LocalSettings.php

*In the top right corner you will see various management options for LocalSettings.php, you need to click on Edit File

*Lookup for a file named $wgGroupPermissions. If the file is not available, you would need to add it manually. But if it is available, you need to edit to :

$wgGroupPermissions[‘*’][‘createaccount’] = false;

*Once you save the edited LocalSettings.php file, new users would not be able to create new accounts.

If you are facing any further issues with the same, we recommend you to contact the support staff for you web hosting service provider.

Domain name’s and it’s extension’s Role in your Business?

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Selection of domain names is one of the most important processes of starting a business. Because of high saturation of many businesses and service providers of same type of product and services, the competition for the reliable and suitable domain names is getting tougher and tougher day by day. One need to run hard and long for getting his own desired domain name. And as per common market rule the prices for domain names varies in the same proportion of their popularity. Its really a difficult job to find out the companies providing domain names at cheap rates.

We can analyze the importance of domain names by its major characteristics of providing automatic popularity because of being related with product and service and allowing to create email accounts which also focuses the same.

When things comes to extensions held by domain names, they make it a little bit easy to differ a same domain name with different extensions as example and are treated as two independent domains and has no relation between them. One should check out all the possibilities for the availabilities of a domain name with different possible domain extensions. As large scale businesses who mostly choose Dedicated Server Hosting as a web hosting option they generally get ready pay high amounts for their desired domain names but same can not be seen for shared hosting customers as they run their businesses with a tight budget.

Great Features of cPanel.

December 17th, 2010 Comments off

  • Simplicity:- The interface with the user is very easy for newbies also as there are very useful tutorials in the form of videos and on-screen help are available. This make cPanel one of the most popular among website hosting customers.

  • Total Control:- After selecting cPanel you become master of your web server and it all in you hands to run different application like PHP, Apache, or DNS. User management is also one important area comes under your control.

  • Reliability:- This one of the most reliable application among it competitors. You get an inbuilt automation for automatic restart in case of any failure to service.

  • Supportive To Web Development:- Web development activities become more secure for developers as cPanel make them possible to perform any task without disturbing other users on the web hosting servers.

  • Security:- One of the most important factor for all is security and it is very well covered in cPanel. It is equipped with the latest technologies to keep your web servers secure from different viruses and rootkits. With the helps of tools provided it is possible to lock down the servers.

  • Extensibility:- There are number of APIs available easily for the easy extension of cPanel. Many function can be automatically updated.

  • Automatic Updates and Mobile Accessibility:- Automatic updates make your server competent with latest security features and other technology features. These can also be disabled by a webmaster if he don’t want updates anymore. As current era is of mobiles and smart phones, it has become possible for webmasters to operate cPanel via these latest devices.
  • Useful for Resellers:- This is a great utility of Reseller Hosting business owners as they can have their own nameservers and use different cPanel logo of their own for total different appearance of the applications.

There are many great fetures and utilities are combined with cPanel which makes it one of the most favourite application among webmasters.

How to Trace a Spammer?

December 16th, 2010 Comments off

There are many ways to trace out the place from where the spam is coming, in few cases a spammer may not have any intention to hide his information from a webmaster because he very well know that the activities he is performing are intentional. In other type spammers will take lot efforts to hide their identities and contact information as they are aware of the disadvantages of spamming in better manner than the first ones.

Email address is the basic thing to be found very first in the process of detection of a spammer. Another solution is to find out the server location or web hosting provider from where the emails and spammy activities are starting, if one succeed to track out these thing then it becomes easy to stop the spammer easily.

Using Whois Database it is possible to find web hosting server on which the domain is hosted. If the domain has different extensions like .biz, .org, .net or the very common one .com then ‘’ is also a very good tool to check these type of domains. In case of .ca domain extensions contacting CIRA Whois Database is the recommended. In case of regional country-wise domain extensions checking with top level registries for further details is beneficial. In final once you succeed to track the the information about the web hosting services provider of the spammer then having a talk on administrative level and requesting to stop the services of these spammers becomes easy.

Factors To Be Concerned Before Making Selection Of Unmanaged Hosting Services.

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Majority of Webmasters think that its wise decision to go for managed web hosting services. And the reasons may be different behind ‘why they think so?’ Many webmasters are also businessmen and they can not spend much time in managing their servers and websites. Almost all the web hosting service providers provide 27 X 4 support to their clients at an affordable rate. Going for unmanaged hosting involves lots of risks and also requires that much experience of server handling. Webmasters who are newbies and has never performed any activities regarding server modification and changes are supposed to go for managed web hosting and they also don’t have any other option because of lack of knowledge and experience.

Here I would like to raise some questions which can help each webmasters to make the decision between managed web hosting and unmanaged web hosting.

  • Do you have enough access to web server in the hosting package you want to buy?
  • Do you have enough experience and knowledge for fixing the Server issues?
  • Do you have knowledge to patch a server remotely and with new security issues?
  • Do your website has any special requirements which can not fulfilled by support staff of a web hosting services provider?
  • How much you are going to save by selecting an unmanaged web hosting service?
  • Can the time spent in server managing be utilized for more beneficial business activities?

After considering the above question one can judge easily either to go for managed hosting or unmanaged hosting.

How can I rebuild my mail database in Mac Mail?

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Mac Mail stores your emails from your web hosting server in various mailbox database files located in Home > Library > Mail > Mailboxes.


With adequate use and with time, addition and removal of hundreds of emails takes place from these files. Resulting in degrading the overall performance of the Mail. It could also result into problems or errors arising.

This problem has a very simple solution to it, you need to rebuild the message database which will repair and purge the unnecessary mail files. This will ensure improvement in your Mail’s performance.

For rebuilding an mail database, you need to select the mailboxes “drawer” in the Mail. Then click on Mailbox > Rebuild Mailbox. This process could take several minutes to long hours, its completely dependent on the size of your mailboxes.

Description of Various Domain extensions

December 15th, 2010 Comments off

Below mentioned are the description for various domain extensions, these domain extensions are easily available with companies offering Web Hosting Services and also Reseller Web Hosting Services

.COM (Commercial) – This domain extension is the most highly recognized domain name extension. It is generally used for commercial use.


.NET (Network) – This domain extension was defined for use by network oriented sites in the initial stages but is not the same now a days. Its being used for commercial use as-well if .com extension is not available for the desired domain name.

.ORG (Organization) – It is normally intended to be used by trade organizations or non profit organizations. But it is also seen to be taken by commercial use websites for keeping all the extensions for a particular domain name.

.EDU (Education) – This domain extension is mainly used by educational organizations for their websites.

.BIZ (Business) – This domain type is looked up a alternative for .com extensions when it comes to business use. Mainly .biz domain extensions are used by websites into business.

.INFO (Informational) – It is one of the most popular domain extension after .com, .net and .org. It is used by informational websites holding on to its value solely for informational websites.

.MOBI (Mobile) – This domain extension is generally registered by corporates to keep a hold onto their brand name. Its quite a new domain extension generally used by websites displaying on Mobile devices.

.TV (Television) – This domain type is strictly used for media and visual promoting websites.

.WS (Website) – This domain extension was fore-casted to be very popular because of its use as an acronym for a website, but did not enjoy that much of popularity.

.ME (ME) – This is one of the latest domain extensions available for use. Mainly used for personal or family websites and blogs.

.NAME (NAME) – This domain extension is very similar to .ME extensions mainly used for for personal and family websites or simply used for name related email addresses.

.CO.IN (India) – This domain extension is used by Indian Based Businesses.

.CA (Canada) – This domain extension is normally reserved for Canadian based businesses.

.CO.UK (United Kingdom) – This domain is being used for commercial use by UK based websites. But the use of this domain is not restricted to only use in UK

.CN (China) – This domain extensions is basically intended to be used in China but is not restricted. It can be used by other users as per requirement.

Pros and Cons of vBulletin

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vBulletin is considered to be one of the most powerful forum application available. Its loaded with all the latest forum features with easy to use control system. Vbulletin provides a platform to perform various activities at the same time with seamless integrated experience, Multi-Roles Control Panels, Search Engine Optimization, Security, Flexibility and User/Member Management. vBulletin can be installed on any web hosting service like Linux Shared Hosting, Windows Shared Hosting and all the other services.



– user-based poll tracking is available for making it convenient;

– vBulletin is XHTML compliant;

– user logging is maintained;

– message drafts can be posted as and when required;

– tracking of topic participation can be done easily;

– very easy-to-use plugin installer is available for maximum utilization;


– slightly more expensive than other forum applications;

– integration with other applications would require additional paid modules;

– vBulletin does not support database engines other than MySQL;

– no attachments in private messages;

Is Semi Dedicated Server Hosting Better Than VPS Hosting?

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This is one of the most confusing question for many webmasters and it become difficult task to select a right type of hosting solution when the comparison goes on between VPS Hosting and Semi Dedicated Hosting. Its an easy task when VPS hosting is compared with Dedicated Hosting as webmaster has an clear idea about the balance to make between his budget and available features in these two. Semi Dedicated Hosting services raised to feel the gap between vps hosting and dedicated hosting. When VPS server are not fulfilling the technical requirement of a webmaster and he also can not raise enough budget to go for a Dedicated servers then Semi Dedicated server hosting is a great blessing for such webmasters. In this type of hosting services a single server is not provided to a single webmaster but that particular server is kept limited to very few dedicated hosting accounts to provide better efficiency and to optimize the resources provided to webmasters. The configuration of Semi Dedicated servers is also kept high for differentiating it from VPS Hosting.

Similar to VPS Hosting, Semi Dedicated servers also can set on both Linux and Windows platform. So far reliability of Semi dedicated hosting is concerned one can trust as much as he can do with Dedicated server hosting.

How can I change the value of a PHP Setting?

December 13th, 2010 Comments off

You may apply customized PHP settings on a pre-folder using a local php.ini file.


Below mentioned is an example to describe the same :

If you require output_buffering set to OFF in a particular directory, you should log into your cPanel provided with web hosting account and go to the File Manager. There you need to navigate through to the directory where you’d want this setting to be applied. In the desired directory create a php.ini file containing the below:

output_buffering = off

The settings should take place, once the above steps are executed.

There are two exceptions which you need to note :

Some very important PHP Limits or Directives cannot be changed, for example memory_limit and max_execution_timeout. Changing the values from the values assigned by the administrator can result in problems with the overall server performance.

If PHP is compiled as an Apache module, you can try using a .htaccess file containing the below mentioned :

php_value output_buffering off

Please be advised that the global PHP settings cannot be changed with a local file if you are using PHP 5.1. Some globally defined limits cannot be changed per account.