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Dedicated Server Hosting | Dedicated IP Hosting | Static Web Hosting

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The dedicated IP web hosting also referred as Static Web Hosting, is a another type of web hosting solution. In this type of hosting, each user using a dedicated web hosting server gets a unique IP address to use. The user simply needs to log into the website using the given IP address or the domain name to access  information that is available on any dedicated web hosting servers.
Dedicated_IP_Hosting Most of the experienced web hosting service providers offer the service of dedicated IP web hosting. Though, if you are have a mission critical online business, you must make sure that you choose the best type of dedicated IP web hosting services from reputed and professional web hosting providers. The advantages of using such services are huge.
The major advantage of the dedicated IP web hosting is, you get your own unique IP address with your personal space and that is important when thinking of serious business over the world wide web.
Security of data and website is of utmost importance to an eCommerce website.Such services also help you to avoid spams that you may come across while working with other types of servers,especially the servers that are shared by multiple users.
Inorder to get a unique IP address, you simply need to sign-up with web hosting service provider. They would avail you a unique dedicated IP web hosting account, using this you can instantly start your online business. With this kind of service you can get some basic web tools and features that are required by a website.This service is no different than other Web Hosting services,you can simply upload your content and other data to your own secure personal space.
Extreme Reliability and flexibility is the best advantage of this type of web hosting service no matter how complex the web hosting architecture you have. Dedicated IP web hosting is advantageous as it also offers guaranteed private and secure SSL certificate which is essential for online stores for securing the online transactions. It also provides anonymous FTP which is very important for transferring the data over the internet in a much secured way.
You can also have complete control over your website and the hosting account with the use of Dedicated IP hosting solution.A dedicated IP is specifically useful from an SEO point of view,and is important when you are taking efforts to optimize your website inorder to achieve better page rank and better position in the search engine result pages.

Best Linux Web Hosting

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Computers and hosting world is quite used to the World of Windows Operating Systems, many of all of us now are ready to give up for Windows and  migrate onto some other reliable options, Linux Operating system is the choice of majority of them.

Best linux Web Hosting

Linux is in use from the 60’ and is considered as the some what difficult operating system, as the years passed on the operating system system was highly appreciated because of its features and used by the people, Linux has overcome many changes since its inception. The Linux is full of exciting features and it is flexible to work across all platforms. We have many users saying that Linux has eliminated many problems that Windows encounters. However, Linux has become one of the top business standards over the past few years and businesses have integrated Linux OS into their systems and use Linux servers almost exclusively.

This gave rise to the Linux Web hosting, a company that provides with the Linux Hosting has probably as some point migrated from Unix. Companies having Linux servers or opting for Linux hosting should be looking for hosting company who provides the proper Linux technical support for them.

Linux hosting is more likely preferred in the Linux VPS hosting package. Linux VPS hosting at India is now is at its best at with flexible packages and 24×7 live support.

Relation between Web Hosting and SEO.

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As most are aware SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization.It is important for getting organic search traffic to the website.Whereas,hosting is all about placing your website on the server owned by either you or by the Web Hosting provider.Here is some information about the relation between web hosting and SEO.


With the changing visitor choices and search methods,search engines have started to monitor almost every information which is related to the domain.This is something more than just the content on your website.

According to the search engine liking, backlinks or link building is considered to be the most essential aspect of SEO.Each backlink added to the list,acts as a bonus point in view of the search engine.Though,link building is not a laymans task.It is important for any website’s success to get backlinks from websites/domains that are hosted on different web host servers and with different IP addresses.The main intention should be,that the entire linkbuilding process must look natural.Incase most of the backlinks to your website comes from the same websites/domains,search engines may either think that you either own that domain/s or you maybe have purchased links from them.Here in both the cases, may create a negative impact in terms of seach engine rankings of your website.Therefore,it is necessary that the backlinks you get to your domain,comes from websites hosted on different servers from various locations that has different IP addresses to increase your authority in the search engines.

A straight forward approach to get online success is to adopt natural ways or pretend to be natural in the view of the search engines.The search engines bots determine the authenticity by validating the volume of backlinks coming from various authoritative websites hosted on different servers of different web hosting providers.

Therefore,if you are looking forward for a successful website, and with that intention,if you are setting up number of domains,it is advised to host it on different web servers offered by different web hosting providers.This move in SEO can help you achieve better results in the search engine result pages.Most of the web hosting service providers offer free dedicated IP addresses with their web hosting packages.You may contact your web hosts for inquiring about IP’s from different servers.Installing your website on such IP’s can prove to be fruitful and can save some extra bucks that you would have to pay to the other hosts for signing up for new web hosting packages.

There are various benefits of having a dedicated IP assigned to your website, one of the benefit from SEO point of view is that you are prevented from falling prey to the common IP assigned to the shared web hosting server that may be blacklisted by the search engines.If you are working on optimizing your website for particular geographic location,IP’s from servers from that region is the most effective way of geo targeting SEO.

Inaddition to this,it is required that you get your website optimized from a third party SEO firm or you may even use the freely available softwares that are already optimized.You may may even use such softwares on your server leased from the web hosting provider.Ofcourse not all web hosting packages offer you the privileges to install third party softwares onto the server. Usually, the web host offer such privileges with the Dedicated Server Hosting and VPS or Virtual Private/Dedicated Server Hosting packages,where you get the root or admin access to the server,with these packages you can install almost every third party softwares (ofcourse you need to check the terms of service of the host).

Lite Speed Web Servers the Best Hosting Choice

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Lite speed servers is one of the leading high performance , and high scalability web servers.  So far many people are aware of the Apache web server, Lite Speed web servers can be thought of the next step of the Apache web server. This Lite server is fully compatible for Linux platforms. These servers has an advantage that if you are using the Apache servers at present, you can quickly move to this lite speed servers with ease.
Lite speed servers are very good at removing the bottleneck in the existing web delivery platform, it has a great range of features which make it best in class and helps it to deploy an effective web serving architecture.

If you grade the performance on the scalability and speed , you will surely be satisfied with the results, comparing to apache web server it is 9 times faster.

Web hosting Solutions is where you will greatly enjoy the full features, Lite speed web servers works flawlessly alongside web hosting control panels which includes Cpanel, Direct Admin etc. It provides the best possible security with the increasing the server capacity.  It is highly recommended for the Shared hosting solutions

Web hosting solutions are using Apache web servers , Lite speed servers are only and the best replacement for it, as it is fully compatible with the Hosting control panels. Let us see what are the distinguished features that makes it best.

The features listed below are supported Only by Lite Speed Web Server:

Support .htaccess with apache compatibility : .htaccess is the mandatory feature in the hosting industry.

Rewrite engine compatible with Apache Mod_rewrite: This feature is also widely used in the web applications.

Request filtering compatible with Apache mod_security :

Works with all the control panels written for Apache

Lite speed web server can improve the performance, reliability , security with the double effect than the Apache server

Faster : Upto 9 times than Pache, PHP performance increase upto 50 %, 3 times faster than Ruby on rails, etc
User Friendly: Easy installation, automatix php setup , real time service monitoring etc.
Secure : Best HTTP request validation, denu buffer overrun attempts, anti -ddos etc
Reliable :  Watch Dog monitoring, zero downtime
Scalable : Many concurrent connections, scalable to external web applications
Compatible to Existing application: It is best to fit with the existing web application, Apache interchangeable, web hosting control panels compatability, migration from other web servers , etc

Lite speed servers are provided with the Indian hosting company, very less hosting companies provide this features. There is  increasing demand for the lite speed servers ,hence the need to accept the innovations in the web hosting and web services industry.

Best Web hosting services in India

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The Best web hosting Services in India offers various flexible options for the customers according to all dimensions. We are specialized in Managed  Dedicated Servers, Linux VPS hosting , Joomla Hosting , Cheap web hosting , Semi – dedicated web servers, Reseller Hosting , Cpanel Web hosting, PHP hosting, Plesk hosting, Shared hosting. We provide all the solutions stated above and many more flexible combinations at the best. is a renown name in the web hosting industry not only in India but all over the world. Since it has launched its operations in 2003, it has reached miles. People generally tend to go for the best web hosting, however they are not sure they will get it. There are many aspects in the web hosting industry which makes it better from other web hosting company. I would suggest the customers try to search the hosting from the search engine that they should go through the web site in detail before opting for the web hosting, they usually type the keywords, best hosting, good, and similar keywords and go for the company which are listed in the result page. This is not a bad practice, however the customers should spend some time on the website, explore it. One of the biggest issues which the web hosting company should address is Safe hosting.

When it comes to the the servers are powered by Dell and IBM, this also matters a lot when you want your servers to be safe and secured, so what I mean is Safe hosting is what the customers should search for. Best term has become very common now, people just use it and many of the people does follow it very neatly. Web hosting company becomes best when it has something to show to the world in the numbers of the esteemed customers, annual growth, you can figure it out the difference in the companies. You may often see people going for the web hosting reviews, review is something that may help you to certain extent, sometimes you will find promotional reviews which do not include the bad things about the company.

the best hosting So far you would be clear that the potential customers sometimes lack the view that they should take for the web hosting company and discuss the traditional aspects keeping the real and objective things far aside. There isn’t any harm in thinking for the best services, the thing is what are the points you consider that make the web hosting company best for you,you can use  reviews that say that as part of your decision, but ultimately your decision should be based on sound information about the statistics of a particular web hosting plan.

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Renting a dedicated server in India

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Renting a dedicated server is one of the best thing any company can choose while going for the web hosting solutions. Larger companies go for this option , mostly companies go for renting the servers in the their own country, The companies in the India look for the renting the Dedicated Servers in India. Having a own dedicated server means that you will have a single web server within the host network dedicated to your website.

Dedicated server has all the advantages in the web hosting solutions, faster access, good memory, disk space, security, bandwidth Etc. When your company is growing rapidly and you need to update your web site to be updated , dedicated servers proves their efficiency at the best. Hosting with the best available option is the best you can do to work you web site and your business well. renting-a-dedicated-server

Dedicated servers are some what costly that the other options in the web hosting, Shared hosing is considered as the cheapest option in the web hosting industry, however not the reliable one. In shared web hosting your web site is hosted on the server where many other web sites are hosted, also the issues of security , low disk space, security, speed exist. Only advantage is the expense of money. You are in full control of the website and you are the one who will decide what type of software’s you will install on the server. When you go for renting a dedicated server you are free to explore your business , instead caring for the Website performance, Your web site is fully managed and also performance is up to the mark. You can concentrate on your core business

Opting for dedicated server is the best way to be happy and keep you customers happy, when your web site works well and your customers gain what they want from your website 24×7, you get the customer satisfaction, this is where dedicated servers has spark. When you are satisfied with the services of the web hosting provider, you will definitely refer some other client by word of mouth. This web hosting companies provide the best support 24×7 and maintain the uptime to 99.9 %.

Renting a Dedicated server in India has increased with the pace and you will find people searching for it. Dedicated Servers in India are one of the most reliable servers all around the world with the 99.9 % uptime and 24x7x365 support assistance. Web hosting providers in India are managing the clients all over the world and now. It is better that you choose the web hosting provider on own province or the country to check the genuinity of the company.

India Web hosting is the best hosting option for the people or the organizations India looking for the web hosting.

Low Cost Dedicated Servers in India for eCommerce.

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If you have a website that is involved in eCommerce,a website makes an important aspect of your business.An eCommerce website requires maximum level of security.In addition to that,it is useful to have the complete access to the server on which your website is hosted.There are various web hosting solutions offered by web hosting providers but very few offer Low Cost Dedicated Servers that are reliable enough.

For some Dedicated Server hosting is not so well known concept.Usually most users when wish to start an online venture,the host sets up the account on a Shared Server.Such servers does not offer the maximum level of security and access to the server.In this type of web hosting,the server resources are shared between various users hosted on the same server.Such servers face greater security threats.Hence when you intend to start an eCommerce website,it is recommended to host your website on a Dedicated Server.With a dedicated server you get higher security and access to the server.You have the complete rights for making any changes to the server.The server is not shared with any other user,that means there is much lesser threats to your website.

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting India

There are several advantages of hosting your website/s on a Dedicated Server.Below are some  major points of having your website hosted on a Dedicated Server.

a) Server Security: A Dedicated Server adds majorly to the security of your website and your website data.Since yours is the only account set up on the server, unlike shared servers, the chances of mistakes made by webmasters gets majorly reduced.

b) Storage: A Dedicated Server is entirely leased by a single customer,therefore there is huge storage space for your eCommerce website,web pages,images and videos.Some Web Hosting service providers offer customization of dedicated server,hence you may ask for additional hard disk drive on your server just in case you run out of storage space.

c) Data Transfer: With a dedicated server you get more bandwidth for data transfer.The websites hosted on a dedicated server responds quicker than the ones hosted on other hosting types.So no matter how much traffic your website incur,the website would still get loaded faster and without any hassle.

d) Web Hosting Control Panel: When you have your own server, you have more opportunities to control its tasks and utilities.With a control panel,the server management becomes fairly simple.You can create,delete,modify etc accounts using the control panel.Different control panels are offered by different web hosts to manage Linux Web Servers as well as Windows Dedicated Servers.

Its not that Dedicated Server has advantages only, there are few disadvantages as well.The only disadvantageous factor is the cost for the server.Since the dedicated server is entirely leased by you,the web host does not have the chance to create any other account/s on the server, therefore,these servers as sold at more costs than the other hosting solutions.One can find many hosts who offer Low Cost Reliable Dedicated Servers.

Responsibilities of as a Web Hosting provider in India.

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Most of the users are unaware of the actual of a Web Host.It is a common understanding that a Web Hosting service provider is the one who offers their servers or space of the server to host your websites.But,as a matter of fact,there are many more responsibilities that they need to play.

Basically it is the responsibility of the web host to keep your website up and running smoothly over the World Wide Web.There are various factors that a hosting provider is responsible of to keep the site function smoothly.

To name a few, below are few basic responsibilities that a Web Hosting provider should keep in mind when offering services to customers.

Web-Hosts-Responsibilities A) Server Monitoring service: Usually, server monitoring service is offered by web hosts with Managed Web Hosting packages.It is the responsibility of the host to monitor the servers on which your website is hosted.With managed web hosting packages you are freed from the time consuming server monitoring tasks, hence you can concentrate on the other aspects of your business.The staff of the web hosting provider takes care of various tasks such as scanning event logs, tracing the problems and rectifying them if any.Server monitoring is a service that needs to be done round the clock,hence it is suggested to host your website/s with a web host that is operational 24×7.

B) Installation of Software/s: It is the responsibility of the web host to provide the software platform or applications that are required by your website.Inaddition to that, they are responsible for the messy task of its installation,its testing and deployment of the software for you.

C) Software Upgradations: A Managed Web Hosting service provider takes care of upgrading the softwares with latest patches and updates. A professional web hosting provider would not wait for their clients to ask for upgrading the softwares used on the servers.

D) Hardware Upgrades: The Web Host should be capable of providing flexible upgrades or downgrades to your existing web hosting packages.It may happen that you start getting loads of sudden traffic to your website/s and your server starts falling short of resources,then it is necessary to  upgrade to a higher server. Upgrading the plan should be fairly simple, you can contact your web host and ask them to upgrade to a higher package.

F) Hardware Maintenance: Unless you have signed up for unmanaged colocation services with the hosting provider, you are not required to bother about the maintenance of the server hardware.The managed web hosting provider is solely responsible of fixing or replacing the faulty server hardware.

G) Data Back-ups: The provider should automatically take back ups of the website data stored on their server or alternatively should offer Back up plans.You can choose any of the suitable back up plans for your back ups.When choosing a web hosting service provider, make sure that the backup servers are located at a different DC than the one where your website is hosted.

H) Hardware Security: It is the sole responsibility of the web hosting provider to make sure that the hardware equipments have adequate protection.

We at strive hard to serve our customers, keeping our responsibilities in mind.We are well aware of the responsibilities as Web Hosting service providers, hence we have a good reason for our customers to choose our services.