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Shared hosting v/s VPS Hosting

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Shared hosting :– Shared hosting is a economical and  popular solution for many clients.  In the shared hosting Customer is sharing hosting his account with another different  account on one single powerful server. Shared web hosting is a First step to Enter in the Web hosting world. In the shared hosting, customer gets a limited services such as limited disc space , limited bandwidth , no root access . shared hosting is the very economical Hosting package. In shared hosting client can control his server with the help of web hosting control panel exp… Plesk , WHM , Cpanel. In the shared hosting customer can managed his Database with the help of database controller exp… PHPadmin(Used for Linux shared hosting) ,  My Little Admin (used for windows hosting). in shared hosting client can’t create his Reseller Hosting accounts because he has no enough privileges. Shared hosting is always best for small website (Limited clicks per day). Shared hosting is available in two different platform. 1st Windows operating.  2nd Linux operating.

VPS hosting :– VPS stands for Virtual privates server.VPS is a First step to living a shared hosting. VPS is also sharing hosting his account with another accounts on a single Powerful server called node.But VPS is running with the different operating system  for different accounts that is the main difference between Web hosting and VPS server. Customer can get remote access on his VPS  server as well as he will get admin account of control panel. Client can use his VPS like a Dedicated server. Customer can Create his reseller accounts on vps server. VPS hosting is also  is Available in two different platform. 1st is Windows Operating, 2nd Linux operating.

Dedicated Server Hosting

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If you are wondering to launch your website. So your first step is you need to find good               Hosting company which can provide you a Managed servers and expert support at any time in 24/7/356 days. A Good Web Hosting support person is always remember Customers Each and Every minute is Costly for him.They have to understand Importance of customers (Your). You can Create your Master reseller Accounts on a Dedicated server. If You need much high Resources like shout cast (Shout cast is Software use for Steaming), high configuration online gaming,Online videos etc… so Customer need more disc space, much memory, high Bandwidth, powerful Security, Raid technology(Raid technology is used to keep your Data More Secure From Hard Drive failure), network load Balancing (Load Balancing  is used for dividing and managing web traffic which come to target your server), SSL (Socket Secure Layer use for encrypt your private data like password, credit Card No..) than you need to go with Dedicated server. In Dedicated Server you will get full Physical Server. In dedicated server you will get full remote access of your server. Than you can utilize all the Benefits for your website. With the help of Support staff Members of the web hosting Provider.

They are always ready to help you via phone support, live chat, emails…… in Dedicated Server you can get full access of your server. But you can’t do any Illegal activity (Spamming, Illegal Proxy, Illegal Porn sites) if try to do any illegal activity you will be Black Listed and your hosting Provider got any Complaint against you. Then your account can suspend by hosting provider.  You have to take care about that some things. You can upgrade your server at any time. You will just need to pay a price difference that time. Dedicated server is available in to Operating Platform

1:- Windows Server (Windows 2000 Server ,Windows 2003 Enterprise , Windows 2003 standard, , latest Windows 2008 Server).

2:- Linux (Fedora, Cent os…)…………………

Dedicated server hosting is always best for your high resources websites.

How to install PHP 5 on IIS 6 server.

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PHP stands for Hyper text Pre processor. PHP is  Dynamic web developing programming language. But it’s need to Configure on IIS windows Server with the following steps.

1> Download PHP version from

2> Extract the the ZIP file  which you have downloaded form and rename the php.inirecommended to php.ini.

3> copy that folder ro c:/program files/php5.

4> Click start >> run >> type command  inetmgr.(inetmgr  command is used to open IIS ).

5> Righ click on website >> properties >>>Home Directory>>>Clickonfigration/

6> Application configuration window will open >> you will need to add application extention click add and the path of  php5isapi.dl from c:/program files/php5/php5isapi.dl.

7>Select the Extension .php >>click ok>>> and select Home Directory of Web site properties.

8>Click add and type index.php>> Ok.

9>apply  the properties >> ok.

10>Finally, select Web Service Extensions on the left side and choose”Add a new Web    service extension.”

11>Click add new Extention >>add >>> select the path C:\Program Files\PHP5  \php5isapi.dl.>>>ok.

12>Copy C:\Program Files\PHP5\php.ini-dist to C:\WINDOWS\php.ini and restart IIS.

13>http://localhost/test.php Enter this url in the Browser to test.You should see the PHP info page if your PHP5 installation was successfully.

Database management through Plesk

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A Word (Database) is a Collection Group of information that can be Easily Managed and Updated in database. Database can be classified in different type of Content.

Exp:- numeric , plane text , images etc…..

Microsoft structured query language, mySQL  is the Most Popular Software in Web hosting world.

Microsoft structured query language
Is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft in 1989? Microsoft SQL server is an application used to create computer databases for the Microsoft Windows server. It provides an environment used to generate databases that can be accessed from workstations, the web, or other media such as a personal digital assistant (PDA).
My SQL is most popular relational database management system developed ByMySQLlab in may 23,1995. My SQL is an application used to Linux as well as Windows operating System. MySQL is a free ware application.

In Plesk Control panel we can easily manage our database. but 1st we must have to Add database in our control panel with the followinf steps.

* We have to install MySQL or MSSQL on the server.
* Create database administrator accounts.
* Enable network access to the database server.
* Configure Plesk for working with your remote database server.
Logging your Plesk administrator accounts. Click server >database server> Click add database server.

Then you must enter required fields.
1> Types of database server 2> Host name or IP address.

3> Administrator username 4>Password 5> Confirm password. Then click ok.

Above steps are used to add new data base is plesk control panel.

vpn server set up

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  Virtual private network and routing remote access.

VPN Stands for virtual private network it allows you to connect to your private network, via another network, such as the Internet. Users can connect to it by using VPN, and then access shared files on your local drive s or on your network. PPTP and L2TP protocols are used to create Virtual private network. Both are Network layer protocol in OSI module..

If you are thinking to create a VPN on your server then you will need to configure Routing and Remote Access on your server. Please follow the steps

1. Open your control panel then click administrative tools, click routing and remote access server.
2. Routing remote access console tree will open and then use right clock on the computer on which RRA server installed. Select configure and enable routing remote access server.

3. Welcome screen will open. Click next.

4. Select a type of configuration and click next.

5. In the Remote Client Protocols dialog box, confirm that TCP/IP is included in the list, click Yes, all of the available protocols are on this list, and then click Next.

6. In the Internet Connection dialog box, select the Internet connection that will connect to the Internet, and then click Next.

7. Then select remote access configuration type and click next.

8. Specify how IP addresses will be assigned to the remote clients (Automatically and form specify range), and click the Next button.

9. If you select (form specify range) this option ,then e specify the IP address range and  click ok.

11. On the Managing Multiple Remote Access Servers page, select the required option, and click the Next button.

12. Click Next, and then click Finish…

Then you will need no configure PPTP (Point to point tuning protocol).
PPTP is a Network layer Protocol in OSI Basic reference module.

13. Right click on Ports. Properties — click the WAN miniport (PPTP), then click configure.

14. Type the maximum number of simultaneous PPTP connections that you want to allow in the Maximum Ports text box.

15. You will need to Repeat above above 3 steps (13.14.15) again for L2TP.

Then you need to configure VPN server

You will need to configure RRA server as a router.
1. Start, administrative tools, click routing remote access server.
2. use right click on server name, click properties.
3. click General, select Enable this computer as router
4. Select either Local area network (LAN) routing only or LAN and demand-dial routing, and Then click OK to close the Properties dialog box.

How to Configure PPTP Ports Confirm the number of PPTP ports that you need.

To verify the number of ports or to add ports, follow these steps:

1. Click Start, Administrative Tools, and then click Routing and Remote Access.
2. Expand Routing and Remote Access, expands the server name, and then click Ports.
3. Right-click Ports, and then click Properties.
4. In the Ports Properties dialog box, click WAN Miniport (PPTP), and then click Configure.
5. In the Configure Device dialog box, select the maximum number of ports for the device, and then select the options to specify whether the device accepts incoming connections only, or both incoming and outgoing connections.

After completing above steps you will have to configure client on you local Machine…

Follow the steps on your Local machine.
1. Click the Network places icon on desktop.
2. Double click on Make New Connections.
3. Click Connect to a private network through internet and next.
4. Select Virtual private network and click next.
5. then type the Company name in the blank box click next
6. Type the host name or IP address of the server which you want to connect, and then click next. And click next– then click Finish.

How to use the connection
1.Click Network places icon, click vies network connections.
2.Right click the virtual private network icon and click connect.

3.Once the connection to the Internet is made, the VPN server asks you for your user name   and password.

4.Enter your user name and password, click Connect,
To disconnect from the VPN, right-click the connection’s icon, and then click Disconnect .

Note:  It’s not possible you to connect RDP and VPN  simultaneousl.

How to Add a Domain in Plesk?

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If you have decided to publish your website on the World Wide Web. You must to register a unique domain name. After completing domain registration process you can add domain name through Plesk control panel on a windows hosting. Plesk is easy and popular control panel for windows server hosting.

First you need to login to your Plesk Control Panel. Use the information provided by your web hosting company.
Now click on clients from the navigation bar on the left.

· Click the Domains shortcut in the navigation panel.

Click Add New Domains 

Specify the domain name just as you have registered it. Leave the www check box selected if you wish to allow users to access your site by a common and habitual URL like

Having the www alias preceding your domain name will not cost you anything, but it will allow users to get to your site no matter what they type in their browsers: and will both point to your site.

If you have previously created a domain template and predefined all hosting features and resource usage allotments, select the required template from the Select template box.

If you have a number of IP addresses to choose from, select the required address from the Select an IP address drop-down box.

Bear in mind that e-commerce sites need a dedicated IP address (not shared among other sites) to implement Secure Sockets Layer data encryption.

Make sure that there is a check mark in the Proceed to hosting setup check box and click OK.

Select the Physical hosting option to host the Web site on this machine and click OK.

Control panel will set up the domain name server on this machine to serve the new domain name and prepare the web server to serve the new Web site.